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CPL holder with knowledge of all aviation subjects. Will also provide counselling for prospective fliers.

Will provide classes for Technical General, Meteorology, Navigation (general), Radio Aids, Regulations and RTR. Will also provide general counselling for students looking to make a career in the aviation industry.

New Delhi
Anoop kishore
1st class FREE!

Students who wish to join Aviation Industry in Delhi. I have 35 years of experience in teaching Aviation Management.

My teaching method is thru Slide Show, Videos related to the subject, Quiz and interaction during the sessions. Classes would be right from the students to the top level. Every participant has different of level of capacity and capability.

Rajendra kumar
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An Aviation Expert With 30 Years Experience Shares Knowledge With the Enthusiasts

My methodology is classroom, pictorial, animated/ computer based tutoring and practical. I believe in dialogue and total pupil participation in the process of teaching/imparting knowledge. I have to adjust and modulate my level as per the knowledge level of the pupils.

Satya sai baba reddy
1st class FREE!

Diploma student who got recently got hired in indigo wants to tutor

I believe that teaching with fun and with practically gives students more interest and information about the topics.

1st class FREE!

I teach Aviation subjects at PPL,CPL and ATPL level. Learn from Air Navigation, Aircraft Performance from Aviation Lecturer of Massey University New Zealand

I conduct one to one classes on specific topics in Air Navigation, Heavy Aircraft Performance, Avionics, Instrumentation ,etc for pilots and would be pilots appearing for PPL,CPL or ALTP exams. I would be conducting the classes on Skype . Since I currently stay in New Zealand I am always free during the daytime in India as it is evening at the same time over here.

C p raj
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Airport Handling, Customer Care, Ramp Management, Check In Procedures, Passenger Handling, Passengers with Disability, Cargo, Check In Procedures.

My teaching techniques would be structured lessons. The timings are flexible. The classes are essentially for those who desire to make a career in the exciting world of Airport Operations. After the training, the students would be able to acquire adequate knowledge to start their career in an Airline with Job Knowledge, Skills and Confidence.

1st class FREE!

Experienced Flight Instructor can give classes for people pursuing Commercial Pilots License

My methodology is purely based on experience. Also I am a very practical person, so I try to make the student visualise and make sure he/she understands the concept rather than just studying it from a exam point of view.

1st class FREE!

General Aviation subjects, practical flying and aviation advice. I am available on line only

I am an aviation professional with decent flying experience on turbo prop and jet aircraft. I have over 5000 hours of flying and presently flying Hawker 900 XP. I have keen interest in all activities related with flight, flight safety and economics related with aviation.

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Civil Flying pilot exam training for professional exam Navigation Air law Met Inst Avionics

Qualified flying instructor holding a civil Airline Transport Licence . Will coach and guide u for pilot exams. Along with material in soft copy. Can Skype for one v one councelling.

1st class FREE!

Classes for Basic Aviation, First Aid, Emergency Procedures onboard, Interview skills.

I focus on Introducing subject to students and explained that with real examples and make sure they understand the topic

1st class FREE!

I’m a trainee pilot in the best aviation school in India. Willing to teach anything related to the field of aviation

I teach By assuming that my student has no idea about the topic and is learning about it for the first time

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Professional coaching in all subjects related to student,private, commercial pilot license .

I give complete coaching for commercial pilot license as well as any subject or topic related to commercial pilot license

1st class FREE!

Aviation is a fastest growing industry. I help you guys to reach your dream to be part of aviation industry

My teaching method is i provide students as well a theory knowelege an experience knoweldge so they will be able to understand the field and they will get an clear idea

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SEP instructor with a leading airline, giving training to people interested in becoming Flight Attendants/ Cabin Crew.

My teaching method are inline with the topics which are recognised by DGCA India, IATA which include PPT and notes to make the content user friendly.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Student of RICA will teach you great knowledge in Aviation and management subject

My teaching will be based on classes and getting knowledge through books, colleagues..and aviation staffs ...

1st class FREE!

Aerospace Engineer of 4 years with Aerospace Engineering degree. Also trainee commercial pilot.

I am able to be flexible to anyone's needs. One way is to teach examples of concepts through case studies and analogies. I am also keen on drawing pictures/diagrams to help explain things. I've also got experience of 'the business side of things'.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Aviation student offering lessons on the basics of flying light fixed wing aircraft.

I like to teach through a visual way. I have many airplane mocks that I teach my students with and they enjoy it.

1st class FREE!

Commercial pilot offering aviation ground school lessons from PPL to CPL and the relevant ratings

My teaching method is very hands on, I like to use a lot of real world examples so that my students with appreciate these lesson in their real world application. I like to use images and my passed experience in my aviation lessons.

1st class FREE!

Airline Pilot to Tutor student Pilots for PPL/CPL/ATPL Groundschool EASA UK Subjects

You must be actively enrolled with a formal groundschool. I will work with you on your troubled areas to help you understand through one on one tuition. This can be web based using the 2way interactive whiteboard and camera or face to face.

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