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Have experience in Korean teaching in NCR, BA in Korean from JNU

I believe in teaching from the basics so that the learner can pick it up. Because, It is not easy to learn any language easily.

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Korean Language for Topik Examination. Students interested in learning the language out of sheer fun can join too.

Extensive classes for students who will be writing the Topik Examination which is the Korean Language proficiency test. Will be including factors like the Korean culture and native speaking for those who are planning to go to Korea.

New Delhi
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Let's enjoy the fun language in easy ways. It will help you alot in learning this beautiful Korean language with me.

My teaching methods are very simple, I m going to start with the basics as bases are very important in every field. Although we are going to have these classes in some interesting ways.

New Delhi
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I am korean language expert and i can teach beginner to advance level language online ,JNU,new delhi

I always focus on students weak point and i work on that point to improve and for this i use tectbooks and ppt and audio ,video materials whatever help them to improve their skill of writing ,reading ,speaking .

New Delhi
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You can learn basic korean alphabets as well as sentence formation with perfect tense

Effective, easy and understanding teaching methods, example related to the learners which helps in learning fast as well as remembering

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Study the Korean language in Barcelona with a native Korean who has a lot of teaching experience.

Hello, Welcome to my class. My name is Sangsu. Nice to meet you. I am from South Korea. I am one hundred percent Korean. But now I'm not in Korea I currently live in Barcelona. Now I explain why I want to teach Korean.

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Teacher 15 years experience / Korean classes for all levels in Cannes, Nice and around

Hello, My name is Sera, I am a Korean and living in France for 10 years. I have taught for more than 15 years experience in Private schools and also ine the University in Korea and France. I offer Korean lessons for all levels (adult, children from 3 years professional) on weekdays and weekends. Stay professional goals Tourism Studies in Korea Exam preparation ...

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Passionated womean about languages ​​and teaching is teaching Korean courses at Bernex

I would say that I teach in a very simple way. I adapt to what you want. Before starting a lesson I ask a lot of questions to understand you better, to know why you want to take classes, what has worked for you or not, do you have some bases in the language ? It's very important to know that and after depending on your answers I adapt to make you a personalized course that meets your needs.

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I'm staying in Canberra for 9 years at the moment, and was teaching Korean in Dickson

Still on the way to teaching life for 10 years. Staying in Australia for 9 years at the moment and now still teaching English to Korean, and Korean to Australian.

Hyang joo
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Korean native speaker offers Korean lesson for students who are interested in learning korean language and culture :)

My name Hyangjoo Park, I m Korean. I studied at University Korean language and culture. I have a Korean teaching certificate level 2 (the maximum is level 1). We will first study the grammar rules and then do some exercise in order to learn new words and phrases in language.

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A Korean mother grows two biligue children speak perfect and perfect italino

To raise two mixed children everyday I have to study the difference between Korean and Italian. I would like to help you learn Korean language in a natural way. I can help you learn grammar and conversion in Korean. I have graduated in Arabic.

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Student of Linguistics and Applied Languages ​​teaches Basic Korean in Madrid (Topik I, level 2)

I try to give the subject in an entertaining way (teaching the vocabulary in a visual way, with songs, etc.) Sometimes I use a Korean book, but I mostly teach through notes that I dictate in class or that I provide the student myself.

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Particular Korean teacher, by webcam or at home, in Mougins. For everyone and all levels

I focus on your opinion the way of learning. At first, I want to know your level, so we will have a little discussion. Depending on the person, I will make a list of studies. For example, if you are not good at grammar, we will focus more on this part. I will give you some documents before starting our lesson. That tells you what kind of things we will learn.

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I have 9 years of experience teaching in Korean Language School, as well, I am an education major aspiring to be a teacher! I can help you with speaking, listening, vocab, grammar, etc! The first less

My teaching lessons are fun and engaging! I will share lots of tips and tricks in improving Korean! It will be based on what you want to improve and your interests! I have been teaching Korean for 9 years to both Korean and non-Korean students!

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Native Korean's lovely Korean Class: All Class(Basic, Intermediate, Advance), History and Culture

My teaching method is depend on your interest. If you want to study for a test I'll prepare class for test. If you interested in K-pop or K-drama, we'll study with drama and singer's vedio. Whatever you interested in, I'll study with that you like. We will learn relative with you're interest.

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Coventry university student as designer of master teaching Korean, native language on

My teaching method will be using a huge amount of sources within media, papers and so on. It would be free talking session as well. Basically, all methods will be based on the student's needs and wants.

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Korean tutoring in all areas for pupils, students and interesting students (I am a student of TUM Business Studies)

My courses are suitable for all language level. Korean Vocabulary, oral expression, listening comprehension, accent reduction for the following levels: Elementary school Lower grades (Grades 5-7) Middle grades (grades 8-10) Upper grades (grades 11-13). I teach face to face at my home or online via webcam in German or English.

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Hannah(Jeongha Lee) from S.Korea is hereby to help you learn Korean easy and enjoyable:)

Hi, guys. I know how hard learning a new thing is. I had leaned English for about 10 years but there was no such improvement before I was gone to Canada for English for 1 year. I was gratefully improved in Canada on the new language, which was English, at ease and in a no-stress/yes-talking-freely environment unlike learning it in Korea.

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Certified Korean language teacher gives private lessons to anyone in Perth regions/Online

I would like to give lessons to anyone who is willing to learn or improve Korean. I have taught from a beginner to more advanced learner. My lessons can be flexible in terms of its content, depending on my student's needs.

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College student in Linguistics gives Korean lessons to recreational learners in Provo

I am a college student at Brigham Young University studying Linguistics, minoring in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Korean. I learned Korean while serving a church mission for 2 years in the Seoul area, and continue to enjoy taking classes at my university. My instruction will be focused on vocabulary, conversation, and reading.

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During Korean / French in Paris or online for all levels of experience 4 years

Paul, 25, bilingual French / Korean graduated in LLCE Korean / HEI obtained at INALCO and currently in second year of Master of Journalism at Korea University. Back in France for a year, I offer Korean or French language courses for all levels by following an intuitive methodology yet based on a solid understanding of basic grammar in both languages.

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Deakin Accounting students gives Accounting/Korean language lessons to high school uni students

For IELTS: I base my classes on going through materials I've prepared and attempting mock exam papers and prepare for the exams. Teaching them the right "skills" to tackle the questions to get correct answers in time. For oral (speaking) classes: Decide a topic and role-play with students. It aids them to think creatively and engage more interactively.

Valley View
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Bilingual and experienced, teaching beginner to intermediate level of Korean in Adelaide

I have experience in both classroom environment and private lessons. I teach Korean differently compared to the official KLPT, focusing more on the simple vowels, then consonants, ensuring that the student is familiar with the concepts before moving on to the grammar.

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Qualified to be a korean teacher all levels, I have a certificate for Korean language teacher level2

I focus on your opinion the way you want to learn. At the firsst time I want to know your level so we will have a small talks. Depend on person, I will make our study lists. example, if you are not good at a grammer we will concentrate this part more. I will give you some materials before we start our lesson. it tells you what kind of things we will learn.

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-Free talking and discuss in Korean. Also learning grammar, words and comprehension.

You can learn Korean from the alphabets and basic conversation. Also have a free talking and discuss some issues from news.

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Korean Online Tutor in Chicago. Have years of experience with working with people of all ages.

I'm currently pursuing Bachelors Degree in biological sciences, along with minor in studio arts. I have worked in a classroom setting, teaching about 4 to 5 students per class session. Every class session had kids aging from 3.5 to 14 year olds, so I have experience in teaching kids of different ages. My teaching tactics differ from every student, because everyone has their own way of learning.

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Student of Korean, classes of Korean in Fortaleza - CE. 15 years, intermediate level.

I usually give more "virtual" classes than face-to-face. Despite this, my classes tend to be more interactive, even at a distance. Although they are paying, I do not like teaching classes to disinterested people because Korean is a language that needs attention and effort, even wanting (or needing), I can not give a lesson to those who do not really care.

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Trilingual teacher (English, Mandarin, Korean) gives the best tutoring to students in Sydney

My teaching method will be discussed prior to each lessons and studnets will be given a lot of homework based on their levels. I make sure that students reach their target or tests after lessons provided. You will be surprised by how much you have improved.

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Creative designer offering Korean lessons and sharing culture with fun in London!

I base my class on 'Korean Grammar in Use: Beginning to Early Intermediate', but it depends on the student's level. Also, I will use the Korean drama script with middle-level students with fun and easy way. I am going to show a short video clip to my students every class and share Korean culture as well.

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Proficient Korean language speaker offering lessons from beginner to advanced level in London

I am a non-native Korean speaker, so for those who are learning Korean I have experienced directly the same issues as a learner you will have had. My method is a personal one, which takes in to account the needs of the student to offer a bespoke language tuition.

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