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Painting Classes in Mumbai

As humans, we are trained to express ourselves with the bare medium of language. But according to our ancestors, Painting was used as their primary medium of communication way before any spoken language was invented. And rightly so, Painting is one of the most beneficial and therapeutic hobbies that one can incorporate into his life.

Whether it is for adults or toddler, painting helps you learn a whole new facet of life, which is playing with colours and shades according to ourselves. You see, nowadays we are so much indulged in our daily lives that we have somewhere forgotten how beautiful playing with colours is. 

Why is Painting so important for you?

  • Helps in Concentrating

Holding a brush upright to get that perfect stroke across the canvas requires a lot of precision and concentration. Painting is such an indulging activity that according to many scientific reports, it can even compensate for a type of modern-meditation practise. Plus, when you are playing with all those beautiful colours, your minds tend to release a lot of photonic-stress, which can help you concentrate better in real life. 

  • Boosts Imagination

Artists usually go through this imaginative mental block that prohibits them from creating new content. Whether you are a writer, actor or a musician, everyone goes through this phase once in their lifetime. And painting can help you open any imaginative barrier that is stopping you from reaching greatness.

  • Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Painting is one of those rare activities that help you improve your hand-eye coordination. When you imagine the image of the final product you want to draw on the paper and the process you go through to actually to reach there really helps in the skilling your hand-eye coordination.

  • Therapeutic

Many scientists have stated that painting does have therapeutic effects on the functioning of our mind and memory. An ideal example of this would be whenever you are operating the brush on the piece of canvas according to your will and imagination, there is a minor dopamine release in our brain, which leads to a sense of calmness and achievement.

  • Emotional Intelligence

As humans, emotions are a huge part of the creative world that lies inside us. But through experiences of life, we tend to hinder those valuable emotions somewhere deep within us. Painting helps in harmonising that balance which can be either Peace, Love or Sorrow. Also, painting is said to be a massive anti-depressant according to various studies by certified institutions. 

So you want to Learn Painting?

There is a very famous saying from Gautam Budh that to master a creative master, you need to have a teacher that understands you thoroughly. You can learn basic painting from anywhere, but if you want to good at it, you need to select the best medium. Below we have discussed various sources through which you can learn Paining in Mumbai.

  • Self-Learning

As mentioned above, you can only reach a certain level of greatness if you decide to be your own Guru. Painting is something that needs practice and precision with a master-eye to take out flaws and improve the lacking areas. This path may be ideal for beginners, but it’s not recommended if you are planning to be the best.

  • Through Preset Courses

There is a massive difference between learning from a tutor and learning from these preset courses. As an individual, you need guidance from someone who has reviewed your work rather than following preset rules that were made based on providing the best for a bunch of people interested in painting.

  • Painting Classes

The tried and tested method of learning painting. These classes have been the primary source of learning painting since ages. In this, you get monitored and taught by experts who have the experience to turn you into a great painter. However, due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, physical classes are not being recommended by health experts as they make you vulnerable to the disease.

  • Online Classes

Technology has its perks. And the ability to sit at your home learn the beautiful craft of painting through verified tutors is one of them. This medium is far more convenient and safe when we compare to any other viable option. Plus, you get to choose between hundreds of available classes and teachers in your city without any effort.

Painting Classes in Mumbai

The city of dreams, Mumbai is said to fulfil every individual’s passion if he or she can work towards it. And rightly so, as there are several wonderful Painting classes in your city. But choosing the best platform can be tiresome. Let us help you out!

Superporf is at your service!

Superporf is hands down the best platform to learn painting classes in Mumbai. You have the option to choose between the best painting tutors in the city, and on top of that, you can also select the length and the timing of your course. You also have the option to choose between offline and online classes.

What sets Superporf apart from others is the quality they provide. Firstly, you can customise the course according to your preference. Whether its the style of painting you like to learn, the timing of your classes and the master you choose which will help you to possess the skill of Painting. And then there is the minimal price structure. When you compare it with other online or offline platforms, you will get to the dynamic structure it offers. According to your budget, you can choose any given painting tutor.

And lastly, there is the convenience of learning from home. You don’t have to travel through the hustling and bustling streets of Mumbai to get to your favourite painting class. Instead, you can do all of this by sitting in your drawing room with your smartphone or laptop.


💸 What is the average price of Painting lessons in Mumbai?

The average price of Painting  lessons is £621.

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On Superprof, many of our Painting teachers offer online classes.

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