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Licensed history & geography teacher gives history & geography lessons to K-12 in Portland,OR area

I am a teacher that likes to use visuals (images and videos), project based learning exercises and use of apps to help you make better connections with ideas and concepts.I am an easy-going teacher that expects that you are with me to learn, to question, and put your ideas into use.

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Hi Everyone, English teacher for adults and children. Private offering in house or Skpe.

Hello, my name is and I am from the USA. I am an English teacher at the school here in Madrid and I have a degree in Gender Studies. We can practice grammar, writing, and conversing in English. Tell me your schedule and we'll talk about the prices. My email is cgill4488 @ gmail or by whatsapp (concealed information) Regards.

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Graduated in journalism, I teach history / social, Pontevedra / Vigo area, different knowledge, ask without commitment.

Good, I am a journalism student armed with a lot of patience and desire to teach, responsible and studious. I would teach history, social and related to any level, except university or higher. I have training in many other subjects, for which they can ask without any kind of commitment. Greetings to all.

Haddon Township
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UPenn Ivy League Grad provides lessons and tutoring in all History subjects (specializing in Military and European History) as well as Geography and Geopolitics

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with honors in History and International Relations and I am a long time Military History enthusiast. I offer my services to those who wish to learn regardless of age and location provided you have the ability to skype. My method of instruction is very flexible as required by the student or dictated by the topic.

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Teacher giving lessons in history from middle school to college ages, in the Fort Wayne area!

I am a licensed Historical Perspectives teacher, and I will give lessons to anyone from middle school up through college aged students. I have a very open and loose lesson structure. There are guidelines to history, so I am open in the path taken to get mastery. I often will ask students what interests they have, and I will then decide where to go, based on those interests.

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I teach History, Sociology, Philosophy and Geography classes for primary, secondary and higher education. Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences (FGV) and Bachelor's degree in History (FGV), pur

Classical classes, in an expositive way, with exercises and memorization techniques or classes of revision to consolidate matter. I also have extensive experience with production of exercises and proofreading, so that the student can test their knowledge not only orally but also in writing, aiming at a better use in discursive matters.

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Highly Trained and Skilled Educator Ready to Help in Edinburgh in Variety of Lessons for All Aged Students

I am a critical educator with a variety of experience in teaching social sciences and English with a focus on developing a model for learning based on students needs and abilities to construct knowledge in partnership with the teacher.

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Oxbridge student gives geography lessons to pupils of all abilities in Peterborough

I have recently graduated from the University of Cambridge, and in training to become a teacher, I am giving lessons to individuals of all abilities and ages- from primary school to degree-level. Given that I have just left the education system, I understand what makes a lesson interesting and engaging, and therefore, use innovative techniques and methods to ensure success.

Middleton Saint George
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1st class Bsc Geography graduate giving geography lessons to all ages online with teaching experience

I can give geography lessons and advice to all levels from secondary, A levels and undergraduate. My lessons are clear and comprehensive on the requested geographical topics which we can discuss via skype/online video/speaking or messaging to the preference of the student.

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Postgraduate student at the University of Exeter with teaching experience in History, Geography, Politics, Social Sciences and Sociology

In a typical hour session I would begin with a short session on existing knowledge in the subject. The aim is to build on this in order to develop understanding. The second part of a session involves developing an argument through writing, presentation, debate and communication.

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General Knowledge- History and Geography. I am an intelligent person who can teach about the world and historical events. i live in west swindon. A am currently in school about to sit my GCSEs but hav

I am a 15 year old who is almost 16, i know almost every flag and capital city of every country in the world and have a detailed knowledge of many historical events. I am patient, kind and can pass information on in an easy and understanding way.

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Experienced Teacher Available to Tutor in both History and Geography at all Levels

My teaching style is very modern and encourages pupils to find their own way of learning that is best for them - to ensure success. I keep my lessons engaging and fun while still covering all of the important aspects required.

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Learn psychology and other subjects through the use of behaviour analytic techniques

I am a postgraduate student studying at Bangor University. I use behaviour analytic principles to teach subjects such as psychology, geography, sociology, science, maths and English. These methods are simple but really effective and strongly empirically supported.

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Cambridge University Geography Graduate gives lessons online or around the Bath area

I have just graduated from Cambridge University and will be studying Biodiversity, Conservation and Management on a masters programme at Oxford next year.

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Geography with Animal Science looking at Ethics, Politics and General Geography. Background in Animal Behaviour and Welfare gives lessons in Staffordshire, Shropshire and East Anglia

I aim to provide a fun outlook to inspire the future minds of tomorrow whilst offering skills and real life context. I aim to ensure that my students have a good foundation of the relevance of the subject and are given the necessary skills and guidance for their potential careers.

New York
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PhD student with years of academic and professional experience with the social sciences

I enjoy teaching because learning is fun! I like to make lessons fun and engaging! I like to use interactive methods, such as memorization games and songs, to engage with students. I usually start a class or session with a short lecture, followed by questions and answers, then an activity, followed by more questions and answers, and a review.

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History undergrad Student giving History, Sociology and General Knowledge Tutoring to Secondary School pupils in Brighton

I am a History and Sociology undergrad at the University of Sussex, and I also did these subjects at A Level and GCSE. I am very articulate, patient, and am good at explaining difficult content matter to those who may not have much experience in the field we are studying. I teach general learning of facts, theories and concepts within subjects, as well as providing exam techniques and skills.

Cubango (Niterói)
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History / Archaeology / Philosophy / Sociology. Classes for elementary and 2 high schools. Rio de Janeiro.

I'm on last period degree in history, have direct contact with archeology, such as sociology, philosophy and geography. Work on texts or textbooks, making an ever timely analysis on one of these to add to the didactic argument during class.

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Classes of humanities, geography, history, sociology in general, for all levels and ages

Degree in social sciences and masters in political science from UFSCar with experience in graduation for lessons in social sciences and English language tutoring, teaching classes in English and Portuguese in person or virtual, aided by the selection of adequate and free educational materials.

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3rd year Law student tutoring Law, Geography and Psychology, based in Leicester.

I teach degree and A Level Law and Criminology and GCSE and A Level Psychology and Geography. I like to teach the theory first, give some advice on general things to mention in exam questions then perhaps go through some problem and essay questions. I will always adapt to the student's needs.

São Paulo
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Newly graduated from History / Geography / Politics / Current events in general and also English if needed

Hello, my name is Angelo. I have a degree in History from Cruzeiro do Sul University, starting in December 2017, a course with a grade 5 in ENADE. My basic model of teaching is the constructivist. I will use technology, with computers, cell phones and so on. As aids to learning and the better fixation of content, more is for the aid and will not be predominant.

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Improve and deepen your knowledge of art and art history in preparation for competitions! Student in art and design!

Master student in interior architecture, passionate about art and design, to give you the keys to understanding in art and history of art. You set the time and you give me your goals. I then establish a program tailored to your needs. I will listen to you and I will be happy to answer your questions during class.

São Paulo
Maria luiza
1st class FREE!

History student teaches History and Geography classes for elementary and high school in São Paulo

Dynamic classes, complete and focused entirely to strengthen and increase your knowledge, covering subjects according to the expected curriculum for your age group and level of education. I always try to make bridges with current subjects and general culture for better progress and understanding of the class, total attention and focus on the main needs of the student.

Greater London
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Let's come & Gain some knowledge in geograpy and its retaled Things.

Hi iam your Geography Tutor , This is my subject because i love it most so if you have any problem related this subject don't be panic.Come to me i just solve it by giving some lectures and general examples.

1st class FREE!

Oxford graduate with over 15 years of experience offers fun, focused geography tuition

I read geography at the University of Oxford and have been tutoring geography for over 15 years. I enjoy helping learners of all ages and abilities to achieve their very best, and I look outside the textbook to make learning interesting, fun, relevant, and really related to the world around us.

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Geography specialist Director of Humanities across two schools can deliver Geography at any level up to A Level across the range of specifications. Track record of good results and ability to create g

I've taught primarily in three schools across Wakefield and Sheffield. My experience includes Geography at all key stages as well as History, English, French and PE. I build string relationships with students and across 15 years including 5 inspections I have always been graded good or outstanding.

João victor
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Tutor of Geography in Goiânia, Setor Universitário. Graduating in International Relations, specializing in Geopolitics, History and Human Geography

I minister reinforcement classes of Geography and other subjects for students of High School and Pre-Vestibular. I am in the seventh period of International Relations at UFG. I use a methodology focused on the practice of social interaction and power relations, thus providing a better understanding of how a given subject affects the lives of people and nations.

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Studying Degree Psychology Criminology passionate enthusiastic keen to teach and learn Portsmouth

Currently studying at the open University, this has really opened my mind towards self discipline dedication and time management, i would love to share knowledge with anyone in any subject, because everyone has something different to offer. Everything you learn and read in life you remember, perhaps not consciously at the needed time, but some point in life you recall that information.

South Yorkshire
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Masters student offering Geography tutoring to GCSE/AS and A2 students in Sheffield

I am a Masters student studying at the University of Sheffield. I have completed my Undergraduate degree in Geography and Planning and received a high 2:1 degree. I am friendly, patient and organised and I'm looking to help tutor those who may need a bit of extra help to achieve top grades to secure their university place.

1st class FREE!

Archaeology student givng history lessons in Reading to students up to a-levels

From an BA archaeology student comes a fun and personal teaching of historical subjects to help achieve the best grades in school. Exam preparation includes fluid essay writing practice during timed conditions and revision guidance suitable for exams or coursework.

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Udayan, found their geography teacher

Hello meenakshi. I am a 5 year law student preparing for UPSC CSE 2018 also. I am especially weak in geography as I have avoided the basic books while completing other basic books. Now the concepts of class 11 geography just don’t settle in which...

1 month ago

Tadeusz, found their geography teacher

Dear Binoy ji , I have two problems : 1. I want to learn how to use GIS tools for geo-referencing and inverse georeferencing 2 . I want to learn programming in any open-source written in Java or Javascript for GIS I am mathematician , ...

2 months ago

Manoranjan, found their geography teacher

Hi, Greetings! Congratulations on clearing Prelims. I'm preparing for CSE 2018 and have decided to opt for Geography for Mains. So I'm in need of a teacher to get the basics initially. So if you've substantial knowledge in this subject kindly...

2 months ago