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Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Higher Secondary School
  • Class 12
  • Adult education
  • Undergraduate

Excellent coaching made Maths subject so easy to understand and score centum


1) I am a first class graduate in Mathematics and fellow chartered accountant from India. I have also completed M.Phil in Finance management.

2) Skype or Whatsapp or Viber will be used to communicate with students

3) Instructions will be provided step by step for easy understanding of Maths.


I have been giving classes for this subject nearly 20 years. I have normally handled 20 students at a time in tutorial classes and 60 students at a time in lecture classes. So far I have taught 4000 students and 60% of them got the grades A-, A and A+.


Transportation Fee : ₹200
Rate for online classes : ₹300/hr
Rate for 5 hours of classes : ₹1,000
Rate for 10 hours of classes : ₹2,000
Classes offered by Abdul Nasser
In group
The classes will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Higher Secondary School
  • Class 12
  • Adult education
  • Undergraduate

Abdul Nasser's CV

Curriculum Vitae

Name : Abdul Nasser A
Address : House#2, Phase-II, Wood Creek County, Nandambakkam, St. Thomas
Mount, Chennai-600016, India, Residence Ph. (concealed information)248
Contact details: H/P + 91-(concealed information) Email: (concealed information)
Nationality : India
Religion : Islam
Date of Birth : 11-05-1957
Passport no. : Z-2430232 dated 26-12-2012 Issued at Kuala Lumpur
Skype ID : nasserramnad

I am an Indian Fellow Chartered Accountant with 18 years industry experience from India and 19 years tertiary teaching experience from Malaysia currently looking for a suitable academic position. I am a first class graduate in mathematics and have also completed my M.Phil degree in finance management.

Work History& Experience:

University Technology MARA, Malaysia 26th Aug.1994-26th Nov.2013
This is the largest Malaysian Government University.
Associate Professor, Faculty of Accountancy
• Teaching under graduate and post graduate accounting students and guiding them during their practical training and project work
• Teaching ACCA and CIMA professional accounting students
• Course coordinator for subjects Management Accounting, Auditing and Financial Accounting
• Coordinator for supervising students during their (i) industrial visit and (ii) training at audit firms and companies
• Subjects taught ( i) Financial Accounting (ii) Strategic Management (iii) Finance Management (iv) Corporate Finance (v) Cost Accounting (vi) Management Accounting (vii) Advanced Auditing and Assurance (viii) Performance Management (ix) Operational Costing
• Worked as a facilitator on deputation for Advanced Auditing and Assurance subject to trainee auditors at Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Kuala Lumpur
• Visiting faculty for corporate finance, accounting for managers and strategic management subjects to MBA program students in University of Derby, UK at their Kuala Lumpur Campus
Reason for Leaving: Normally, expatriates in Malaysia Government essential sectors are allowed
to Work for a maximum period of 10 years. But, in my case, they specially allowed me to work
Continuously for 19 years and 3 months on contract basis.
Modern Food Industries India (Ltd), Bangalore, India 1st Aug.1983-7th Feb.1994
This is the largest Food Product processing company in India owned by the Indian Government
Asst. Accounts Manager- Accounts cum Administrative Department
Responsible for followings
• Preparation of functional, master and capital budgets monthly and annually
• Costing: Weekly and monthly products’ costing, pricing, and yield, defective percentage and capacity utilization reports
• Monthly operating statement and MIS report, and annual financial statements to BOD
• Monthly surplus fund transfer to corporate office at New Delhi
• Liaising with internal auditor, external auditors, Commercial tax authorities and income-tax authorities
Reason for leaving: Better Prospects

Omega Cables Ltd., Chennai, India 1st Aug. 1979-5th Aug1982
This is the largest Southern Indian cable manufacturing company
Finance Manager Trainee
• Assisting internal and external auditors
• Preparation of annual financial statements and revenue and capital budgets
• Preparation of monthly performance reports and costing reports
• Arranging for LC with banks and clearing documents for imported raw materials
• Arranging for bank overdraft and long term loans
Reason for leaving: Training completed
K.Venkateswaran&Co, Madurai, India 5th Jul.1976-4th Jul.1979
This is a small chartered accountants audit firm in India
Audit Executive
• Audit of manufacturing and trading companies
• Preparation and submission of income tax returns for clients
Reason for leaving: Training completed
• MS word, Power point and accounting and payroll packages
• Excel worksheet applications for special programming viz. budgeting, costing etc.
• Ranking of companies’ WCM performance using CFO Europe and REL Consultancy Model
• Annual financial reporting
• Analyze the financial performance to suggest recommendation for improvement
• Balanced Score card, SWOT analysis, TQM and Annual Budget reporting
• Finance and accounting industry researches
• Punctual for duty and used to take leave very rarely
• Attended nearly 100 workshops and seminars on IT and Research and development
Educational Qualifications:
• Chartered Accountancy, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi May 1993
• B.Sc. (Mathematics), Madurai-Kamaraj University, India, April 1976
• M.Phil (Finance Management) Multimedia University, Malaysia, July 2008
Membership in Professional Bodies
• Fellow Chartered Accountant no. 203083 Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Sep. 1993
• Chartered Accountant no.20041 Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Sep. 2002
Project Leader for Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation (MOSTI) Malaysia, Grants awarded:
• Duration of Auditor Client Relationship in Malaysia, Grant Amount RM9, 983/, From 01-06-02to31-08-2003
• The relationship between aggressive working capital financing method and the performance in working capital management in Malaysian construction companies, Grant Amount RM 9870/, from 01-06-2004 to 31-03-2006
• An investigation of performance in working capital management, Grant Amount RM15, 000, from 01-07-2007 to 31-12-2010
• Impact of working capital management on the profitability of Shariah Properties Firms listed on the Bursa Malaysia, Grant Amount RM 10,000, from 01-07-2012 to 30-09-2013
• Determinants of working capital management performance of the Asia-Pacific region based airlines, Grant Amount RM 6,000/, from 01-07-2012 to 30-10-2013

Research Articles presented in conferences and Seminars
• “Scientific estimation for more realistic budgeting using operational research and statistical analysis techniques- Present Trend”, National Accounting Seminar, Shah Alam, Malaysia, 26-27 July 1995
• “Corporate Governance- New Dimensions in the New Millennium”, Academic Conference-VI, Cherating, Malaysia, 5th May 2002
• “Working Capital Management in Malaysian Consumer Product Companies”, International Conference 2002 – Internet Economy and Business, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 18th Sept.2002
• “Duration of Auditor and Client Relationship in Malaysia”, Seminar CSSR 2004, Kuching, Malaysia, 19th and 20th May 2004
• “Working Capital Management in Malaysian Construction Companies”, National Conference on Accounting & Finance 2004, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 23rd and 24th August 2004
• “E-Commerce on the move- Malaysian Scenario”, International Conference on E-Commerce 2005, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 10th and 11th Jan. 2005
• “The Relationship between the aggressive method of working capital financing and performance of working capital management in Malaysian construction Companies”, IRDC sponsored seminar, Segamat, Malaysia, 14th Sep. 2005
• “The Case of Working Capital management in Malaysia Airlines System Bhd”, Academic Conference 2007, Port Dickson Malaysia, 16th to 18th Mar. 2007
• “Benchmarking working capital management Performance between Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia and Qantas”, International Accounting Business Conference 2008, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 18th and 19th Aug. 2008
• “Working Capital Management and Performance Reporting”, International Accounting Business Conference 2008, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 18th and 19th Aug. 2008
• “Low Cost Airlines: A sustainable Business Model”, 2ndInternational Accounting and Business Conference 2011, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 16th and 17th February 2011
• “Working Capital Management Performance in Malaysian Listed Firms”, The 2012 International Conference on Governance and Accountability, Sarawak, Malaysia, 15th to18 th February 2012
• “Impact of Working Capital Practices on the Profitability”, Terengganu International Business and Economic Conference 2012, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, 18th to 20th October2012
• “An Analysis of Industry-wise Working Capital Management Performance”, 3rd International Accounting& Business Conference 2013, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 23rd & 24th April 2013
Details of Research Articles published
• “An Analysis of Competitiveness of Malaysia Airlines System Berhad [MAS]- A Strategic Management Approach”, Jurnal Akademik, ISSN 1511-9300 JLD 5 , UiTM Johor, Jan-Jun 2005
• “Forces in M-Commerce as a Business Strategy: A Case Study of Celcom(M) Bhd”, Jurnal Akademik,ISSN 1511-9300 JLD 6 No.1, June 2006
• “Auditor client relationship: the case of audit tenure and auditor switching in Malaysia”, Managerial Auditing Journal, ISBN (concealed information), Vol-21 No.7, Emerald Publishers, UK, July 2006
• “The Case of Audit Tenure in Malaysia”, Accountants today, ISSN 1394-1763 Vol-19 No.11, Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Nov. 2006
• “Working Capital Management Performance in Malaysia Airlines System Bhd.”, Accountants today, ISSN 1394-1763 Vol-20 No.5, Malaysian Institute of Accountants, May 2007
• “Balanced Scorecard: a tool for sustainability”, Accountants today, ISSN 1394-1763 Vol-21 No.3, Malaysian Institute of Accountants, March 2008,
• “The critical success factors in E-Channels”, Jurnal Akademik, ISSN 1511-9300 Jld 8, UiTM Johor, 2008
• “Value Creation Strategy for Sustainability”, Accountants today”, ISSN 1394-1763 Vol-22 No.1, Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Jan. 2009
• “Working capital management performance in Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines ad Qantas”, Social and Management Research Journal, ISSN 1675-7017 Vol.7 No.1, UiTM, June 2010
• “Working Capital Management”, The Chartered Accountants Journal, ISSN 0009-188X, Vol.59, No.4, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, October 2010
• “Working capital management of firms listed on the Bursa Malaysia”, Social and Management Research Journal, ISSN 1675-7017 Vol.9 No.1, UiTM, June 2012
Details of MBA dissertation supervised: (University of Derby, UK Program, at Kuala Lumpur Campus)
• “A Study on Working Capital Management Performance in Malaysian Technology Industry”-
Student name – Ava Saffinaz Binti Che Ani- Completed 2012
• “Financial market risk management: The case of commodity and forex markets”. - Student name – Nwaeme Chamberline Chinka- Completed 2012
• “The Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsement in Nigeria”- Student name-Murphy Onnvae-Completed 2012
• “Management and Operations of Indian SMEs in Indian Textile Industry: selected case Studies”- Student name –Muhammed Thoufeeque- Completed 2013
• “Project financing for roads and bridges in a developing country: Bangladesh”- Student name –Divya Arumugam- Completed 2013
• “The impact of the 2009 recession on Malaysian Corporations: Reasons and Implications”-Student name –Eng Moi Hiong- Completed 2013
• “New Basel III capital requirements-The prospective impact on Malaysian Banks- Student Name-Loke Chee Keen- Completed 2013. Completed 2013
• “Debt maturity and capital structure determinants: Evidence of listed Malaysian firms”. Student name- Isabella Raniee Silvester- Completed 2013
• “Factors affecting investor’s decision making in capital market” –Student name-Suresh Kumar- Completed 2013
• “Financial issues faced by SME’s in Kwabre district of Ghana”. - Student name- Kritika Verma- Completed 2013.

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