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Student of English Honours, DU gives tuitions in English comprehension and writing to anyone who is interested.

In learner-centered methods, the teacher/instructor is both a teacher and a learner at the same time. In the words of Lawrence Stenhouse, the teacher plays a dual role as a learner as well “so that in his classroom extends rather than constricts his intellectual horizons”. The teacher also learns new things every day which he/she didn’t know in the process of teaching.

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Why be scared of the English language in Kerala let us overcome

My teaching method is an inductive method. The concepts would be summarised about at first then the examples would be given for better understanding and an explanation would be provided in brief. After the explanation, the students would be given questions to solve.

New Town
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Looking forward to contributing intuitive knowledge and skills to middle school abd high school students on English curriculum which would help them in both short and long term.

I approach my students with a well thought out plan which will bring out their understanding level better. My first approach is to test them on their skills and proceed with them on their comfort level. My teaching method is based on their understanding. I teach from the both, books and give ample real life relatable examples for students to understand.

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Do you want to read like an English man ?Search no further

Practice makes it perfect. So I prefer students to aim for the stars. Until they are confident about what has been taught to them, I would not venture into the next new lesson. Every child is unique. I would be happy to bring out their hidden talents given a chance.

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Keep fit along with study.As a physical education teacher i give instructions to fit beside subject knowledge.

Doing by learning, Topic related Story (Dramatic) making for cover slybus and to realise topics. Paralal opportunity for every body.

Zadid al
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I will teach English to the students from Primary to Secondary remotely

Apart from the Inductive and deductive method, there are some other methods through which I can provide my teaching, such as-- Streaming video platforms Live chats, individually or course-wide Web conferencing tools Telephone availability.

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I am a student of English literature and giving classes to student who want to remove phobia of English.

My teaching method is not so traditional and i believe that traditional method is not so perfect in today's culture.

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Exceed coaching academy is one of the best coaching institutes in Bangalore, having state of art, fully air conditioned class rooms. The lecturers /tutors in Exceed coaching academy are highly qualifi

Exceed coaching academy is one of the best coaching institutes in Bangalore, having state of art, fully air conditioned class rooms. The lecturers /tutors in Exceed coaching academy are highly qualified /experienced with post graduate degrees in Engineering/Management/Commerce/Medicine (M.

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I hate hindi i love commarce ,econamics ,english telugu and realational data base system

i love teaching for students iam fround of it that il give home work regularly for them to improve they writing and knowledge and il give some assignments and projects works for them we can come to know that who is good

New Delhi
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1st class FREE!

I am an amazing teacher and a novelist and I love me

My teaching method is practical I make students do what they need to learn Because when we do practical we never forget

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We make student just not to learn n write but to describe themselves in a unique attitude.

I m the kind of teacher who not believe in beating n scolding I want to makes them learn ask they want to make it learn complicated but easy.

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Student of Du... Studied cbse board and interesting in teaching as well..

My teaching method is i will cover all the topics and start with a base that will help to strong that you have read.....

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Study the History of the Ancient Greek and its achievements in various fields

My teaching method is based on practical examples related in day to day affairs and on its previous knowledge

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Student of Psychology in St. Mira's college in Pune, has done various internships.

My teaching method is dramatic effect teaching and interactive sessions with the learners and students.

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Attorney at law teaching Comprehensive English and Literature from Middle to High School

My teaching method is simple: Nurture. Literature is all about expression which flows at free will. Although grammar is tricky for kids and I will be stern when I need to be. Discipline is an important aspect of life and education.

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Post-graduate from GGSIPU, teaching English language and literature from classes 10th to 12th.

My teaching method is easy yet effective, I approach a text based on its social context covering the era at large giving a brief overview of the time and situating it in the historical context to make it easy for the students to get a wholesome idea of the text and I aim at providing elaborate notes for the purpose of revision and entertain unique ideas from the students.

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A highly passionate, hardworking English teacher with a focus on literature and grammar, willing to work hard

I basically try to indulge student in the class by making in interesting and give them a vision that what would be the positive outcomes of their per day hard work, I focus more on grammar and vocabulary which is an infrastructure of any language and literature.

New Delhi
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M.Phil student gives English and literature lessons to secondary school students and higher levels in New Delhi

I have completed my M.phil in English literature and give lessons of English and literature to secondary level school students and higher levels. I also give lessons in history and civics to middle and secondary level school students. My area of expertise is in classical literature, The Romantics and modern British literature.

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Tuitions for all subjects, all boards, upto 12th std is given Here

My teaching method is by giving personal attention to all the students ... First i explain the chapter then i tell then to read the chapter if any doubt is there or not...

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Study to get success in your life with full efforts of need

My teaching mehod is good and different from other try once for your success in the subjects and get your high grades

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University Professor in Canada helping international students aspiring to come to Canada

If you are planning to come to Canada as a student, I will train you in the craft of writing academic papers. This is an aspect of university/college education where most of the Indian students struggle and they end up failing or getting very low grades in courses. If you master this craft, you will achieve higher grades in all your subjects.

Oklahoma City
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Certified Teacher-Afterschool help Primary Reading, One on One help with afterschool work

BA in Elementary Education, MA in Theatre Education. Experienced in primary grades in reading, writing and math. One on one helps bring the reading level to grade and more. I use the three modalities of learning: visual, aural, and kinsthetic.

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A highly experienced professor offers Latin and Italian lessons at all levels in Rome

Hello! I am a professor of letters who has been teaching for many years Italian grammar and literature, Latin and Greek.

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French, latin and ancient greek lessons, for French and English speaking persons

Hello. I am French and I live in Asnieres, in the surburbs of Paris. I practice home tutoring in French, latin and greek to teenagers and to foreign adults, both from personal and for professional needs. I can also give lessons via my webcam.

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Online Tuition in Latin, Ancient Greek and Classics / Classical Studies from Classics PhD graduate with 10+ years teaching experience.

My name is Déborah, I have an Msc and a PhD in Classics from Edinburgh University. I started tutoring while I was working on my PhD, and never stopped! I can prepare students for all Scottish and English exams, up to the BA. I also have experience helping students work on their Post-Graduate dissertation.

Central Cambridge
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Mature Classics graduate offers Ancient Greek tuition in Cambridge area - or online if preferred

I try and see things from the student’s point of view when explaining things. I think it is important to have a variety of activities in a tutorial, and for the tutor to be a good listener as well as good at communicating, prompting and explaining. I try to make tuition sessions an enjoyable as well as helpful experience. I like to encourage students to achieve the highest standards they can.

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Young Professor offers lessons in Italian, Latin, ancient Greek, History, Geography, Philosophy and English in Milan

I am a young 27-year-old teacher, graduated in Classical Letters with 110 / praise. I also obtained the Advanced Certificate in June 2016, attesting the level c1 in the knowledge of English. I propose frontal and individual lessons, with particular attention to the specific needs of students.

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1st class FREE!

Published JD/PhD candidate at the University of Toronto/UCLA offering help with academic writing, standardized tests (ACT, SAT) and Ancient Greek in the greater Toronto area.

My teaching methodology is simple: I treat every student as an individual with entirely unique needs. Hence, all of my sessions are student-driven. In order to best accomplish this, I conduct a thorough phone assessment prior to the first session to create an individualized study plan that will best meet the present desires and needs of my clients.

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David - Abingdon - Classics

Welcome! A freelance tutor and singer, I give "Personal tuition in the right key". I can help you get the highest grades in exams, and study in the "key" that best suits you. Like the right song choices, I often inspire my students to succeed.

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