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📒 How do online Dance classes work?

You can discuss directly with your tutor via email or phone. Their contact details are in the left-hand column of the lesson request page. You can then decide with your teacher on the preferred format of your lessons. 

There are a number of possibilities:

  • Skype
  • Hangout
  • Zoom
  • Discord
  • Telephone

A number of tools allow you to exchange via audio and video, as well as to share your screen.
6,720 tutors offer dance classes 

🔎 How are teachers selected to give online classes dance?

Verification of personal data and information

We verify the identity, coordinates (telephone, email, and display picture on the ads), as well as certifications for all of our teachers. 

Reviews are 100% verified by our customer support team.

For every teacher's ad, evaluations and reviews by our students are 100% certified. 

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🎓 How many teachers are available to give classes dance via webcam?

6,720 dance teachers on Superprof offer online dance classes.

You can check out their profiles and select the tutor that is most suitable for your learning needs.

Choose your tutor from one of our 6,720 profiles.

💸 What is the average price for dance classes online?

The average fee for online classes dance classes is ₹1,143/hr.

The rate will vary based on a number of different factors: 

  • The teacher's level of experience in the subject dance
  • The duration of the dance class.

97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free. 

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What is the average rating for teachers giving online dance classes?

On a sample of 1,503 rankings, students give an average grade of 5.0 out of 5.

In the event of a problem with a dance class, our customer service team is available to find a quick solution (by phone or email five days a week).

You can contact our customer support team at namaste@superprof.com from Monday to Friday.

For each subject, you can view student reviews.

💻 How to choose online Dance classes on Superprof?

With so many of our connections being formed and maintained via online channels, online learning is becoming more and more popular with students.

Finding an online dance teacher is extremely easy. Just follow these steps below:

1. Go to the Superprof India website
2. Search for the subject "Dance" and "location" "Online".
3. Choose among thousands of Superprof tutors available.

Superprof tip: You can choose as per the status of the teacher or filter as per response time to find your ideal teacher.

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Looking For Dance Classes Online? 

A passion for some, a source of entertainment for others, dance is one of the most beloved art forms in India. Whether it be a wedding, college fest, cultural programs in school or social events, dance is the core presentation of every function. From youngsters to elders, we all love to tap our feet whenever we get the chance. 

On Superprof, we have 6,720 teachers taking online dance classes.

Reach out to any dance teacher you always wanted to learn from and master your skills under his guidance. As long as you stick to your plans and goals, there is no dance form that you cannot learn online. But before you start, it is vital to know what you must expect your dance teacher to be.

Attributes Of A Good Online Dance Teacher

Dancing is an art form that requires a lot of grace, expressions, and body movements. For an online instructor, it is not only crucial to hold all these elements while performing, but also to have a professional skill set.

Since you will see your instructor through the computer screens, it is your responsibility to ensure that he has all the attributes that will have an impact on you.

  • Domain Knowledge

Dancing is not as easy and effortless as it visually seems to be. Every dance form has its technique, rules, and performing skills that you will have to learn to be better at it.

Therefore, your online teacher must have the immense domain knowledge to help you with every doubt and query that you might face during the time.

  • Creating Course Modules: A teacher must be able to divide the required skills into specific course modules to help you understand the process. The more clear mindset he will have, the higher will be your chances of exceeding in your field.

  • Body Movements Training: You will have to make your body flexible to move with the rhythm. Your teacher has to know the efficient training process to make you understand how to attain that flexibility.

  • Performing Fine Arts: There is a specific skill set to perform fine arts. Dance trainers must also be creative stage performers. Confidence and strength to face a group of people are very much needed in this arena.

  • Soft Skills: Soft skills are one of the vital attributes in any dance teacher, especially when he teaches on an online platform. If your dance instructor possesses all the required skills, you can expect an exceptional learning experience throughout your session.
  • Effective Communication Skills: Communication is what establishes a strong bond between a teacher and a student. You will only be able to learn from your teacher if he speaks a language you understand well.

  • Visual Demonstration: To learn a dance step, a proper visual demonstration by the teacher is what you must seek.

  • Leadership Qualities: A successful dance teacher is one who can lead his students on the path of resilience and success.

  • Personal Attributes: Every individual carries a unique personality. Professional dance instructors must master some of their personality traits to facilitate functional online classes.
  • Encouraging and Supportive: Casual dancing is very different from professional dancing. You might find it difficult to pick up the pace and perform all the steps accurately. 

  • Good Interpersonal And Social Skills: Online classes will not allow you to meet your trainer face-to-face regularly. 

What Resources Do You Need To Learn Dance Online?

For doing online classes, you will need to collect a few things handy before you start your session.

  • Computer/Laptop: Although it is possible to follow the online classes through a smartphone, it is not always convenient. You will need to dance and perform the steps with your trainer. Therefore, it is better to take a computer or laptop for getting clear visuals.

  • Wireless Headphones/Speakers: For catching the beat of the songs properly, you need to listen to the music loud and clear. Therefore, wireless headphones or speakers are a must.

  • Wi-Fi Connection: For an uninterrupted online session, you need a strong and reliable internet connection. The cellular network may run out of balance anytime. That is why it is a smart choice to have a Wi-Fi connection.

Find Your Online Instructor With Superprof

Now that you know what kind of trainer you want and the resources you must possess for doing your online dance classes, it is vital to select the right platform. There are plenty of online platforms available where you can learn dance. However, online courses can be expensive sometimes as they are no less than offline classes. If you want to switch to a pocket-friendly alternative, try using Superprof!

Go to Superprof and find the dance tutor you are looking for, and mention your locality. The screen will display the names and contact details of all the dance trainers providing online classes near you.

Contact the teacher whose profile you find the best. Contact through Superprof and schedule your class. With this leading platform, learning dance could never be easier!

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