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The average price of Dutch  lessons is ₹1,722.

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Take Dutch Language classes across India

Are you hoping to take a Dutch course? If so, then this blog post is perfect for you. It will give you all the information you need to take Dutch language classes across India!

As a beginner, it's vital that you find a course that suits your needs and goals. This article will help guide you on how to do just that! You'll be glad to know there are many online courses available from different sources or private tutors. 

Did you know that Dutch is the third most widely spoken language in the world? Dutch Language classes are designed specifically to teach students who want to start learning or pick up another language. 

The course has been made with beginner-level learners in mind, which means it is easy enough for anyone and everyone to enjoy! It includes exercises that cover vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, and oral skills development, all of which will help people become more proficient speakers in no time at all. 

Why learn the Dutch language?

When considering the benefits of learning a foreign language, Dutch is an excellent choice for learners thanks to its similarities with both English and German. Even simple sentences in Dutch typically contain cognates with either English or German words, making learning this language significantly more manageable than other languages.

Dutch also has many unique features not found in English or German, making it one of the most attractive European languages for learners. Learning Dutch can thus be practical and fun due to its practicality for English speakers. It is unique enough that new elements will surprise even seasoned linguists who have mastered other languages.

Furthermore, the small size of Dutch-speaking compared to large countries like France means that it is possible to travel to or live in the Netherlands and still be able to communicate with most residents even if Dutch isn't your native language. This allows learners to learn a functional language and explore different cultures. There are over 23 million speakers of Dutch worldwide who could be potential friends and partners for those learning this beautiful language.

With all these benefits, it's clear that Dutch is worth learning for anyone interested in expanding their horizons while pleasurably acquiring another language at the same time.

Benefits of learning the Dutch Language

There are countless gains from learning anything new and educational, let’s find out why one should learn the Dutch language. 

Communication Skills

Learning any foreign language will improve memory function, problem-solving skills, brain activity, creativity, etc. Studies have exhibited that children who grow up speaking more than one language typically possess greater communicative competence and sensitivity to linguistic nuances, associated with higher scores on standardized tests such as the SAT.

Besides, Dutch is an easy language to learn for people who speak English and German. Moreover, Dutch is a lot more phonetically balanced than English and even more consistent with its pronunciations. 

Increase Cultural Knowledge

Knowing just some words in another language can help us learn more quickly about different cultural habits such as wine, science, or technical terms. Bilingualism also significantly increases our ability to learn other subjects because of its effect on the brain.

Therefore, learning Dutch can genuinely help us comprehend the Flemish and Dutch cultures more intimately. A ton of linguists believe that culture and language are a tightly knit relation. Moreover, any work of art that has been written in a foreign language and later translated into English loses its true essence and meaning. This means the work cannot be fully appreciated in its original state. 

Better employment Opportunities

Being bilingual provides an advantage in the workforce, while being multilingual helps open up even more career options for prospective employees. The benefits of knowing another language are numerous, with many studies demonstrating that learning a second language can have clear advantages for children growing up today.

Besides, with the rapid rise of globalization, it is becoming essential to be able to speak a foreign tongue. Nowadays, several multinational companies are set up in the metro cities and prefer employees who can speak a foreign language. 

Specifically, speaking of Dutch companies, over 115 of them have their offices in India. Likewise, approximately 180 Indian companies have their presence in the Netherlands. 

Living in Netherlands or Belgium

If you map out your migration plans to the Netherlands or Belgium for an extended time, learning the native language could be a good idea. Learning to speak Dutch will broaden your horizons as it will allow you to communicate better with the locals. The natives will be able to converse with you more comfortably and help you settle in better. 

List of the best Dutch Language Classes near me across India

Enlisted below are some of the well-reviewed Dutch language classes across India. 

  • Epitome Language Services (Mohali, Punjab)
  • Dutch Language Classes in Marathahalli (Bangalore)
  • German Dutch Language Course (Gurugram)
  • ReSOLT (Mumbai)
  • Langma School of Languages (New Delhi)

All of the information and contact details related to the places mentioned above can be found online. But if you are looking for genuinely reliable and verified tutors to learn Dutch from, visit our website.

Superprof: Best Platform To Take Dutch Language classes across India

Superprof acts as a passage to an ocean of possibilities and opportunities. With Superprof, one can take up courses from some of the highly trained professional tutors with years of experience. All the tutors on Superprof are efficient and can be trusted to deliver outstanding results with their skill set. 

They will help you learn how to read, write and speak Dutch. Superprof's courses are affordable, and they are chargeable on a per-hour basis. 

The tutors on Superprof have impressive credentials that map out their experiences, skill sets, and teaching style. Superprof is one of the highest-ranking educational platforms which budget-friendly and helps you achieve your goals. Get ready to take dutch language classes across India because the distance is not an issue here at Superprof. 

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