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💰 What is the price of dance classes in Lucknow and nearby?

The price of dance courses in Lucknow is around ₹774.


Lesson rates will vary depending on:

  • the qualifications and years of teaching experience of your dance teacher
  • Where your lessons will take place (via Skype or the student's place)
  • The frequency of your lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • The type of dance classes you want to take (salsa, tango, ballroom or Zumba..)
  • the goal of your classes (are you preparing to take dance exams or maybe you just want to learn to dance as a hobby.)

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💃 Why should you take beginner dance lessons with a tutor?

Learning to dance is a favorite pastime for many people and offers a number of benefits. Did you know that dancing is a great form of physical exercise, and helps to improve heart and lung condition and it also aids brain development.


On Superprof you can learn to dance in whatever style interests you most. Whether you are interested in learning more classical bharatnatyam style or a more western salsa dance, you can find the perfect teacher on Superprof.


Take dance lessons and learn how to dance with the help of a competent tutor.


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✍️ How to Find the Right Dance Teacher for You?

On Superprof, we have more than 95 private dance teachers taking classes for beginners to advanced, from classical dance to Zumba classes.

However, if you are new to dancing and wish to learn from the best tutor for you, it is important not only to find the best dance class near you but also the perfect dance teacher.

Here are qualities a good dance teacher must have:

1. Professionalism and discipline: Dancing is an art form, it is extremely important for a teacher to have ethics when it comes down to teaching.

2. Price: The average price of a dance class on Superprof is around INR 1000/hr.

Choose a teacher, depending on your budget, find a dance class with fees and choose your teacher.

Superprof allows you to have the first class free, which means you can choose based on your requirements.

3. Experience: A good dancer without experience may turn out to be a good risk, but it is important that you choose based on the teacher's experience to teach at your level.

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🥇 How many teachers are available in Lucknow to give dance lessons?

There are currently 95 dance tutors offering private lessons in and around the Lucknow area.


To find a private tutor, view their cv to find out more information about their courses.


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From a sample of 7 scores, pupils rated their dance tutors an average of 5.0 out of five.


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Best Dance Teachers in Lucknow

Dance is one of the oldest practices in Indian society. Even our deities used to indulge in these magical dancing sessions when they were happy. Almost every religion in India has its specific dancing rituals. Not only traditionally, but Dancing can also help to elevate your health conditions.

According to experts, an hour of dancing can help you burn a lot of calories whilst enjoying the process.

Five Reasons why you should sign up for a Dance Class

  • Dancing Is Therapeutic

As we all know, there’s no probably better way to let go of all that stress and anxiety than a fun and relaxing dancing session. Scientist says that stress is incredibly bad for our health, and it can even result in all kinds of pre-mature diseases and poor judgments. No matter which form is practicing, dancing is a tried and tested stress-reliever.

  • Socialize

Dancing is considered a social activity. So there are chances that you are going to meet a lot of people which will help you socialize. Being among new people and making yourself comfortable is a great asset in boosting your public confidence, which will really help in your further escapades with the world. 

  • Work Those Muscles

Dancing really takes a toll on your body. It is like going through a whole session of the gym without actually lifting any kind of weight. Initially, you will feel exhausted nearing the end of dancing sessions. However, as you keep your persistence, dancing will really help you build your core and leg muscles. 

  • It’s Fun to Dance

Why do people dance when they are happy? Because dancing really helps them elevate their mood even further. Following the rhythms and tunes and watching others do the same is a really pleasing exercise. Traditionally, dancing has been related to joyous and happy moods. And especially our Indian tradition, where dancing is always a staple in wedding marriages and functions.

  • Improves Cardiovascular Strength

Not only does dance improve your health, but it also helps you build muscle strength in almost every part of your body. When you dance, you move your body in ways that require your muscles to resist your body weight. Completing steps, leaps, twists, and turns are all ways you build muscle through the resistance of your movement. 

How to find the best dancing classes in Lucknow?

Dance seems to be a part of our DNA. So it may not be surprising to find that some studies report that regular dancing is actually a time-honoured way to stay healthier, well into old age.

Modern research also shows time and time again that dance may significantly reduce the risk of disability and dementia in the older dancer.

So how can you find the best private classes in Lucknow? We have shortlisted the three most famous mediums below so that you can choose the best one for yourself.

  • Self-Learning

Self-learning is one of the best habits one can have. However, it is not applicable in the case of learning to dance. The main reason behind it is that when you are learning a new skill, you are forcing your body to break its physical barriers. So you tend to make a lot of mistakes which can slow down your progress, and you have no one to rectify your errors.

  • Regular Dance Classes

One of the best ways to learn to dance is by attending dancing classes in your nearby. These classes are handled by expert dance teachers that can surely help you in your learning curve. These classes also provide a great atmosphere for learning and grasping new knowledge, and you have the support of fellow students who are following the same journey. However, the current coronavirus situation doesn’t allow us to recommend this method straight away.

  • Online Classes

Looking at the current situation, The most convenient way to learn Dancing is through online classes. These classes provide you with a very flexible atmosphere and the option to choose the best tutor in town. And that too with minimal rates and high convenience. The hassle of going door to door in search of the perfect Dance classes for you is over now. 

Superprof: Your best buddy in learning Dance in Lucknow

When talking about the best dance classes across Lucknow, no other online platform comes close to Superprof. You will find certified dance tutors and enthusiasts this platform provides you with a plethora of options to choose your ideal guru who could enlighten you with this fantastic skill! On top of that, almost all the tutors are available at very nominal hourly or weekly rates, which also makes it one of the most affordable options currently available.

Superprof provides online and offline dance classes and you have the liberty to choose either premise. You also have the option to consult the tutor beforehand and explain to him/her your requirements and your time frame so that you can choose the absolute best for you. 

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