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💸 How expensive is economics tuition per hour in Gurugram and the surrounding areas?

The average rate of economics tuition per hour in Gurugram is INR 571.


Tutoring rates for economics lessons will differ depending on:

  • If you need Bank examinations assistance
  • the experience of your economics tutor
  • where your lessons will be (via Skype or the student's place)
  • the number of lessons and the duration of each class
  • the goal of your classes. Are you taking CBSE or HSC level economics, or maybe studying at university level. Do you need help completing coursework or preparing for exams

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613 teachers are available to give economics lessons in Gurugram and the surrounding areas.


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Students rated their economics teachers on average 5.0 out of 5 from a sample of 45 scores.


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Economics is the way you study a country's health. It is among the most important subjects for measuring how well a country is functioning and what's your role in the development of the country.

Economics is one of the toughest subjects in school. Many pupils struggle with economics throughout the school year, whether at secondary or university level. This is why additional economics support is so highly sought after.


With the help of a private economics tutor many students are able to better grasp the different principles of economics.


Take economics courses to learn more about the different economics concepts with a experienced private teacher. With the help of your tutor, now is the perfect opportunity to learn the different economics concepts more quickly.


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Economics Classes in Gurgaon

Economics is certainly one of the most challenging subjects that integrate so many other matters from history, mathematics, statistics and accounting. Economics used to be regarded as an Arts subject but recently it has been declared as a Science subject. But above all, we must have a thorough knowledge of basic economics for day-to-day existence.

Let’s take a very simple instance. With the price of fuels and gases rising up every day, we have to plan how to curtail certain costs to save more or at least maintain previous savings. Now, if your daily conveyance cost is INR 200 which used to be INR 150 before the hike in petrol and diesel, you are already spending INR 50 more on a daily basis.

But, you must compensate for this loss by incurring profit from some other place. It may be from your shopping or personal grooming cost, entirely depending on your approach.

The same goes for marketing and buying assets like houses or cars. You have to evaluate your savings and forthcoming expenses before you make a financial commitment. 

Economics for Beginners

Learning economics from a beginner’s level will help you grasp these rudimentary elements of the subject. From regular financial management to economics on a larger scale, this intriguing subject offers you a massive canvas.

World economics, Indian economics, share market, SIPs, mutual funds, and banking are some of the most frequent economics-related matters that we come across daily. However, insightful learning of economics will reveal the true picture to you of all the apparently challenging topics.

Gurugram is the city of dreams and hopes. It harbours many aspirant job seekers. Students and professionals from different parts of the country flock in numbers here in Gurugram hoping to find fortune.

Teeming with IT and other job opportunities, Gurugram never lets anyone down! You can also be a part of the success stories of Gurugram if you master the basics of economics today. The city will always have a thing or two to offer you if you are a genius in your own field!  

Career Opportunities with Economics

Economics is a subject that encompasses a vast field of studies. Data analysis, statistics, accounting, and financial history of the nation - you have so many interesting subtopics to choose from when you get to the higher studies in Economics. As a matter of fact, the subject opens multiple windows of opportunity.

Here is a brief discussion on various career opportunities that you can unlock with Economics.

  • Financial Risk Analyst

This is a highly paid designation that every private and government firm holds. Particularly private organizations that invest a lot of money in various sectors always depend on a group of expert financial risk analysts. They evaluate the current market, investment in terms of market demand and the return it will bring to the organization. It requires meticulous knowledge of the economy to do so. However, this post is highly paid for its significance and crucial contribution to the company.

  • Data Analyst and Data Scientist

Data Analysts and Data Scientists have a massive scope ahead with the Indian economic market turning around steadily. Most importantly, these posts are not endemic to any particular sector.

From Banking to Industrial Manufacturing, every sector depends on data analysis these days since it gives a real picture of various economic scenarios. You will enjoy the perks of the extravagant lifestyle of these highly paid designations if you start mastering the basics of Economics from today!

  • IAS Cadre Member

IAS is the world's toughest administrative exam. It takes a lot of skill and courage to crack IAS exams. If you are proficient in Economics, which is regarded as a difficult subject, you have a higher chance to break through.

In fact, you can become a part of Indian economics and make important decisions for the development of the nation. This is certainly a rare privilege that is hard to grab.

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