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Want Your Child To Become A Pianist? Learn The Basics And Merits Of Playing Piano

“Music is a higher revelation than philosophy”

So said one of the greatest pianists of all time, Ludwig Van Beethoven. It is true indeed that the music emanating from the piano is perhaps the most mellifluous of all. Some of the greatest music composers in the history of music have been pianists. Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and Schubert are some of the names whose names are written in golden letters in the history of music.

From this one can imagine what profound history piano carries with it. Learning piano, therefore, would not only be an illustrious vocation to boast about but will also get you familiar with some of the greatest pieces of music ever composed.

If your child is interested in music and you want him or her to get properly educated about it, a piano is a great option to start with. Not only will lessons in piano teach your kid to be enhanced in his knowledge of music but may even turn out to be highly beneficial in his career. No matter which part of India you belong to, if you have given considerable time and exposure to your child for learning piano he will be ready to explore the various career options in music later in his life.

Career Opportunities From Playing Piano

In India, a career in music is not something parents usually go after for their kids. Science and Commerce remain the most popular streams to tune into one’s future. But one should look for the children and the natural appetite they show for a particular vocation.

Besides, the music industry offers ample scope and opportunity for growth in both the artistic and financial ways. Few apparent options which always remain for a pianist are as follows:

Music Teacher

Teaching music is the foremost thing that comes to mind when you think of what to do with your vocation in the immediate run. Being a teacher of music is a respectable occupation as it provides you with the opportunity of not only teaching others the beauty of the music but also keeps you in the world of learning. You never go stagnant as a teacher. It is one of the most rewarding fields of occupation as it brings not only money but also mental peace and satisfaction.

Your child can either become a private music teacher or join a school or other music institution. With the means of communication and technology getting better each day, the demand for music will also reach a wider section.

Committing To Youtube

In our times Youtube is a word one comes across almost daily. It has become a prime source of entertainment for all smartphone users and for good reasons. It is on the open and free online platform where you can upload your own videos to the world.  

If you think your child is showing potential in his piano lessons, you can open a Youtube channel for him or maybe he himself can later. There will not come any harm by maintaining a youtube channel as a hobby. In fact, if things go well your child might become the next popular celebrity on Youtube and even get paid for his videos by Youtube.

Event Pianist

Many music or cultural seminars look for a pianist for a rendition in their programme. Using your skills for events such as these will be a positive break from an everyday hectic schedule. Also, playing in front of a number of people will also boost self-confidence.

Music Therapist

One of the emerging branches of music is music therapy. It is a recognised and certified profession where music is used as cognitive therapy for patients who are suffering from depression, anxiety and other forms of mental difficulties.  

Your child can, therefore, aspire to become a music therapist where he can literally heal people in both spiritual and physical ways.

Benefits Of Learning Piano: Why Should One Learn Piano?

While the career options are sufficient enough to choose from, learning piano also comes with numerous benefits which can be immensely helpful to your child.

Relaxation From Stress

An immense load of the syllabus from school has left students psychologically exhausted. Such academic pressure from a sensitive age of childhood can cause further damage in the later years in the mental health of the child.

Music is one way out. The mellifluous effect of piano helps in relieving stress to a great deal. Your child can improve his hands in music as well as get himself soothed after the tiring day at school.

Enhances Concentration

Concentration is one of the key ingredients in the growth of a child’s IQ. One of the immediate benefits of playing the piano is that it helps in improving the concentration of the player. This will lead your child to focus better on his studies and thereby will improve his overall academic performance.

Improves Perseverance

Learning any new music will require great patience and practise. Your kid might find it trying at the beginning but gradually he will imbibe the quality of perseverance. Perseverance will not only help in learning music lessons better but will also provide him with the opportunity of tackling many practical problems in life which demand patience.

Piano Teacher On Superprof India

As playing piano is a complex art and requires proper knowledge of music, it is necessary to appoint a qualified music teacher for your kid. Finding a music teacher with a specialization in a particular instrument you are specifically looking for might make it difficult for you to find him. To overcome this time-consuming hurdle, Superprof comes as a great alternative.

A website to find teachers of all subjects, Superprof provides you with a categorised list of teachers for a specialization you are looking for. The only thing you have to do is enter the subject name and the city you are from in the search section. The search result will come up with the names of the teachers who teach the given subject (piano, in this instance) in the city you are from.

Superprof also provides a host of other information such as the fee of the teacher, the duration he will be teaching, his methodology of teaching and his overall qualification. With these benefits from Superprof, you will find it much convenient to appoint a piano teacher for your child and gradually see him become a pianist.