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Students who are looking for Dutch language tutor here I'm get ready guys

I approach by flash cards and repative methods, consistent with your progress Daily task every day small step will achieve gaint leap

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Mandarin learning will be fun with us. Join us for wonderful language training

My teaching method is strictly based on one's requirement.

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Learn Dutch in the quickest and easiest possible method from highly experienced teacher

I teach individually and also in group. The way I teach Dutch, the students get the interest in learning from the beginning. Even if the class is organized in group, there are maximum 4 students. Study materials are given absolutely free of cost.

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Learn German language in a fun way..No more boring classes... Explore the new world

I try to make German meaningful in the class and beyond. Use a variety of German teaching resources in a light way.

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New Delhi
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Let's first understand the problem and then give solutions in life and so in the books. understand better choose better learn better

I prefer connecting the lessons with real life incidents and stories. we always remember the poems and stories we did in nursery class but fail remember what we learned last week. if we teach through practical lessons students will learn better.

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Dutch enthusiastic literature student in Paris, learn dutch with a native speaker!

I base my classes on the needs of my students. The method of learning depends on the personal goal of each person: a grammatical reinforcement is only one of the possible ways and requires a different approach than when one first wants to practice oral.

Rio de Janeiro
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Professor of English and Dutch, who studied and lived in the US, with several years of experience. I am not Brazilian, but speak enough Portuguese. I have experience with all levels.

I am a person who likes to help others. I use humor in my classes (with enough chance for students to tell me what they want to learn) to make learning a pleasant thing. My specialties are conversation, grammar and vocabulary, but I have experience with all disciplines.

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Learn Flemish (Dutch) in Alicante and San Vicente simple and natural way

I'm Astrid, a Belgian girl and arrived in Alicante threeyears ago. My mother tongue is Flemish, the language spoken in half of Belgium, Netherlands and some former colonies of those. The language is called Dutch, Dutch or Flemish as the regional dialect. In classes I focus on fluency. For me, it is most important to be able to speak of many things without fear.

Den Haag
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NT2 / Nederlands als tweede taal - Dutch as a second language (with focus on conversation)

Together we look at what your goals and wishes are and how we can achieve this step by step. I focus on personal improvement by practicing a lot and studying with the student where the points for improvement lie. I am very patient and find it important that you feel at ease during the lessons.

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Online NL2 teacher with experience in teaching English and tutoring high school students

My teaching method is interactive and flexible. Together we create a lesson plan that meets your goals. Regardless of which approach we choose, having fun is at the heart of my lessons. Moreover we review during the lessons which approach works best. Some learners might profit from structured lessons, whereas other benefit from a more 'free' method.

São Paulo
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Dutch teacher in São Paulo raised in the Netherlands. Dutch native level. Communicative and dynamic method.

The classes are fully personalized and focused on the individual goal of each student and respecting their personal preferences of method, topics, objectives and contents to be learned. For general courses: communicative approach, with an emphasis on the ability to understand conversations as well as skillfully communicate in Dutch. I also offer Dutch lessons for the inburgeringsexamen.

São Paulo
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Native Dutch speaker is Inglês and dutch lessons tthrough skype. classes will be Inglês.

Dutch online specialized classes in speaking and writing. every single class WILL be prepared for your needs. I have equipment for each individual needs * IELTS Preparation * TOEFL Preparation * manage to talk abroad * classes are scheduled, but I am very flexible If you need a helping hand writing the essay, simply need somebody who checks your Grammer or if you need to speedcourse right now.

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Dutch courses to suit any level in small groups or one-to-one in London Southwark

As a native Dutch teacher and translator, I developed effective techniques to teach my mother tongue at all levels, from beginners to business level language. This exciting and dynamic technique based upon my experiences in teaching, including humour, fun, practice sessions and student interaction make the courses enjoyable.

Airlie Beach
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Learn Dutch the right way, straight from the source! Get taught by a real multilingual Dutchie! ️

My personal finding is that the languages taught in classic textbooks or apps are always slightly different than the way the locals actually communicate with each other. I will take this barrier away by teaching you the necessary expressions and the native way of speaking Dutch (or another language if you would like that).

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Professor of English and foreign language speaker gives English lessons in the Lille region

Trainer experienced English / German / Dutch courses gives home Lille region. evening classes for adults and tutoring courses for retraining adults ongoing access to oral and situations of everyday life during the English / German / Dutch languages ​​experienced trainer gives English courses / German home Lille region , experience in training centers, school support organizations, enterprises.

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International Business Student's tuition in Dutch (for stuffing), English (up to intermediate) in food and environment

My name is Anne and I am 20 years old. I would like to teach my Dutch skills other. My classes are aimed at students, pupils (school types each level) and adults. I have special qualifications, as I did my diploma performance specialist Dutch in the Netherlands. I am Dutch and have made the primary school there. My secondary education 2 I completed after 6 years in Germany.

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Highly experienced and qualified Dutch tutor in Perth region, available now for classes

Especially when it comes to tutoring, my classes tend to be very individual and creative. I base the topic on what the student is interested in learning and what is currently relevant in his or her life. This is how I make sure the student doesn't waste their money on something they're not interested in.

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Student in the third Bac Sciences Politics and Entrepreneurship gives Dutch courses in the region of Charleroi.

I propose to focus the teaching on the parts of subject less well mastered by the student starting from the pure theory, followed by some rather written practical exercises. Then I propose a series of dialogues about everyday life and used to implement what has been seen. I add to that a series of more playful readings and videos that promote learning and better understanding.

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Do you want to learn Dutch? I am a native from the Netherlands, based in Victoria (Melbourne) who would love to teach.

Because of my creative background (art and graphic design) I find ways to explain, understand and make learning fun. As a person I am driven and excited to get results and I try to inculcate this in my teaching in a relaxed environment which encourages learning.

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Dutch native, linguistics and language student offers tutoring for any level or age.

Student-based teaching. Depending on the student the method of teaching will vary since each student learns things in different ways. Group sessions will differ depending on the level of the students. Lessons will mainly aim to get the student to become confident in and comfortable with the language.

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Hi, Do you have an interest or requirement to learn Dutch? Would you like to progress in your current level? I can help you!

I will use TOFL methods combined with teaching methods used in primary school to start with. Also SEN background I may use on the path of your goals. Based on your personal goals we will make the best out of our lessons together.

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Sales manager offering dutch lessons for everyday use up to a highly professional working profeciency

I base my classes on the student's aspirations, working everyday environment and intention of language use. Prior to the first lesson, I would hold a short introduction session to get to know the student better. This helps me understand the vocabulary, terminology and level of grammar that the student will need to learn form me.

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Improve your Dutch skills through interaktive lessons in Melbourne! Grammar/Vocabulary, Speaking, Reading!

One requirement for my lessons is a suitable teaching environment, for example a tidy and quiet room with enough space for the teaching materials. Since Dutch is a very active language, I focus not only on revising the Grammar and Vocabulary, but also on actively using the language through speaking and therefore improving the pronunciation.

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Het Nederlandse Taal is erg belangerijk. U kunt dan lekker naar Nederland op vakantie

I have also studied TEFL which is Teaching English as a Foreign Language and I can follow this as my methodology. However in this case instead of teaching I can teach Dutch. My method of teaching is through conversations mainly but also more written approaches such as spellings.

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Dutch native will help you achieve a level of native Dutch fluency

I am your go-to Dutch tutor if you are looking to improve your level of Dutch. Perfect for those who are looking to get their basic conversations flowing as well as those who strive to speak fluently. I have an enormous amount of creative resources to make sure the learning process is fun which in turn will increase your chances of actually sounding like a Dutchie.

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Qualified Teacher and Native Dutch Speaker offers you custommade, tailored and personalised tuitions.

Depending on student needs, my classea focuses on self reliability in Dutch speaking country. It offers you sentence constructions, understanding, listening, vocabulary, history & culture abd dialogue.

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Dutchie living in Sydney gives Dutch Language lessons to anyone who like to learn

I do not believe that there is just one right way to teach/learn. I like to adjust my teaching approach/methodology specific to the person, since everyone learns differently :). So I would start with finding out what YOU need to learn.

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Hoi! Learn Dutch in private lessons | Personal meeting in Berlin or online!

I free up the lesson and tailor the course to the needs of the student. Nevertheless, I like to work with the book: "Welkom! Dutch for beginners". The book is well structured, contains clear explanations and is perfect for German speakers.

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