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Driving teacher

I recently got trained to drive my automatic car by Vignesh. I had no prior experience of driving a car and was a complete beginner. He is very patient, notices every small thing / mistake we do and communicates it very clearly in a manner that we...


Driving teacher

Best teaching techniques, he will start with the basics so that you are aware of the various functions that your car has. His classes are not limited to just morning drive on an empty road, he will teach you to drive at different place amd time so...

Shashi, 1 month ago


Driving teacher

Calm composed very good teaching skill, now iam independent, learned how to face situations & fear while driving. It was excellent experience understand individuals skills & molded them. Thank a lot.

Sunil, 4 months ago


Driving teacher

Vignesh, Thanks alot for the approach you had taught me to drive around the city. I would recommend all the learners who is willing to learn driving to definitely opt for vignesh and get his gyan on driving. He really has knack to teach people. All...

Aswathi, 7 months ago


Driving teacher

A completely calm and confident driving instructor. Teaches to tackle any unforseen situations on road very positively and efficiently. Gives great confidence to overcome fear and nervousness of driving in city traffic especially....He has excellent...

Bhavani, 7 months ago


Driving teacher

Vignesh gives training on how to drive professionally, safely, and peacefully in the manner in a city like Chennai in every situation (Light traffic, medium, heavy traffic, narrow streets, malls, etc). He has a very structured approach and list of...

Chandra, 10 months ago


💸 How much do I pay for driving lessons in Chennai?

The rate of driving lessons in Chennai is around ₹459.


In Chennai, the average rate of driving classes per hour is ₹459.}

The price of your lessons will vary depending on:

  • the qualifications and years of teaching experience of your teacher
  • The reputation of the driving school your (tutor or employed by)
  • The number of classes you booked and the duration of each lesson
  • the goal of your classes (are you looking to get a driving license, or maybe you are just finessing your driving techniques.)

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Learning to drive is essential for many people and offers a number of benefits such as great flexibility and independence in our daily life. Did you know that driving helps improves hand-eye coordination and might even reduce the risk of dementia later in life?

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There are currently 23 driving teachers available to give driving classes in Chennai and nearby.


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From a sample of 7 ratings, students gave their driving teachers an average of 5.0 out of five.

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Driving is a skill that every travel lover should learn so that they can go on road trips or discover the underrated places in the city without depending on others. In fact, it is a skill that anybody can learn if they want to travel independently. Learning to drive develops a sense of responsibility among people. 

Chennai offers various driving courses and classes for beginners. The teachers not only teach them how to drive but also focuses on the rules and regulations that one should always follow. It is crucial to obey the traffic rules while driving to avoid accidents and fatalities. A person should always know all the road rules before taking hold of the steering. Any reluctance can lead to grave fatalities later on.

Road Safety Rules to Follow While Driving in Chennai

Along with learning to drive one should also focus on the traffic rules and regulations. This helps to increase awareness while driving on roads. The professional tutors in Chennai provide the learners with detailed information about all these rules. Just getting a driving license does not certify somebody to be a good driver. If a person obeys all the rules and drives accordingly then only they are considered to be a reliable driver.

Here are certain road rules everybody should follow if they have a hold on the steering. Keeping in mind these road safety rules will help to avoid accidents.

Wear a Seat Belt

The most important rule that every driver should follow is to wear a seat belt. Sometimes people skip wearing a seat belt since they have to travel a short distance. This is not advisable as accidents happen because of carelessness. Nobody knows what lies ahead, hence taking precautions is necessary. Wearing a seat belt keeps the driver safe and also portrays the fact that they are responsible. It is illegal to drive without wearing a seat belt.

In fact, the person sitting next to the driver also needs to wear their seat belt. Not wearing a seat belt is a traffic rules violation.

Drive Within the Speed Limit

All the people should follow the speed limit that is mentioned on the signboards. Exceeding the speed limit can cause accidents. Most people tend to increase their driving speed when they see less traffic or on highways. If there is a need to press the brake suddenly, it can lead to fatalities. Any sudden jerk or turn becomes a problem if the speed of the car is beyond the mentioned limit.

Hence, following the speed limit mentioned on the signboard for a particular roadway is crucial and everybody should abide by it.

Maintain Distance From Other Cars

While travelling on busy roads, one should always maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. This will help to avoid any damage to the car or accidents.

Maintaining distance from other cars helps to evade any collision as the driver gets time to slow down. One should be more careful during foggy or rainy weather while driving on roads as most accidents occur during that time. 

Look Ahead

Do not get distracted or look behind while driving on the road. It is important to look in the front and stay focused. One should have a firm grip over the steering and focus on the road ahead. In case the driver needs to look behind, they can check the rearview mirror while driving. However, it is recommended to not get distracted under any circumstance while driving, as that can cause accidents. 

Avoid Overtaking

Sometimes people are in a hurry and they want to overtake the vehicle ahead so that they can reach their destination. One should always avoid overtaking as that can be fatal. Sometimes there are signboards on the roads that clearly do not allow overtaking of vehicles. Following these signs is crucial for every driver so that they can maintain safety.

Search Professional Driving Instructors From Superprof

It is easy to learn driving if a learner has found the perfect tutor. However, the process of finding the correct tutor is not easy. The trial and error process of finding a teacher can be super hectic for few beginners. Sometimes the learners land up finding the incorrect tutor and do not learn the correct ways of driving.

The learners in Chennai who are in need of driving tutors should search Superprof. They can find tutors in their locality.

These teachers are experienced and have profound knowledge about each driving rule. They make the learning process fun for every beginner. Learning to drive is one of the most liberating feelings and everybody has the opportunity to feel this. They can take help from their tutors whenever required. 

Superprof will complete the task of finding a driving tutor on their behalf. The learners can just focus on gaining knowledge about driving and in no time they can master the skill. With the correct guidance, any learner can learn whichever skill they are interested in.

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