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In India, you can find all kinds of sports, and boxing is one of them. While the history of Indian boxing is quite old, the sports came into the limelight much later in the late 20th century. Boxing in India became much popular in the North and North-Eastern part of the Indian states. And many people grasp fame with it. 

Many boxers from India represented India on many international platforms. The sport of boxing was included in the Olympics program for the first time in 1904. So far, India has managed two gold medals in boxing. Two names that always will be in the history of Indian Boxing is MC Mary Kom and Vijendra Singh. 

Suppose you aspire to become one like MC Mary Kom and Vijendra Singh you have to keep constant motivation in you. Keep this long term motivation in your mind not only for yourself but for the country as well. Being a professional boxer and leaving an everlasting imprint on Indian history is not an easy task. It would be perfect if you had these qualities in you to be a great boxer.

Practice makes anyone perfect, and to hone boxing you must have to pay attention to every technique. And if you are looking for professional boxing tutor and Boxing classes in Hyderabad, this article is beneficial. You will get to know about the sources like where to find the best boxing classes in Hyderabad and what kind of skills you should practice to become a great boxer.

Things You Should Practice to become a great boxer

It's not a one day process to become a great boxer; it takes months, years and even decades to become a great and legendary boxer. Boxers must have a combination of strength, patience, endurance, agility and speed of excellence. Becoming a great boxer requires focus, dedication and hard work. You can train yourself on your own there is no loss in it but joining a gym and practising there can uplift your boxing skills to another level. 

  • Focus on Techniques, not on power

Okay, you are a powerful human being but don't know basic techniques to handle yourself in fundamental aspects of life. Do you think that your power is of any use? The immediate and simple answer is NO. The same thing applies to boxing. The Knockouts will hit you, but at a beginner, in this sport, your primary focus should be on tightening up your techniques.

Your techniques will work behind your punch, and power only supports you to punch. Every boxing teacher or the martial artist will tell you that there is always some area of your game that you can improve upon. Whether you are making your punch shorter, or better selling your feints, techniques contribute to becoming a great boxer. 

  • Quickness is a key 

Quickness is a skill that you should perceive with utmost seriousness because you can be successful in the ring with the help of this. It would be best if you were quicker than your opponent. If you are quick and fast, you will not give your opponent a chance to land a punch before you. 

A boxer who doesn't possess enough quickness is in the danger of getting poorly hurt every time he enters the ring. 

  • Pick your spots

Don't throw every punch in the air; make sure every move you make serves a purpose. In boxing, there should be no useless or wasted movement. Every move you make, every punch you throw should be meaning behind it. If you carry this mindset, your probability of getting success is high. 

Use your jab to make your opponents always engaged and then punch with your power shots when they let their guard down. Find a weak spot of your opponent and try to target that. 

  • Punching Accuracy

In boxing you are required to hit a moving target you will not get a static punchbag there. While you are sizing up and preparing a punch for him, he wants to avoid the blow. If you are throwing a punch and unfortunately misses, you spend the energy and give him a chance to hit you with a hard punch. 

If you throw a punch and that landed perfectly, this means it weakens your opponent. So this means that your punching accuracy should be high as compared to your opponent. 

  • Listen to your teachers/coaches

Your boxing teachers/coaches possess a wealth of boxing knowledge well beyond your years. The skills they have possessed is essential to become a great boxer or fighter. In all stages of your practices and training, you should listen to your coaches. Try to absorb their knowledge to the best of your ability. They know how to mould you into an efficient and great boxer. 

In boxing, humility is the key. And to become a great boxer, be humble to listen to what your coaches have to say and put that into tor practices to become the best version of yourself. By remaining humble and incorporating their knowledge into your practices, you will undoubtedly be a great boxer down the road.

Boxing classes in Hyderabad

All the tips, as mentioned above, contribute to becoming a great boxer and if you are finding the best boxing classes in Hyderabad, then check out the classes mentioned below:


  • Hyderabad Boxing Club
  • Hyderabad Kickboxing And Martial Arts Academy -ESKIMOS
  • AV Boxing Academy
  • YMCA Kickboxing Club
  • Kom Club of Boxing
  • United Kickboxing Academy
  • International Martial Arts Academy


Many options are available but to make your search easy and convenient, these are the few boxing classes providers in Hyderabad. Choose the best one according to requirements and if you directly want to connect with many boxing teachers, try Superprof. 

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In Hyderabad and the surrounding areas there are 4 boxing coaches are available to give boxing classes


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The average rate of a boxing training session in Hyderabad is ₹713.


The rates may vary depending on:

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A boxing instructor helps their clients by assisting them on their fitness journey. This could be in a number of ways:


  • Offering nutrition plans to help you lose weight
  • Creating a personalised boxing workout for you
  • Helping you to improve your boxing technique
  • Setting fitness objectives and regimes for clients
  • Accompanying you through your workout to enhance your fitness level
  • Creating regimes to help reduce pain/injury


Your boxing instructor will organise your sessions in line with your fitness objectives.


Working with a boxing coach to help you achieve your health goals is a great method to help you keep on track so that you will see progress quicker.


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There are currently 4 private boxing coaches available to give boxing lessons in Hyderabad and the suburban areas.


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