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New Delhi
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You don't Choose Dance, Dance Chooses You. 10+ Years of Experience in Performing Arts, Teaching and Choreography. Academy, Bollywood and Commercials/Ads. Taught students from 4+ Years to 65+ Years

Every Individual/Student is different from the other, has a Different purpose for learning, has a Different learning Speed. I was always a slow Learner and its something 'NOT' to be ashamed of. :) The class will be broken up into small Capsules of Steps, raising the difficulty level every Step of the Way. The real accomplishment lies in Achieving something that you thought was unachievable.

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Dance is excercise for the soul and i am willing to share my passion for dance with you

Basically i want to teach you to groove , to move tour body and improve musicality.

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I am dance thechar in Mumbai so hurry up tell me Contact me

I teeching a Children's dance and dance styles hip hop and folk this is my teaching Methodology

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MJ, Dance is not only sport of physic but also for soul.

Dance is my passion this not only represent our one of talent but it also reflect the soul of something. MJ style has no limit. To achieve the quickness one has to not only practice alot but he or she must train the body like running. MJ probably all about feeling. Mean one's understandings and honesty for life and world is also needed.

New Delhi
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Dance classes by a student in college. Forms like hip hop and bhangra

My teaching method is basically based on hiphop, jazz, bhangra and freestyle. Warming up before dance is a must in my classes. Learning the basics is a must in dance.

Paris 11e
(11 reviews)

Birthday animation at the student's home, all styles, in Ile de France

You want an animation that makes your guests dance or your child's guests at a discounted price? I propose a flexibility throughout the Ile de France for a rate of 100 euros for less than 30 people and 150 euros for more than 30 people.

(7 reviews)

Hip hop dance, modern jazz and cabaret on paris and 94 with a teacher / choreographer

Dancer / choreographer and dance teacher, having worked in France and Los Angeles. Each class begins with a warm-up necessary to prepare the body and thus avoid injury. Learning different body placement techniques. Then choreography adapted to the student level.

(7 reviews)

And if we learned to dance? Courses in Paris and near suburbs by amateur dancer for 20 years.

• Who am I ? • Chloe, 26, started dancing at the age of 4 and has been practicing different dance styles for more than 20 years. A passion that follows me in my professional life, since I work today as a communication and cultural activities manager for a renowned hip-hop dance company.

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Teacher of Contemporary Dance, trained in Jazz and Classical Center region in France

The lesson begins with a warm-up, is followed with various exercises and it generally ends with the creation or the learning of a choreography. The purpose is to have fun and workout while dancing. And my purpose is to make you dance, whether you are beginner or confirmed and whatever the age.

Altona Meadows
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Certified, Multi-talented Dance and Acrobatics Teacher for all ages all over Melbourne!!

My teaching method is based around safety and strengthening as I get my students ready for performing and competing. My students are respectful and encouraging towards each other, I look forward to what my students bring to my classes every week.

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Taylor, Los Angeles dancer teaching & choreographing in New South Whales. Holds BFA in Dance Performance from Chapman University.

My teaching methodology is practice, focus with elements of fun are crucial to developing a growing dancers mind. Especially in younger dancers, keeping things changing while still focusing on fundamentals is key. I like to challenge dancers with different movement vocabularies to broaden their view of what dance can be.

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Dance Professional offering expertise in the dance, theatre, and career building for 12 years.

My teaching method is based upon the individual needs of the student or students attending my class. I give lessons to students ages 3 - adult with any level of previous dance experience. My methods on instruction include all ways of learning. I always give my students verbal instruction, demonstration, and a physical copy of the steps/techniques learned the day of the lesson.

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Professional Dancer & instructor provides exceptional industry training for groups and individuals with a dream!

I am all about providing quality training to students with a fun and positive approach. Its a tough industry, so being serious and dedicated is necessary. Hard work and determination will always pay off.

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Roar Dance! Ballroom and Broadway Dance Coach! Learn to Dance (Plus a little singing and influences in Jazz/Tap/Bollywood) from a Local who has trained extensively for the last 18 Years. 12+ years in

My Methods of teaching are ver Simple. Classes are about learning the basic Structure of each genre/dance, in a Fun and creative environment, in both Styles ....(Broadway and Ballroom/ Private or group)... At the pace of each student, Catering to there needs.

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Professional Dancer with 10 years experience, giving dance lessons on the Sunshine Coast

I teach a range of styles including, Contemporary dance, Ballet, Jazz and specific event choreography (eg Weddings, flash mobs, parties). I can focus my lessons on specific techniques required for each lesson.

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Current Jazz Dance Student and teacher teaching students across the Gold Coast

l love joining in, so whilst l teaching i'm also one of you so students can accurately see the moves whilst also making the environment more fun and engaging :) l focus my classes on Jazz technique, Stretching and choreography.

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Professional Qualified Dance Teacher offering Tutoring and Private Classes KS1 to ALEVEL

I am an engaging and creative teacher. I focus on professional technique whilst keeping classes fun and engaging. I am proficient in Contemporary Dance theory and am committed to mentoring students to a professional standard; training for dance school, GCSE Dance and ALevel Dance.

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Hiphop Dancer Teacher in Wollongong Area gives lessons to all ages and levels

As a performer, I am still learning and gaining new knowledge everyday, which inspires me as a dancer. My motivation as a teacher is to help my students improve and achieve to the best of their ability. I want to help my students discover their own style of dance, to help them in the future with choreographic style.

Itaim Bibi (São Paulo)
(4 reviews)
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Dance teacher (classical and functional ballet, jazz, contemporary, stretching) - São Paulo / SP

My method of classical ballet is a mixture between English (Royal Academy of Dance) and Russian (Vaganova). I bring a mix of all the great masters I've had (and have) in my dance career. The other areas follow a very Brazilian line.

West Pennant Hills
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Sydney dancer teaching all styles of dance in a non-intimidating, super fun environment!

I love teaching the basics - to form a good foundation for the harder steps. I think it's important to take things slow sometimes, unless you're up for the challenge! Most of all, dance is about fun and personal expression. It will always be about making you feel comfortable in your own skin, while getting a good workout at the same time.

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Student dance owner of the EAT jazz (Le mans + Paris)

The courses that I propose can be for you, to discover a new activity, to escape and to share. A basic course consists of a warm-up, exercises and a variation (choreography). I practice at high level, jazz dance, classical and modern.

(1 review)
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Young teacher of modern, ballet, jazz for ages 4 years to 19 years.

Dancer and choreographer. Classes where you can be yourself, learn to improvise in different styles. Choreographies different and adapted to the type of dancers or dancers. Creator of a safe space for those who want to enter the world of performing arts.

(2 reviews)

Professional dancer gives private lessons of various dance (modern jazz, African ...) to Paris

I teach all levels of dance classes and all ages in modern jazz, African dance, street jazz, Brazilian dance ... For your own learning, for fun or for your events. Do not hesitate to offer me other dance styles. The course will last between 1 and 1:30 according to your need and want and will take place as follows: a warm up, a few exercises or learning basic steps and finally a choreography.

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Teacher and dancer from the United States teaching classical ballet, jazz and contemporary dance

I grew up dancing jazz and classical ballet, and later in university I began studying contemporary dance and modern. I'm interested in giving classes to beginners and forming a foundation of physicality and understanding of the body. Also, I love working with experienced dancers and movers who want to expand their knowledge of movement and body organization.

Greater London
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Actor and comedienne here to help with acting needs. Whether professional or just for the love.

I am a working actress and comedienne who loves improv and feels theatre knowledge and work can be used in all walks of life.

Sant Just Desvern
(1 review)
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BA in choreographic composition teaches dance classes for beginners, choreography, Latin dances, jazz dance in Barcelona

I'm Julieta, I teach both children of musical theater, choreography and jazz dance, and adult dancers for beginners, Latin rhythms, and contemporary dance and jazz dance. I am a student of the Lic in Choreographic composition with mention in Musical Theatre at the University of the Arts of Argentina and I am preparing my thesis.

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Creative and technical dance lessons for all ages, children and adults. Stretching and strengthens

I am a student of professional dance, I teach dance classes with technique, but without forgetting that we dance to have fun. There is a lot of room in my classes for fun and creation, but we are also going to give the body and the mind its necessary dose of toning.

(1 review)
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Dance lessons from student with 14 years experience, in your home or over video chat

I am a 17 nearly 18 year old student who's been dancing since the age of 3, I am now applying to vocational training to further my experience. I have been trained in ballet, tap, modern, contemporary, jazz and acrobatics and am now looking to train other people and would like to share my experiences and talents with other people.

Cava de' Tirreni
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Private Lessons of Classical-Contemporary-Modern Dance for Auditions

Teacher with a diploma in Classic Dance Vaganova technique prepared by Hernan Piquin international etoile of Ballet Argentino, Contemporary-Modern Jazz Dance Teacher graduated by Mauro Astolfi. My classes have varying duration and are based on techniques widely accredited by the world of dance.

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American dancer studying in Gold coast to give dance classes to students

The teaching method would depend on the style of dance and level of dancer, but each class would consist of a warm up, center work, and small combinations to practice. I believe every dancer has their own area they excel in which would be highlighted and we would work together to make the dancer comfortable doing all moves.

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Perfect! She is really nice and very helpful! I definitely recommend her, especially if you have some technique questions or issues in mind that you'd like help with. (Thank you Samantha!)

Gabrielle, Student
1 year ago
(1 review)

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