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Singing Lessons in Lucknow

Singing is one of the most ancient forms of art. Like cave paintings, music is considered to have evolved from the early days of human civilization. The urge to express love, pathos, delight, and other emotions musically led to the origin of singing. The ballads composed and sung by the Troubadours in medieval Europe are some of the oldest records of songs.

Origin of Song/Singing

In India, the origin of songs can be stretched back to the ancient chants and hymns of the Vedic Age. In fact, song as an integrated form of art has been discussed in detail in Veda. The Western counterpart of the Hindu chants is carols, choirs and other religious canticles, predominantly sung in churches. Western classical music evolved from church music during the Baroque period.

Similarly, the older versions of so-called songs for the masses in India included devotional songs based on classical ragas. Since then, the song has come a long way, crossing the barriers of different eras, undergoing minor to massive changes, extracting inspiration from other cultures.

Although the recorded history of songs walks a long way back, the archived history is not that ancient. In this particular aspect, the song is deeply indebted to movies. Since the introduction and rising popularity of talkies, songs started to contribute fervently to the movies.

Singing in the Later periods

The sound recording system got better by the late 1930s which allowed early recording companies such as HMV to record voices of many stalwarts of that time including Rabindranath Tagore, Ustad Bade Gulam Ali Khan Sahab, Pankaj Mullick and many other contemporary artists. Above all, film songs, modern songs and mainstream songs started to gain more and more popularity which attracted commoners to take up singing as a profession.

The early days of singing have seen various Gharanas.

Lucknow was the centre of Indian classical songs and the city holds the prestige of being the confluence of many Gharanas. As a matter of fact, the last Nawab of Lucknow, Wajid Ali Shah was a composer and singer himself. He is attributed to be the first Indian to compose an entire opera.

Therefore, Lucknow always holds a special place in the heart of singers and song connoisseurs. The city still carries the legacy forward with utmost pride and unalloyed integrity. To become a successful singer in Lucknow is no less than becoming a veteran actor in Hollywood.

Singing Can Redefine Your Life

Among all art forms, singing is closest to everyone’s heart. One has to be an expert to value the artistic endeavours of a painter, one must know the techniques to understand the depth of a photographic frame, but everyone can feel the emotion expressed through songs.

Moreover, songs are an extremely fine blend of poetry and music. When great poetry marries impeccable musical countenances, one hardly thinks about the nitty-gritties of singing. In an interview with Lata Mangeskar, the great singer Kishore Kumar said that song is something that oozes out of the artist’s heart and thus it touches other people quite easily.

Here, we will discuss some aspects of taking singing lessons with sincerity-

Take the Legacy Forward

Very few people get to play a significant role in carrying forward the cultural legacy of a nation. As a singer, you can be the torch-bearer of India’s rich tradition of songs and music. There are various genres of songs such as classical, contemporary, devotional, mainstream, folk etc. Each genre has its own specialty.

First, you need to understand which genre of songs is closest to your heart. It doesn’t matter whether you are classically trained for conventional vocal recitals or you are singing folk songs, you should always take pride in the fact that you are the one who is carrying the legacy forward. This approach will change your attitude towards life as well. It will make you more sincere, honest and virtuous.

Make Others Happy

Once again, singers are a very rare breed of artists who can actually make many people smile and dance together. How often do we play our favourite songs at parties, social gatherings or informal events? Even in religious places, songs are played to enhance the sanctity of the sanctuary.

The only reason is that songs have an extremely deep impact on the collective awareness of the people. You as a singer can bring a smile to many people, can make others nostalgic, can give the lovers a medium of expression, and can soothe a wounded mind.

Massive Exposure

Singing has always grabbed the limelight of the masses. Think of the programmes related to singing you come across on television channels; you certainly remember the names of the singers, you clap for or boo at them. Have you hardly noticed the musical hands? Can you recall the names?

Unless you are a famous virtuoso, it is tough to get exposure as an instrumentalist. But singing definitely gives you the exposure that you yearn for.

Refine your Voice with the Assistance of Suitable Tutors from Superprof

Singing is a challenging task. One has to be gifted with a flexible voice. If not, then he or she must work hard to train the voice to become a singer. In both cases, you need to seek the guidance of a veteran master. Singing is a form of art that invariably requires individual coaching. You can learn the basics of singing in a group but we also value that you want to excel as an individual.

With web series such as Bandish Bandits on Amazon Prime, The Disciple on Netflix, the younger generation is becoming more aware of and interested in singing. Superprof understands the trend and values the conviction of each individual. It thus brings you the perfect solution to put an end to your pursuit of a suitable music teacher.

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