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A Business Professional with 5+ years of Communication Experience. Who loves to help students and professionals for personality development. Book Reader, Blogger and a Columnist in Newspaper.

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My sessions are Interactive and in stress free environment. I like to give my students a chance to explain and share their thoughts with the class. I approach every topic in detail with various examples supporting to it. My classes can benefit to any student from classes 10th and above. Because of my friendly approach students talk to me freely and share.


  • Positive thinking
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
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    Life coaching

    Personal development

    Public Speaking


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About Gaurang

I am a business professional working in communication industry since 2012. I have experience in Corporate and MNC's. I am a Soft Skills and Communication Trainer for Graduates and PG students since last 2 years. I give seminars and trainings to students in subjects like Stress Management, Time Management, Personality Development, Communication Techniques, etc. I also give life coaching.



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