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Want To Learn Piano In India? Avail The Best Classes For Beginners In India

There are plenty of instruments in the world that create melodious music, but only a few enjoy global domination in the industry. The piano is one of those fewest music-making devices that every person desires to get their hands on. India has generated many famous Pianists like Satyajit Prabhu, Stephen Devassy, Gayatri Nair, Alokananda Dasgupta, etc. who have earned immense fame and name across the world. The success of these people has influenced many young minds and music lovers to learn the piano.

You would be amazed to know that piano was invented by the Italians in the early 17th century. It was termed “pianoforte” which means soft and loud. Thus, the piano can produce both soft and loud music with a lot of variations. From traditional pianos to modern electrical ones, this instrument has been modified in many forms with its authenticity intact. If you have the passion to learn playing the piano, there are numerous options available in India. You can find the best-trained pianists across the country to help you in acquiring the skill. To start with, you must know the various types of piano that are available in the Indian and international markets.

Different Types of Piano | Know More About Pianos

For learning a musical instrument you must possess some basic knowledge about its design and types. Although the structure and elements of every piano are different, the keys and sound composition is more or less the same. There are 84 keys on the piano keyboard, out of which 52 are white and 36 are black keys which are shorter in size. The categories and sub-categories of these beloved instruments are divided into 11 types.

  • Grand Pianos

A grand piano is the greatest piece of luxury and pride for every pianist. Its grandeur and exquisite design make it a desirable possession. It is crafted by fine artists which makes it so appealing to the audience. The frame and strings of grand pianos are horizontal. The price tag of this instrument is pretty much high owing to its world-class craftsmanship. Many melodies and tunes can only be produced in the grand piano, which is why pianists use them in concerts.

  • Upright or Vertical Pianos

An upright piano is the compact and more portable version of the grand ones. The only difference is that its strings and frame are vertical in order. This type is most commonly available in the market. You will be able to feel the difference between the grand and vertical pianos when you hit the keys. The upright pianos are available in the market at affordable prices.

  • The Toy Piano

The toy pianos were invented by the Americans in the 19th century. These instruments are made with metal rods rather than strings. The piano is merely a keyboard with no grandeur or stands. It is suitable only for casual learning. So, if you wish to learn playing the instrument professionally, opt for any category of upright or grand type.

  • Digital Pianos

The digital pianos are a complete replica of the traditional ones. Some pianists may debate this fact as per the prevailing theory that the digital ones are just mere electronic keyboards. Nonetheless, this digital version of the instrument can successfully replicate the tunes of the traditional type with a slight variation. As a beginner, you may try this one as it is convenient to store and easy to get hands-on.

  • Console Pianos

The console pianos are the most stylish and compact variant of the upright piano. You can buy one of these at a very reasonable rate. These are the most high-quality version of the instrument and learners find it very easy to move their hands on the keys. You can opt for this one if you have enough space in your house.

  • Snipet Pianos

The snipets are the smallest style of piano that falls under the upright version. If you are buying a piano for your children or if storage is a point of concern for you, then the snipet is the perfect choice for you. The keyboard is comparatively half the size of the traditional ones making it easily accessible.

  • Medium And Baby Grand Pianos

The medium and baby grand pianos are like the middle and smallest child of the grand piano. The prices are also different and so is the size of the two. If you have a special place in your heart for the grand design, you may opt for any of these two keeping your affordability and storage capacity in check.

  • Studio Pianos

As the name suggests, the studio pianos are apt for music studios of professional pianists. The size of the studio variant is fairly large as the average dimension is 43” and 47”. Although it is not appropriate for a beginner, you can keep this on your bucket list if you wish to take it as a profession someday.

  • Parlor And Concert Grand Pianos

The parlor and concert versions of the grand pianos are the most antic and unique pieces of the instrument. The standard size of the parlor grand is 7’ and 7’6 while that of the concert is 10’ and 10’5. The humongous size of these pianos makes them suitable for churches or museums only.

Get Online Piano Teachers With Superprof India

If you are passionate about learning the piano, you can find the best classes in your city. The few top institutes of the country include the Arya Institue of Performing Arts, The Calcutta Institute of Music, KM Music Conservatory, etc. In case you do not stay near any of these music schools, avail online classes. Numerous pianists are registered with Superprof who provide the best learning experience to the aspirants.

Superprof provides well-qualified and trained professionals to the students who love the comfort and convenience of online classes. You can also register yourself with the platform and search for potential pianists who are providing online service. Superprof also allows you to avail the initial class free of cost so you can examine the teaching capability of your preferred online tutor. There are no hidden charges for registration. Go get your piano lessons from the best in the field irrespective of your geographical location in the country.