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Hey ! i am Manik and ready to teach you dance!! let your body move on the beat!

I believe in proper basic teaching first because your foundation must be strong to develop you into a good dancer. I am into teaching for the last 3 years and pursuing my further dance training in hip-hop.

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Dance is excercise for the soul and i am willing to share my passion for dance with you

Basically i want to teach you to groove , to move tour body and improve musicality.

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I am dance thechar in Mumbai so hurry up tell me Contact me

I teeching a Children's dance and dance styles hip hop and folk this is my teaching Methodology

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New Delhi
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Dance classes by a student in college. Forms like hip hop and bhangra

My teaching method is basically based on hiphop, jazz, bhangra and freestyle. Warming up before dance is a must in my classes. Learning the basics is a must in dance.

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MJ, Dance is not only sport of physic but also for soul.

Dance is my passion this not only represent our one of talent but it also reflect the soul of something. MJ style has no limit. To achieve the quickness one has to not only practice alot but he or she must train the body like running. MJ probably all about feeling. Mean one's understandings and honesty for life and world is also needed.

New Delhi
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You don't Choose Dance, Dance Chooses You. 10+ Years of Experience in Performing Arts, Teaching and Choreography. Academy, Bollywood and Commercials/Ads. Taught students from 4+ Years to 65+ Years

Every Individual/Student is different from the other, has a Different purpose for learning, has a Different learning Speed. I was always a slow Learner and its something 'NOT' to be ashamed of. :) The class will be broken up into small Capsules of Steps, raising the difficulty level every Step of the Way. The real accomplishment lies in Achieving something that you thought was unachievable.

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Position of Choreographer, dance teacher and aerobic instructor Learnt dance 2 years from SDIPA

Pursuing Graduation in dance. Pursuing Diploma in Yoga. Pursued B.A. programming from Delhi University. Passed class 12th from National Institute of Open Learning, CBSE. Passed class 10th from Carmel Convent School, CBSE.

Paris 11e
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Birthday animation at the student's home, all styles, in Ile de France

You want an animation that makes your guests dance or your child's guests at a discounted price? I propose a flexibility throughout the Ile de France for a rate of 100 euros for less than 30 people and 150 euros for more than 30 people.

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Hip hop dance, modern jazz and cabaret on paris and 94 with a teacher / choreographer

Dancer / choreographer and dance teacher, having worked in France and Los Angeles. Each class begins with a warm-up necessary to prepare the body and thus avoid injury. Learning different body placement techniques. Then choreography adapted to the student level.

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And if we learned to dance? Courses in Paris and near suburbs by amateur dancer for 20 years.

• Who am I ? • Chloe, 26, started dancing at the age of 4 and has been practicing different dance styles for more than 20 years. A passion that follows me in my professional life, since I work today as a communication and cultural activities manager for a renowned hip-hop dance company.

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He studied at the Bolshoi Theater School in Brazil and graduated in regular education

My teaching method is Vaganova, a method I learned at the Bolshoi School and throughout my career. I base my classes on the teachings that I obtained with a view to improving the student's technique. I approach my subject according to the student's need, if it is to be freer I give more free if more professional I will be too.

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Pre Professional Full time Ballerina - teaching, choreography (Diploma in Elite Performance) Kingsbury

I am a passionate and reliable dancer who is willing to do everything I can to help. My lessons will be geared towards doing what you would like to receive from me.... some of those things may be: choreography, strength and pilates training, technical training, positive re enforcement and confidence boosting lessons etc...

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A dance and fitness tutor, helping to build passion and technique In Essex

I work individually with students to help improve posture and dance technique, giving them a stronger foundation for examinations and auditions. I work across all dance styles in alignment and building confidence and mental strength as well as physical for upcoming challenges within their dance practice. I work with students one to one or as part of smaller groups to ensure dedicated support.

Cristo Rei
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Graduated in Dance teaches theoretical and practical classes of Dance (s) in Curitiba

Graduated in Dance, I am a Dance and English teacher, since 2014, I have always worked with methodologies that combine practice and theory, including an analysis of the needs of each student. I set my class according to what the students need, through dialogue and vision to transform the learning process into something light and enjoyable.

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Fine arts student gives jazz / contemporary / hip-hop classes for beginners / intermediate

I would adapt my courses to the needs of the student and his request, in a rigorous but relaxed atmosphere Depending on the choice of the student we can work flexibility, technique or choreography. Heating included.

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Dance major student with 18 years experience teaching San Gabriel Valley and Riverside County or choreography though video chat

I like my classes to be upbeat and fun but still hard work. Depending on the style you are looking for my methods are different. jazz: I have studied bob fosse work along with today's modern jazz. ballet: Balanchine method, Contemporary ballet, classical, and romantic.

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I have been dancing for 15 years now, I teach several different dance styles

My working method is really to help you on the dance steps and on the stretches, I can also create a choreography according to your knowledge and create it with you. I give home dance lessons preferably. Several times a week it depends on the students.

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Christian Celebrity Los Angeles choreographer and experienced teacher of over 15 years

My teaching method includes goals, lesson planning, structure and positive reinforcement, dance etiquette, and a focus on the particular dance discipline being taught. I teach and choreograph in the areas of jazz, modern, hip-hop, contemporary, African, ballet.

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Professional Dancer & instructor provides exceptional industry training for groups and individuals with a dream!

I am all about providing quality training to students with a fun and positive approach. Its a tough industry, so being serious and dedicated is necessary. Hard work and determination will always pay off.

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Roar Dance! Ballroom and Broadway Dance Coach! Learn to Dance (Plus a little singing and influences in Jazz/Tap/Bollywood) from a Local who has trained extensively for the last 18 Years. 12+ years in

My Methods of teaching are ver Simple. Classes are about learning the basic Structure of each genre/dance, in a Fun and creative environment, in both Styles ....(Broadway and Ballroom/ Private or group)... At the pace of each student, Catering to there needs.

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Dance lessons from student with 14 years experience, in your home or over video chat

I am a 17 nearly 18 year old student who's been dancing since the age of 3, I am now applying to vocational training to further my experience. I have been trained in ballet, tap, modern, contemporary, jazz and acrobatics and am now looking to train other people and would like to share my experiences and talents with other people.

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Current Jazz Dance Student and teacher teaching students across the Gold Coast

l love joining in, so whilst l teaching i'm also one of you so students can accurately see the moves whilst also making the environment more fun and engaging :) l focus my classes on Jazz technique, Stretching and choreography.

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Hiphop Dancer Teacher in Wollongong Area gives lessons to all ages and levels

As a performer, I am still learning and gaining new knowledge everyday, which inspires me as a dancer. My motivation as a teacher is to help my students improve and achieve to the best of their ability. I want to help my students discover their own style of dance, to help them in the future with choreographic style.

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Trained dancer with 20 yrs experience gives lessons in LA and the Inland Empire

My teaching method is very hands on and visual. It's important for students to be physically corrected to improve their technique. It's also important for students to visually see the correct and wrong way of moving through the body. Lastly it's important for students to learn the correct vocabulary so that they can have an understanding that they can apply anywhere they decide to take class.

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Dancer/choreographer with 19 years of experience offering lessons (web/in person) in Michigan

My teaching method is fun but hardworking. Dance can have a bad reputation of the lowering self-esteem of students.

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American Professional Dancer featuring dance classes and choreography for your next event!

There is never a moment in class! Each specific class and lesson plan are specific to certain age groups from Pre-K to adults. They consist of engaging movement activities, warm-ups, and complex movement combinations. I am an energetic and patient teacher who takes a serious look at the needs and skill level of the student in the lesson plans and material.

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Young teacher of modern, ballet, jazz for ages 4 years to 19 years.

Dancer and choreographer. Classes where you can be yourself, learn to improvise in different styles. Choreographies different and adapted to the type of dancers or dancers. Creator of a safe space for those who want to enter the world of performing arts.

Quakers Hill
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Accredited Dance and Cheer Teacher give group and private lessons in Sydney

The way I teach is adapted to meet each student's personal needs and capabilities. The lesson typically starts with a warm up and stretch and then focuses on what the student is wanting to improve/learn whether this be solos, technique etc.

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Looking to improve your jazz dance abilities? I’m the one for you!

I teach in a way that everyone can have fun,learn and develop their talent.

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Perfect! She is really nice and very helpful! I definitely recommend her, especially if you have some technique questions or issues in mind that you'd like help with. (Thank you Samantha!)

Gabrielle, Student
1 year ago
(1 review)

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