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  • Positive thinking
  • Personal coaching
  • Stress management
  • Life coaching
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Asian Games Medalist , NIS Trained Coach , Stress Management Guru From Thrissur, Kerala


I prefer one to one teaching methodology. Knowing the student is of primary importance before any training needs to be started and effective solutions advised.

Classes can be for anyone above class 5 to post graduate students also.


I, O L Thomas, do bring along with me, more than 53 years of experience in Sports & Fitness primarily Athletics. This vast experience was gained in working with prestigious Institutions viz. Indian Airforce, Tata Motors & SAIL.
Thou as a youngster I always loved playing football and dreamt of representing India for the same, I quickly moved into athletics after playing for the Air force Station team in spite being the top scorer.
It is through Athletics, that I was able to achieve my dream to represent and win for India. I had the privilege of representing India in the 6th Asian Games Bangkok, 1970 and won the bronze medal for 4 X 100 meters relay. I again represented the country in the Asian Track & Field meet Tokyo, 1979 and won another bronze medal in the same event with a national record.
In a long span of 15 years, I have represented India, Services, various states, Tata Motors, SAIL and won more than 51 national medals, a rare feat and the only person to do it after Milkha Singh.
As my active years as Sportsman grew to an end , I went on to do my NS NIS Diploma Coaching course in Athletics , so that I could achieve my dream to win an Olympic Medal for India thru my students. In a role that existed 18 years, as Senior Coach, I was able to produce Junior Level athletes in hammer throw, jumps, middle & long distance runners including marathon. These athletes were produced at grass root level with no facilities whatsoever. Most of these students are now employed with Indian Army, Railways, Police and other government institutions.
During my entire career, I have written various articles and publications on Sports & Fitness, authored a Malayalam sports novel, an English book on history of Indian Sports & facts. I am currently working on a movie script on sports. I use to conduct stress management workshops for senior management during my career and continue to do so for banks, corporate & MBA colleges even after retirement. I currently run a free club for the elderly with approx 700 members in Kerala focusing on health and fitness.
It’s always been my dream to get India an Olympic Medal in Athletics. A dream which still persists .If given a chance I am willing to put my various years of experience and knowledge in fulfilling the dream. I am looking forward from Organizations, Institutions & Individuals who share the same dream like me.
Hoping for my dream to come true.


Rate for 5 hours of classes : ₹4,000
Rate for 10 hours of classes : ₹8,000


If a full day program needs to be done it is a 10am to 6 pm schedule , wherein drop and pick up will be needed . It goes without saying that Tea , Snacks ,Lunch is a must

Classes offered by Thomas
In group
The classes will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Positive thinking
  • Personal coaching
  • Stress management
  • Life coaching
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Professional
  • For children

Thomas's CV

Life Achievements:
• Bronze Medal Winner, 4 X 100 M. Relay, 6th Asian Games, Bangkok, 1970
• Bronze Medal Winner, 4 X 100 M. Relay, 3rd Asian Track & Field Championships, Tokyo, 1979
• 51 National Medals winner
• “Fastest Man in India” Title winner, 1968-1970
Professional Experience
Retired Corporate Trainer March 2006 – Present

Roles / Responsibilities / Achievements
Corporate Trainer
• Conduct Stress Management Workshops for South Indian Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, Dhanalakshmi Bank
• Conduct Stress Management Workshops for various Professional Colleges in Pune & Kerala
• Conduct Stress Management Workshops for Clubs, Societies, Churches
• Of a Free club for the elderly called Fun Fitness Friendship Club. (FFF Club)
• Emphasis is on Health, Fitness, and Laughter.
• Aim to combat obesity, loneliness & various health problems by exercise.
• Current strength 700 members and counting
Author / Actor /Script Writer
• Wrote 350 pages book called “Save Sports, Save India, Save the world” awaiting publishing.
• Acted in two Malayalam movies.
• Currently writing a movie script to be completed soon based on sports & FFF club.
IISCO Sports Officer 1975 – 2006

Roles / Responsibilities / Achievements
• Represented Bengal & Steel Plants Sports Control Board (SPSB) in various national events and won many medals.
• Authored a sports novel in Malayalam called Dhaaham , 1981
• Won Bronze Medal for 4 X100 meters relay in 3rd Asian Track & Field championship, Tokyo 1979.( National Record )
• Won many medals for West Bengal State.
• Part of East Bengal Club team and instrumental in getting the championship for East Bengal Club.
• Rare sprinter to represent India at the age of 34 and competed with 5 different generations of sprinters.

Senior Coach
• Completed Diploma in Coaching Athletics, from NS-NIS, Kolkata in 1983.
• Started taking stress management classes for Senior Management in IISCO.
• Part of Management Training Program
• Author to many stress management / fitness articles for in house magazines , IISCO News & SAIL News, Souvenirs for Inter Steel & Inter Mine
• Grass root level training of kids in various athletic events taking personal interest.
• Produced National Level / State Level Junior Athletes.
• Successfully coached eligible candidates for National Defense Academy / Indian Military Academy.
• Part of Steel Plants Sports Control Board coaching & officiating team.
• Deputed to coach tribals and was successful in winning the Inter Mines Games
Sports Officer
• In charge of Sports Office Administration for IISCO
• In charge for 16 disciplines inter steel competitions for all steel plants under steel authority of India.
• Planning of various sports events all thru the calendar year.
• In charge of maintain all Track & Field as per national & international standard.
• In charge Purchase & Inventory for the sports department.
• Training of students and wards of employees.
• Knowledge Transfer to various junior coaches.
• Facilitated by Managing Director, for my various international & national medals representing West Bengal & IISCO.
• Awarded “Best Athlete of West Bengal “by Journalists Association of West Bengal. Award given by Chief Minster , Late Jyoti Basu
TATA Motors Senior Supervisor 1972 – 1975
Roles / Responsibilities / Achievements
• Represented India in First Asian Track & Field in Manila , 1973
• All Tata Sports individual champion , Mumbai 1972
• Represented Bihar and Won medals for the state.
• Individual Champion 1972 for Telco.
Indian Air Force Leading Aircraft Man 1964 - 1972

Roles / Responsibilities / Achievements
• Played football for various Football teams for Air force Stations. (Tambaram, Hashimara, Chandigarh).
• Top Scorer for Inter Wing Football Championship in Palam Air force Station, New Delhi
• Became Air force Champion in Athletics.
• Became Champion for Services in Athletics ( Army, Air force , Navy )
• Became the fastest man of India 1968-1970
• Won Bronze Medal for 4 x 100 M Relay in 6th Asian Games ,Bangkok ( National Record )
• Came 6th in 100 M final in 6th Asian Games, Bangkok
• Won various medals from Nationals , Services ,Air force
• Awarded best Athlete Award by Felid Marshal Sam Manekshaw, 1968
• Received commendation from Air Chief Marshal P C Lal for becoming the fastest man of India , 1970

Breakup of 51 National Medals (1967 -1981)
Gold Silver Bronze
20 16 15

• Events Participated: 100 M, 200 M, 400 M, 4x 100 M, 4 x 400 M
Best Timings / Distance
• 100 M : 10.4 s, NS-NIS Patiala , (Olympic trials, 1972)
• 200 M : 21.3 s, NS-NIS Patiala , (Olympic Trials , 1972 )
• 400 M : 47.3 s, NS-NIS Patiala Time Trial, 1976
• Triple Jump : 15.17 M, Tata Motors Jamshedpur, 1972
Educational Qualifications
• Indian Air force Technical Training: Flight Engine Mechanic
• Diploma in Athletic Coaching, NS-NIS Kolkata
Languages Known
• English / Hindi / Malayalam / Tamil ( Fluent )
• Bengali / Punjabi ( Basic )
Newspaper / Publications
• “ The Thinking Athlete “ by Times of India, New Delhi, 1976
• Coverage by Malayalam Manoroma & Mathrubhumi
• Front page coverage by Ananda Bazaar Patrika ,1968
Personal Details
• Date of Birth: 13th March, 1946
• Marital Status : Married
• Sex : Male
• LinkedIn : linkedin.com/in/thomas-o-l-bb7bb199

O. L. Thomas
11 April 2018

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