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Looking For A Career In Poetry in New Delhi? Find Everything About It At Once

Poetry is one of the oldest art forms in the world. Long before prose made its way into the world of literature, poetry (oral poetry in the earliest) was there from the beginning. In modern times, the values or aesthetic qualities are not the only things one can derive from poetry. From a career perspective, learning the art of poetry and about poetry can turn out to be highly lucrative.

New Delhi hosts some of the most reputed colleges and universities in India. One can argue that the best place to study arts in general and poetry, in particular, is New Delhi. Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jamia Millia Islamia are amongst the most prestigious institutions in the country. Therefore, the overall atmosphere which New Delhi provides for a career in poetry is quite ripe here.

Pursuing Poetry As A Career

English is one of the sought after languages in India. To be living in a metropolitan city like New Delhi also comes under the category of a higher standard of living. A strong knowledge, therefore, of poetry is an indication that not only one has a good grasp of the English language but also bears a certain aura of wisdom and culture.

Poetry is an integral part of the language curriculum. If, for instance, an individual is pursuing BA in English literature from Delhi University, he or she will also have to cover certain poets in their syllabus. This makes poetry an integral part of studying literature in any language.

Career Prospects In Poetry

One might come across people who think reading poetry will come to no practical use and therefore should only be pursued for pleasure. There is more myth to this statement than reality.

While it is certainly true that reading or writing poetry provides aesthetic pleasure but it is by no means true that nothing practical can come of it. There are quite a number of career prospects you can choose from if you harbour an interest in poetry.

Teacher or Professor

With a good command of poetry, you can become a school teacher or college professor. Language groups are mandatory in every field of academic study up to graduation. Hence, poetry covers an important portion of the language subject.

If you are good at poetry, you teach your students the thematic interpretations of the poems, about the poet who wrote them and also the cultural significance of a poem.

Remember, teaching poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea. One needs to have an insightful understanding of poets and their way of writing in order to bring out both overt and hidden meanings from a poem. Therefore, you will enjoy considerable demand if you are good with poetry.


There are many literary journals and magazines which regularly or periodically publish writings from various contributors. New Delhi is ripe with such firms both online and offline. For these writings to be published they have to undergo the process of editing and even proofreading. You can also apply to these firms as a proofreader or editor.

Established or Freelancer Poet

If you find in yourself the knack for writing poems you can also write your own poems and get them published. Poems can be published in both book formats as a collection of a poem or individually in various journals or magazines.  

Thus, with a proper understanding of poetry, you can become a poet yourself and contribute to the literary canon as had your great predecessors.

Creative Writing

You can also take creative writing classes where you can teach many aspiring poets about how to write poetry in a proper manner and what technicalities are to be kept in mind for a specific type of poem. With the emergency of many online literary platforms, the demand for creative writing is only going to soar in the coming times.

Important Things To Know About Poetry

Studying poetry is not just about rhyming words and picking any poem at random. Poetry too comes with its own history and periods. There are also many terminologies associated with the art of poetry. You would do well to keep some of these aspects in mind.

Famous Poets

One of the most important things about studying poetry is to get oneself familiar with great poets and their works. If you are pursuing English Literature, for instance, you must read works of writers like William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, John Keats, Lord Alfred Tennyson, T.S. Eliot, etc. These are not the only writers to be read but they are some of the biggest names as far as English poetry is concerned.

Almost in every syllabus of poetry, one would come across a poem at least from any of these poets. So it becomes indispensable to read them.

Types of Poems

Structurally, poems are of many different types. While Shakespeare mainly wrote sonnets, Keats was known for his Odes and Eliot for his blank verse. You ought to learn about what are some of the most common forms of poems. Identifying the type of poem you are reading will help you understand a lot about the subject matter of the poem.

For instance, a sonnet generally deals with the subject of love whereas an ode is a lyric poem on a particular topic.

Elements in Poetry

Many elements come into play in constituting a poem. Rhythm, diction, imagery, allegory, simile, metaphor, meter, the figure of speech, alliteration etc. Getting familiar with these terminologies will help you understand the poem all the better. Also, the familiarity with these terms will even help you in writing a poem or in teaching others how to write.

Finding Poetry Teacher With Superprof India

The rush in New Delhi about all sorts of coaching classes and private tuitions might leave you bewildered. Poetry is one subject that is best taught in an atmosphere of quiet and peace. Finding a teacher for poetry, therefore, might seem a tad bit difficult or time-consuming.

With the aid of Superprof, however, things have taken a smooth turn. Superprof is an online platform where you can log in as a student (as well as a teacher). Superprof enables you to select a tutor of your choice for the subject you want to study. All the relevant information about a tutor is duly given in their profile whether it be their qualification or fee.

Therefore, it becomes quite easy to find a poetry teacher for yourself through Superprof. To add icing to the cake, if you wish to teach poetry you can make a profile for yourself at Superprof as well. 

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