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Want To Be A Singer in India? Learn The Basics About Singing

Reputation Of Singing In India

The music industry in India has always been in the bloom. Since the 1970s the craze for music and singers has never been put to a slowdown. As the market for singing is ever-expanding the career prospects for a student of singing are immense.

Considered one of the highly sophisticated cultural art, singing is well esteemed by all the communities of India. Though one of the common myths regarding singing has been that it is an inherited gift. To some extent, it is true that vocal physiognomy does play a contributing part in it. However, the most important thing about learning the art of singing is to be in practice from as early as possible.

There are numerous career options in singing which act as an incentive to many beginners for pursuing this art in a dedicated way. Earlier, it was a common perception in India that cultural arts like singing or dancing are good but one should rather dabble in them or pursue a career in it as a side hobby. It was never considered by the average middle-class parents in India to make their kids devote themselves to singing only. 

Times have significantly changed now, Indian parents are getting aware of the lucrative career prospects to be had from signing. This is one of the reasons why more and more children are being enrolled in singing institutions or are appointed a singing teacher.

Career Opportunities In Singing In India

One of the first questions which emerge in the mind of any Indian individual is what are the career options in any given field. With something like singing, it is all the more important that their doubts or even misconceptions are cleared from the onset. Following are some of the career options one can pursue if they have a good grasp on the art of singing.

Singing Teacher

One of the most apparent things to do with a singing qualification is to become a singing teacher yourself. There are many parents who want their kid to be a good singer if not career-wise at least as a vocation. A singing teacher is what they will be looking for who can give the basics or beginning lessons to their children.

You can teach an individual student as a part-time job or can pursue a full-fledged singing class with a batch of students. Either way, you are going to make use of your learning in singing.

Playback Singer

The booming music industry is always on the lookout for fresh talents. As a playback singer, you can give your voice to both Bollywood or regional cinema or even go for an album of your own. Though the competition for a playback singer might be tight the market is wide enough to incorporate a large number of singers. With the right perseverance, you will stand a decent chance to land yourself a career as a playback singer.

Youtube Channel

One of the best ways to bring your talent to the world is to use open online platforms and communities. Youtube is one such great platform. Many people have become celebrities overnight on youtube. You can open a Youtube platform for yourself and if all goes well you too will reach a considerable audience who will appreciate your talent.

Things Beginners In Singing Should Keep In Mind  

Not everything can be put to the dependence of a teacher. There are certain things you would do well to keep practising on your own at home. 

Keeping Vocal Health

Your voice is everything if you are aspiring to be a singer. Knowing about what is and is not good for the vocal cord is one of your first priorities. You should keep a proper diet, avoid smoking and get proper sleep.

Just like an instrument has to be maintained and cleaned regularly to make its quality optimum your vocal cord also needs the same kind of care. A lack of discipline might prove highly damaging to your singing career.

Practising Regularly

A regular practise or riyaz is a must to keep the efficiency of your voice in the rhythm. The proverb practice makes a man perfect is also applicable in the case of singing. The more you practise the better you will be able to catch up with various nuances as well as making it easy for you to change the tones and pitch of your voice as and when required.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing plays a key part in singing. How well you are able to control or channelize your breathing is a quality that will determine your potential as a singer. Just like other aspects of singing, breathing control can also be learned through training. There are many breathing exercises and tips for singing which you will get online. Utilize them to your requirements so that the best can be made of it. 

Music Theory

Music is a rich field replete with many terms and theories. If your ambition is to be a singer you should get yourself a handbook of singing which will make you familiar with many theories and terminologies of music. These terms will help you understand music all the better.

For instance, what is tone or pitch and what are the different ragas are some of the things you should have proper knowledge of.  

Try Different Genres

In order to understand what your forte in music is it is best to go through different genres of music. From rock to ghazals, you should give time to each form of music in order to understand which form of singing you are most compatible with.

Not that you cannot learn any form of music but there are certain inexplicable factors that will attract you to one or two particular genres.

Finding A Tutor At Superprof India

One of the hurdles you will face to get yourself a singing teacher is to find him or her. There might be acquaintances who will give you contacts of music teachers but it might not suit your taste and will also be time consuming.

With the help of an online platform like Superprof, you can get yourself a singing teacher without difficulty. All you have to do is type search for singing at Superprof and the list of teachers in your vicinity will be provided to you.

You can choose the teacher of your choice based on the fee they take and their qualification which will be mentioned in their profile. You can also communicate with them through the same portal. Thus, Superprof is the stepping stone for you to begin your career in singing with the right guide.