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💸 How much is a an English tutor in Pimpri Chinchwad?

The average rate of English tuition in Pimpri Chinchwad is INR 575.


Tutoring rates for English lessons will differ depending on:

  • the experience of your tutor
  • where your lessons will be held (online or the student's place)
  • the number of lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • what you are covering in your lessons (essay writing, critical thinking, or grammar for example.)
  • the objective of your classes (are you learning English for fun, or are you studying for SSC or CBSE exams?)

97% of our private tutors give the first class for free. Check out the prices of our English instructors in your area.

📘What can you learn from an English teacher?

On Superprof, we have a number of highly skilled English tutors available to offer private tuition.


An English tutor can help you with many things:

  • CBSE or SSC examinations prep and past papers
  • GMAT or, competitive examination preparation.
  • Bank examinations and government job examinations.
  • Mastering English grammar rules
  • Writing or fiction writing
  • Text analysis
  • Offering strategies to help you with your course work
  • Reading and textual analysis
  • Help with homework
  • Helping you to build confidence in your abilities.

You can discuss with your tutor what you wish to accomplish from your private English lessons.


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✍️ Why should I take English tutoring lessons in Pimpri Chinchwad?

Learning to speak English has a number of benefits. The ability to communicate in another language will open up many doors to you in terms of employment, travel and culture.

Other benefits of learning English include increased employability and improved communication skills.


Take English lessons to learn more about the English language with a experienced private tutor. With the help of your tutor, now is the perfect opportunity to master the English language successfully.


Whether you want to take private lessons from home or take online classes, select your private tutor and book your at another location today.


A messaging service is in place for you to exchange with your teacher to schedule your English tutoring lessons whether you want to learn from the comfort of your home or take online classes.


Use the search engine to find your English teacher from among 304 private teachers in Pimpri Chinchwad.


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On Superprof India, you can browse our range of teacher profiles to find the best solution for your English tuition.


You can check out a tutor's individual tutoring cv and message the English tutor that suits to your needs.


Once you have found a tutor you can get in touch with them via a messaging service on our platform to discuss the details of your lessons.


In Pimpri Chinchwad and the suburban areas, 304 English teachers are available to offer private courses.


Choose your lesson in Pimpri Chinchwad from our range of more than 304 tutor profiles available.

✒️ How did students rate their private English tutor in Pimpri Chinchwad and the suburban areas?

From a sample of 13 tutors, students gave their English tutors an average of 5.0 out of 5.


A customer relationship manager from the Superprof team will be available to find a solution (via telephone or mail from Monday - Friday) if you have any queries about your lessons.

Feel free to connect with us namaste@superprof.com

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💻 Can you take English lessons online?

On Superprof, many of our English tutors also offer online tuition. About 80% of teachers give classes english online.


To find available online classes, just select the webcam filter in the search engine to see the available tutors offering online courses in your desired subject.


Online courses via Skype offer you more benefits in terms of flexibility and are often less expensive as the teacher does not need to travel.


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Learn English in Pimpri-Chinchwad

Pimpri-Chinchwad is a north-western city located in Pune, Maharashtra. The main language of the city is Marathi and this place is very famous for being one of the bustling business centres in India for its eateries and clothing. This is also a very well-known religious place for its multiple religious spots for all religions.

The Importance Of Learning English In The Present Era

English is the most important subject in today's world. Whether it be using the internet, scoring well for your board exams or going for a job interview, everywhere,  speaking English can save your day. From the time the British have introduced their language in India till today, you will find that the many Indian citizens can speak English. This itself speaks the necessity of English as a language. But still, let's see some reasons why a good grip over English is an indispensable asset at the present time.

  • English Is Used Worldwide

English is the lingua franca of the world. People of different continents are quite likely to understand English whether they know your mother tongue or not.  Not only that, it is also spoken by 400 million people all over the world, and it is the official language of 53 countries.

Does this tell you something? This only shows that if you can speak English properly, you stand the chance of communicating with a large section of the global population.

  • You Get A World Of New Things To Explore

There is a huge collection of literature written in English, along with movies and many other things. It can open a completely new world of entertainment for you.

Apart from that, English is the most useful language on the internet. Around 565 million people use the internet daily and more than half of the websites are available in English. So, this is suggestive of the fact that learning English can be beneficial for you.

  • English Is A Must For Business

English is known as the ruling language of business. In today's century, it is crucial to have a strong base in English if you want to contribute to the global workforce.

Studies show that most of cross-border commerce communication requires English and international companies will always hire a candidate who is fluent in English.

The business giants namely Samsung, Nokia, Renault and many others have made English their compulsory official corporate language.

Whether you are in school or college, if you are still not fluent in English, better rethink that decision of yours. Learning English can completely change your life apart from opening new horizons for you.

How Can Superprof Help With English Coaching

Superprof gained the online podium in 2013 and offered teachers an online platform to share their teachings with students from any corner of the world. Superprof helps these teachers to spread their knowledge and find a decent opportunity for themselves. It also helps the students to become a better version of themselves by getting the best teachers at their doorstep or on their computer screen.

Advantages that you get if you learn from Superprof are —

You Get A Wide Range Of Teachers To Choose From

Students and their parents can find a variety of teachers for different subjects, on Superprof. Starting from the school level to the higher engineering level, Superprof has a teacher for every student. You would never find such a huge diversity in your local region.

Get A Personalized Experience

In Superprof, every teacher owns a separate page for themselves, where they let their students and their guardians know about different things like educational background, teaching methodology, rules of the class and much more.

Better Profile Transparency Of The Teachers

Just one glance at a teacher's profile will illustrate the medium of the teaching. And it will also be mentioned if the teacher just teaches in the online mode with the help of webcams and if they are willing to do one-to-one coaching or in small groups.

Reviews From Other Students

The reviews of the students who got their teachers from Superprof have been recorded and previous students can tell you the best about the teacher. Those testimonials can help you to decide if you can work with the teacher to create a strong foundation in your subject.

Experienced, Certified, And Skilled Teachers

Every teacher on Superprof is an expert in his or her field. They have verified teachers who are highly experienced. The rates are also very reasonable for anyone who wants to study.

You will always be the first priority of teachers at Superprof once you enroll yourself for one or more subjects. There are many reputed teachers of English at Superprof. Now, surely you can go to some other private tutor but the experience will never be the same. By choosing Superprof, you can give yourself the best knowledge from the finest teachers who are easily available at your fingertips.

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