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I have a very strong knowledge towards sports as I had represented athletic in national level under 16

I have a very scientific approach towards the sports as it will support you for the long run. Also you can seek my help and can make a life out of your sporting career.

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Play like pro feel like bolt fly like bird . yes you can

my teaching method is littlery differnt .

1st class FREE!

To work in a healthy, innovative & challenging environment trying at all my efforts to keep up the name and fame of the organization

Take the help of tools to stimulate creativity. Include playful games or forms of visual exercises that will excite young minds and capture their interest. This is a time-tested method to identify every young student’s creative abilities and encourage creative contributions.

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I play for my school level games like volleyball and base ball. In college i play football

I learn to students in easy and enjoyable level of classes. Peaceful and green. I much concentrate when surroundings are peace and love to enjoy. Still I much known about all where i mention about the truths in above. I enjoy to teach and coaching.

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T.g.t physical education and specialized coach like hockey, football volleyball and badminton. - 4 Yrs 6 Months experience

B.Ped From M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly Final Year's result awaited  Qualifying D license certi ficate caurse for professional coach of football. (AIFF)  Qualifying the exam of Hockey um pire conducted by U.

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Student of B.Tech From Sagar Group of Institutions, Bhopal And will Teach Physics and Organic Chemistry and Sports like Cricket.

First I will teach student And ask then some simple questions like, about the chapter, summary of Chapter including Some basic question and answer. Any Subject is taking time to understand student, but in Profession He will learn very fast.

1st class FREE!

I am an engineering student and i play a lot and coach my college team.

The classes are for anyone who is a sports enthusiast or is in any related UG PG program related to sports and anyone who loves sports can come and learn!!! i teach like a friend and help like a parent i am not a teacher consider me your friend and there you go with flying colors.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Any languages like Telugu and English and maths also in school level students

My teaching skills are based on students and particular subject and classes,special teaching based on the student's capabilities and also gives u tuitions

1st class FREE!

#your speed doesn't matter!! Forward is forward. So work hard or quite..

My teaching methods is based on evidence based practice. I will give so may examples , facts and figures during my session along with cleaning all doubts related to my topic.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Base ball trainingg for junior level pro players .under16 . Daily 2hours coaching

My teaching method is higly based techniques and hard training .preparing for tournaments in zone,district and state level teams.

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I M a national baseball player and I want to teach this.

M method is giving practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge...

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Goo d morning sir m Azad kumar villege from parm neger umra rode hansi

My topick health care subject on that student his pure palla l am tiching a hellth dormant his our school

Shahbaad Markanda
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Handball coaching.best oppurtunity to teach world second fastest team game.lets go........rock o

i am handball coach,ex army person and fitness trainer.i teach handball with new techniques and new ideas.so its time to teach how to play worlds second fastest team game.i am working in this field since 1997.

Kot Ise Khan
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I am sports teacher in sacred heart school,Moga(Punjab) and teaching the students baseball and softball game.

My teaching method based on my practical ground classes with specific skills of baseball/softball game which is demonstrate by me.

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Media student coaches the school baseball team persuing his dream of winning

I make sure u do it practically experience it to learn it make mistakes because they teach you how to improve

1st class FREE!

People willing to play baseball I am ready to give coaching for all

My teaching method is any type that I want to tell I will be able to tell you that way

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Cricket is my passion and therefore have chosen to make career in the field which I am interested.

I love dealing with childrens and handle them by their way gracefully. Mixing up with them helps me to work with them very smoothly and efficiently. Can handle the students effectively in class room as well as on the ground also.

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An outdoor sports enthusiast with an unbridled passion to pass on knowledge to young children

To help young children get the basics right and help them develop holistically. To embody them with a sense of sportsmanship. Teaching them through creative and fun exercises and sessions.

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Student Pursuing company Secretary (cs executive) and gives tution on company accounts

It depends on the reaction according to the class and I adapt myself according to the crowd to whom am teaching.

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Basketball is very enthusiasm game ever.hardwork and samrtness need to play this game.

My teaching method is Simple. Students must konw the rules,keyswords,signs etc. Never stops. Try harder and harder.you will win definitely.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

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1st class FREE!

Jaldi socho achha socho uncha socho... Or aage badte jao. My Best wishes with all students

My teaching method is solution with simple method and i based my class on weak point of student and solution his problem

1st class FREE!

Baseball & Cricket: Fitness and Skills to improve instantly with the Magic of latest Sensor Technoloy.

I will be focusing on fitness and skills using new sensor technology which can improve your game instantly. Learn how to get more bat lag in your swing and max your bat speed at impact. Increase your chances of success by developing lightning-quick hands to get your bat in the hitting zone sooner. Build a short and compact swing that allows you to see the ball longer and swing at better pitches.

1st class FREE!

Tuition in American Football. Quickly understand the game or expand game knowledge. Online via Skype or in person in Cologne.

I'll explain the game to you as you need it. Whether you want to know more about the NFL teams or the game itself, you decide. I prepare you for the next football night with friends, where you want to shine with expert knowledge or explain the game from the ground up. If you want to make bets and need expert advice, I'll help you there as well.

Moreland Hills
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Student at CU Boulder - Avid basketball player and coach willing to teach!

I would love to teach basketball in a plethora of ways.

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