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Painting lessons in Chennai cost on average INR 514 per hour.


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In Chennai and the surrounding areas, there are 177 private painting teachers available to offer private courses


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Students scored their painting tutors on average 5.0 out of five from a sample of 34 recommendations.


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Best Art classes in Chennai

Being a resident of Chennai and an admirer of the art of colours, it is quite obvious to desire to be a painter. The city houses two of the oldest and renowned museums and art galleries; The National Art Gallery and Government Museum.

Pieces of art and paintings grace the walls of these monuments by treasuring the memories of some of the greatest artists of all times. As a collective form of agreement, painting is one of the strongest pieces of art that has been in existence for centuries now. The way artists use mere colours, pencils and brushes to carve such promising visual delights is commendable.

Chennai seems to have a hand on the wheel that drives the rising artists of India by appreciating their talent. Some of the most renowned painters in the country including T. Venkatasa Raja, a national award winner and richest artists in Chennai.

With hundreds of painting centres across the city, you will not fall with a lack of options to train your hands on the paper. Collect all you crayons, watercolours and acrylic paints and find the best teacher in Chennai to start your lessons. There are different types of painting in the world that you may learn to master your skills in a particular field.

Different Types Of Painting In The World

From Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Monalisa” to Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, the famous painters have blessed the world with some mesmerising pieces of art. The best aspect of art is that you can never confine it within the geographical boundaries of a country. Also, artists respect each other and graciously accept their art form as one of their own.

This respect allows aspiring painters to adopt the prevailing types of painting and create something new with them. When you start your learning venture, you can take inspiration from the following categories to train yourself in a better way.

  • Bodegón Style

In the late 17th century, the Bodegón style became famous in Spain and has been in existence ever since in the world of art. It depicts pantry items or still objects like drinks, games and victuals. The arrangement of these items is usually on a stone slab or elements of the kitchen. If you love making abstract paintings or picturising objects, this will be the perfect style for you to learn.

  • Landscape Painting

We all have done landscape drawing and paintings in the art class in school. Landscape art depicts the natural beauty like valleys, mountains, rivers, trees, forests, snow, etc. If you are a nature lover, you should spend a lot of time observing the texture and colours of sunsets and sunrise to make more realistic paintings. While the sky usually remains a constant in almost every landscape, artists prefer making transformations to the weather.

  • Illustration Painting

All the pictures in school textbooks that we used to admire as a child came from the illustration painting style. Magazines, books, comic books, movie or theatre posters, etc. used illustrations to explain the texts or a scene. With the advancement of technology and development of the print media, real paintings and pictures do get their position. However, art is the purest form of expression, and you can learn it to get the recognition this style deserves.

  • Still Life Painting

This art or style of paintings depicts and portray natural things like plants, seashells, plants, rocks, etc. and artificial objects like jewellery, books, drinking glasses, coins, vases, etc. You need to be very critical with your observational skills to draw realistic images of these objects.

  • Portrait Painting

Portrait paintings are probably the most-sought-after style by commoners who hold the craze of getting their paintings. These paintings are resemblances of people with a major focus on small detailings like his expressions and face structure. Artists usually make their models sit in front of them and make live paintings. Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci is by far the most beautiful portrait in the world.

Start Your Lessons With The Help Of Superprof India

You must have been looking for the best painting teacher in Chennai so that you can learn painting professionally. Lil Brahmas Creative Educations Pvt. Ltd., Dessin Academy - Institute of Fine Arts and Chennai Art School are a few of the famous institutes in the city that you can consider. But what if you reside far away from these locations and you do not have a convenient mode of transportation? Well, with Superprof you do not have to worry about visiting one institute to another.

Find your painting teacher online with the help of Superprof and reap the benefits of e-learning. The website has a user-friendly interface and a troop of the best teachers from every field who offer online lessons.

Learning painting is all about understanding the techniques and practising. You need to collect all your tools, a computer or smartphone and a Wi-fi connection to start your painting classes. Superprof will give you access to contacts of the best painters in your locality/city. Enjoy colouring and creating art with the help of the excellent painters near you!

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