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On Superprof, there are currently 151 piano instructors offering lessons in Bengaluru.


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In Bengaluru and the surrounding areas, there are 151 private piano teachers available to teach private class


To find a private piano teacher, check out their cv to find out more information about their course offering. Our piano instructors cover all types of music from classical to jazz to pop.


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💻 Is it possible to take piano lessons online?

On Superprof, you can learn to play the piano online with a private tutor. Whether you are a complete beginner or playing at an advanced level, our tutors can help you.

Many of our piano tutors also offer private online tuition. Around 80% of the private teachers on Superprof offer piano classes via webcam and most of them give their first lessons free!

To find the available online classes, just enter your subject criteria into the search engine and select the webcam filter to see the available teachers who are currently offering online classes in your desired subject.

Online classes via Skype offer you more benefits. You can plan your classes to fit around your schedule and online lessons are often less expensive as the teacher does not need to travel.

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💸 How pricey are piano lessons per hour in Bengaluru and the surrounding areas?

On average piano instructors charge ₹851 for piano class in Bengaluru.

The cost for piano lessons will differ depending on:

  • the experience of your piano instructor
  • the location of your piano classes (online or the student's home)
  • the number of lessons you want to take and the duration of each lesson
  • the goal of your piano classes. Eg are you taking a practical exam or learning for fun?

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🎧 What equipment should I get before taking piano classes with a private tutor?

The first thing you need to do is obviously to buy a piano.

The cost of a new piano can sometimes intimidate beginners. If this is the case, you can rent a piano to use until you feel ready to purchase your own piano.

Depending on the type of piano you want to play, you may also need to buy:

  • books/apps to help you practice at home
  • a piano stool
  • a metronome
  • piano cover
  • an effects pedal

Certain piano accessories are not required in order for you to learn the piano. Don't hesitate to ask your piano teacher for advice on what accessories you should buy in order to play the music you want to.

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✓ What age can you learn Piano in Bengaluru?

According to a study, the best age to start piano lessons is typically between the ages of 6 and 9-years-old.

Hence, it becomes even more important to purchase the best piano for yourself. In your music classes, you are taught that practice makes you perfect but if you practice on a piano that may not suit you, you might not learn as quick as you think.

Here are the top Piano's in India you can purchase:

  •  Casio CT-S200RD 61-Keys Portable Keyboard
  • Casio CT-S300 Casiotone 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard
  • Casio’s SA-77 44
  • Yamaha PSRF51 61-Keys Portable Keyboard
  • Yamaha PSR-E-363 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard

In India, Yamaha and Casio manufacture the best Piano's and most of these pianos are suitable for kids and even professionals.

Advice from a Piano teacher on Superprof -

Casio CT-S200RD 61-Keys Portable Keyboard and Yamaha PSRF51 61-Keys Portable Keyboard are the best keyboards in the market.

Key facts:

  • Casio’s SA-77 44: Can be bought for your kids, best keyboard in the market.
  • Yamaha PSRF51 61-Keys Portable Keyboard: The most selling Yamaha piano in the market.

Where can you buy these Pianos?

Most good pianos can be bought from Amazon India and Flipkart. And, can cost between ₹9,195 to ₹12,000.

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Looking For Piano Lessons In Bangalore?

The introduction to the world was in 1709 in Italy by Mr Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori. The reason behind the creation of this musical instrument was to build a harpsichord device that can easily play both loud and soft noises. To understand more about the inception of the piano and its functioning, let us look at some fun facts about this musical instrument below-

  • The original piano which was invented in 1709 is still available for viewing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
  • The initial name for this musical instrument was pianoforte, which when broken down, means soft (piano) and loud (forte) musical noises.
  • The black and white keys on a piano are 88 in number.
  • The structure of a piano consists of 12,000 different parts, out of which approximately 10,000 are actively in motion when the piano is put to action.
  • In India, the youngest ever pianist to win an American reality show in 2019 was Lydian Nadhaswaram, at the age of 13 years.
  • Out of all the pianos available in the world, the largest piano ever made weighs approximately 1.4 tons and is about 5.7 m long.
  • As far as the string tension is concerned, every individual string on a piano holds approximately 168 pounds of tension, and on average, one standard piano has 18-20 tons of total tension.

Benefits Of Learning Piano

There is no prerequisite required to be able to learn piano at any given time and age. Just like any other musical instrument, even the piano has so many different benefits you can avail yourself once you begin your journey to learn the art and nitty-gritty is involved with the instrument. To understand better, let us look at some top mental and physical benefits of learning piano for every gender group and age range.

Prevents Memory and Hearing Loss

With age, the auditory skills and signals begin to deteriorate. However, with the help of regular piano lessons, you can slow down the speed of the client by improving your overall memory and hearing ability greatly.

Improves Creative Thinking

According to research on brain functionality in a pianist, it is noted that when a piano player is in action mode, his brain starts firing off different unique conceptualised sound ideas and styles to introduce in the next music set.

Encourages Discipline

For musical instruments like the piano, being disciplined and having patience is highly necessary. With proper discipline, you basically manage to improve your overall brain functionality, improving your concentration and focus levels significantly. Moreover, it also adds to building up a higher level of patience to keep up with unlimited practice sessions to improve your skills.

Enhances Hand-Eye Coordination

It is very obvious that in order to play the piano, you need to have a proper hand to eye concentration to ensure the music set you are playing is well aligned. However, this is a quality that can only be achieved with regular practice.

Helps With Anxiety And Stress

Lastly, you are well aware that music as a whole is said to be a mood setter or stress buster. However, given the soothing and delicate sounds and music composition of a piano is said to be a natural and direct contributor in treating stress and depression for adults.

Finding A Piano Teacher In Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most developed cities in India today. It is populated with an intellectual crowd and proactive people, who are always on the lookout for different opportunities. This is why the awareness levels and appreciation for musical instruments like a piano are very high in the city.

In order to find a piano teacher in Bangalore, you can use one of the easiest and quickest methods by signing up with an online platform like Superprof. It allows you to search for a piano teacher in your area, city, country or even globally if you are interested in online piano lessons, with just a few quick steps. All you need to do is type the course teaches you are looking for and begin exploring the different piano teacher profiles available.

Overall, there is no learning without an expert piano teacher and so when you decide to invest your time into learning a musical instrument like piano, always choose the right teacher who can meet your requirements.

So, get on Superprof today and begin your piano journey with ease and professional expertise.

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