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Fascinated About Learning Latin? Take Classes From The Experts In The Country

Is it not exciting to acquire the rarest skill or knowledge? If your answer is yes, you have made the right decision by choosing to learn Latin. In India, there are a few people who can read and write Latin and speakers are countable. This scarcity of Latin speakers exists because the language has been dead for years! In the modern world, the number of people who are well-versed with this language is reducing rapidly! And this scenario not just in India but in Rome too, the country that originates this language. So, how come you will be able to use your communication skills in this language? You can do so by working as a transcriptor or translator in different parts of the world.

Latin is described in two forms; the first is the classical Latin that is concise and crisp, and the other is Vulgar Latin that has its reminiscence in many Romance languages. It is a mixture of many grammatical expressions and alphabets. If you desire to learn Latin but are not finding any teacher in your city in India, you can try the e-learning platform. Since online platforms connect the entire world in a chain of exchange, it becomes easier to process data from there. All you have to do is start by searching for the best teachers on your preferred platform. But before you begin, let us have a look at the evolution of Latin over the years.

Historical Journey of The Latin Language

Several reports suggest that the origins of Latin were present in the 6th to 9th century. It belongs to the Indo-European family. You can read a lot about its history and evolution as Latin scripts are also engraved on many ancient monuments in Rome. How a language this old is still prevalent in the modern world? Well, let us discover a few general facts about the same.

Latin Is Vatican City’s Favourite!

Vatican City is the home of the Roman Catholic Church. It is an independent state situated between Rome and Italy. Its origin and association with the catholic church are the reasons behind its inclination towards Latin. Therefore, many reports suggest that there are a lot of Latin speakers residing in this smallest sovereign state of the world. As they say, we can never forget our roots, isn’t it?

A Mixture of Multiple Alphabets

The alphabets present in the Latin language originate from a variety of sources. It majorly includes Etruscan alphabets (an ancient civilisation in Italy), Greek alphabets (the first official alphabetic script to exist in the world) and Phoenician alphabets (a distinct language from Mediterranean Region). So, you will be able to learn about a range of distinct languages by taking classes of one!

Latin Has Had A Rough History

The traces of Latin scriptures are from 75 BC, making it one of the oldest languages in the world. The language got its name from a region in the old Roman Empire named Latium. During the ancient period, people associated this language with those who came from educated backgrounds. The old Latin is very much different from what you will learn today! If you learn from a teacher who is from the Roman culture, it will help you get insights into this language.

Vulgar Latin Exists In Many Languages

Vulgar Latin is one of the most adaptive languages that has given its essence to the Roman Language. From English to French and Italian, there are many scripts and words that we derive from Latin. You will enjoy your learning experience as it will be amusing to discover the Latin words that exist in English and other common languages.

Latin Is The Best Literature

The Latin language was used in ancient literature, which is hailed as the world’s best literature form. The Golden Age, Late Antiquity, Early Latin Literature and The Imperial Period are the four major divisions of Latin literature that you may find today!

It Has Several Forms

Yes, there are several forms of the Latin Language including Classical Latin, Old Latin, Vulgar Latin, Renaissance Latin, Medieval Latin, Contemporary Latin and New Latin. All these forms have been prominent during different periods. You can discuss each of them with your teacher to grow interested in this arena.

It Is A Dead Language!

Yes, it is a well-known fact, and a lot of people will tell you the same that Latin is a dead language! When a dialect does not adopt any new words or grammatical form, it starts coming to an end. So, one cannot add words to Latin, making it a dead one!

Latin Is An Influential Language

The influence of Latin is still strong in many parts of the world, given its essence is still present in Rome and other European countries. You will have a fun-loving experience while learning it with your online teacher!

Find Your Latin Tutor Online With Superprof India

If you start looking for Latin language courses near you, it might get difficult to find one, as most of the institutes offer mainstream languages. The fact that most of the Indian language schools are profit-making organisations, they offer commercial courses only. However, you can consider taking admission to the Institute of Spanish Studies or Cambridge University Press India Pvt. Ltd. These organisations offer Latin classes to students across the country. But what if you do not find the services satisfactory? Superprof is available to help you with this dilemma. It is a dominant online platform that helps students find online tutors without having to subscribe to any defined platform. Your task is to go to the website, enter your tutor requirement and the preferred location. You can get Latin tutors in India and across the world. Go through the available profiles of teachers and analyse your preferences. Contact the teacher that fits in your budget and schedule the classes. Yes, learning Latin is “that easy” with Superprof at your service!  Make sure you communicate well with your tutor to avoid creating any misunderstandings. You can start the classes on any of the free platforms available. Be passionate and curious throughout the learning process to make the most of your investments!

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