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Learn Java programming language in India

Java is a computer language developed in the 1990s and has since been used for more than 3 billion devices. Java tutorials are available to students studying computer science at all levels, from beginner to advanced. These tutorials can be taken online or in-person with an instructor. Take Java tutorial across India, as education knows no barriers!

The variety of topics covered by these tutorials include basic programming skills like loops and conditional statements, object-oriented programming, Web development with Java servlets and JSP(java server pages) pages.

Continuing your study of Java will help you develop the skills needed for successful careers in software engineering or network administration. 

Reasons to learn Java programming language

Java is amongst one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

There are many reasons to learn Java and which I am going to share with you here:

Android Development 

Numerous smartphones are using the Android operating system, which is written in Java language. Also, a lot of other applications are developed for android, which uses Java language.

Backend Server-Side Development

Java is a pervasive programming language used for backend development. Java is used to develop web applications, web services, etc., using MVC, Servlets, or JSP.

Big Data Analytics

If you plan to learn big data analytics, it is also recommended to gain knowledge of Java as most of the tools used in big data are written in Java Language.

Networking Applications

You can create different types of networking applications like TCP/IP servers and clients using java language. For example, the Twitter platform is written in Java Programming Language.

E-commerce Application Development

Many e-commerce applications are developed using Java for backend server-side development. Some examples are Magento, Opencast, Joomla, etc.

Web Applications

Many web applications today use Java Servlets to develop backend code. Today it has become a widespread language used in web development, where you can build anything from simple dynamic websites to highly scalable restful APIs.

Desktop Application Development 

You might be knowing that Java is used to develop client-side GUI applications on many platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

So, if you have knowledge of java programming, you can easily set up your own desktop application development environment and start developing your desktop application on any of the platforms mentioned above.

New Technology Startup Companies

If you plan to start your own technology startup company, it is also good to learn Java as it has a wide range of applications. You can use Java for backend development, application development, and android app development.

Database Application Development

Java is widely used for database applications like Oracle, MySQL, etc., and if you know the Java programming language, there will be more scope in this area.

At times, there are job postings on the job portals that require a candidate with core java skills and Oracle DB skills. So learning core java can get you a higher pay scale.

System Programming

Sometimes programmers write low-level system programs or device drivers using C++ but learning these languages requires tremendous hard work and time to develop.

Java programming language has a feature called JNI (Java native interface) by which you can easily call system code written in C, C++ from Java.

Learn JEE (java enterprise edition)

Learning Java enterprise edition will be good for your resume as this framework is widely used in large organisations and business entities.

It is an extension of the standard Java, which introduces new features like remoting etc. So if you know about J2ee web development, it will help you a lot in your day-to-day job life when you have to build projects using the J2ee technology stack.

UI Design Frameworks

Many latest user interface development frameworks are made using Java, such as PrimeFaces, Android UI library, etc.

You can also get online training and tutorials for developing various types of user interfaces using these frameworks.

Serverless Computing

Many companies are now planning to shift their backend servers to cloud servers(also known as serverless computing).

So if you have a good knowledge of Java, it will be an added advantage for your resume, and you can easily land a good job position in the near future.

Text Processing, Parsing (Regular Expressions)

If you want to automate text processing and parsing processes, learning Java will definitely help you.

Because there are plenty of open source libraries available that provide easy access parser generators like ANTLR or JFlex that allow you to build flex/bison-like parser generators.

Superprof: Get Java Tutorial across India

Superprof is an online educational platform where you can sign up and find tutorials for anything, including Java. All can be done on the site with simplicity and ease, from signing up to locating a teacher. With accessibility to numerous tutors with verified reviews, take Java tutorial across India.

You're ensured to find one that suits your needs and requirements. Creating an account couldn't be easier; just use Google Id credentials (or Facebook) or any email address.

Besides, Superprof offers an endless variety of tutoring options that could be personalized to your needs. Plus, demo classes are available before starting any course to get an idea of the teaching methods.

Superprof additionally provides secure online payment methods for a hassle-free and safe experience.  

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