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In Lucknow, History teachers charge on average INR656 for History tuition.


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  • Critical thinking
  • Giving strategies to help you with your coursework
  • Reading and textual analysis
  • Help with History homework
  • Helping you to build confidence in your abilities.

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From a sample of 38 tutors, students rated their History tutors an average of 5.0 out of 5.


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Want To Learn History In Lucknow? Take Help From Private Tutors

History appears to be a very interesting subject to those who are curious to know about the past and want to learn more about changes that have taken place in society over the years. While some people are born with the interest of learning this subject, there are others who find it difficult to mug up the dates and remember the events chronologically.

To help these learners out, tutors are appointed who can make learning easy and fun. Once students are able to figure out ways to learn the events, History no longer poses a threat. In fact, students develop a passion for the subject and very often want to pursue it in their higher education.

Lucknow, a city that is culturally rich and has a glorious past, holds a greater significance in the ancient period. The history of Lucknow is not unknown to anybody but to know the details, studying the subject carefully is crucial. It is the prolonged hard work of the Historians and their research that has helped the society gain knowledge about Lucknow’s rich heritage. Therefore, the city has a lot of scope to offer to the students who are keen to study History and pursue a job in this field.

Reasons To Learn History In India

Learning about the past has always helped society prepare for a better future. For years, Historians and Archaeologists have helped a lot by making us aware of the history of our society. If these people were not present, we would never be aware of our glorious past and the changes that took place over the years.

It is the hard work of the historians that has helped us know the history and be aware of the important people who have worked towards framing our current society. History has a lot of benefits apart from just being an academic subject. It plays a major role in every individual’s life, therefore, it is a very crucial field that everybody should learn. People in Lucknow have the scope to educate themselves about history with the help of teachers so that they can work towards a better future.

Here are a few reasons that can help to understand the ways by which History plays a crucial role in everybody’s life:

Self Awareness

In order to understand ourselves better, every individual should be able to develop a sense of identity. History plays a major role in this sector as it makes the people aware of their community and country.

Respect Each Other

Apart from learning about one’s own identity, History also helps to know about every other community and country that is present. Their sacrifices and hard work are also equally important, the work of every individual helps to divulge a spirit of brotherhood and respect.

Aware Of The Changes

Every individual who digs the subject deeply has knowledge of all the changes that have taken place in society over the generations. This helps them prepare for the future keeping in mind the works that have been done in the past. 

Responsible Citizens

The subject has always promoted a sense of responsibility, patriotism, love and respect for one’s society. After learning about the history of people and society, students become self-aware and also recognize the sacrifices of others who have worked relentlessly to serve the nation and mankind as a whole. 

Learn History With Private Tutors From Superprof India

All the students who face difficulty in learning the events and find history boring, basically lack accurate guidance and support. The subject is really easy if taught in a proper way. Most people believe in mugging up the dates but that is not the solution. Understanding each event and how it took place is crucial before mugging up any fact.

To help the learners out, teachers themselves should have profound knowledge of the subject. However, finding a good teacher can be somehow tiresome as it involves a lot of experimenting. People give up at the very beginning as they are already tired of the process.

But don’t get disappointed! Superprof has helped many students find a tutor as per their requirements and assisted every learner to follow their passion. If you are in Lucknow searching for a History tutor,

Superprof is the solution. With the help of an experienced guide, any student can overcome the difficulties they face in their journey of learning. It is a teacher who helps in framing a better society by educating the present generation. It is their duty to help the students overcome the fears they face while learning a subject instead of aggravating them. Superprof has helped students to find private tutors near their area easily.

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