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In Coimbatore, the average price of drawing lessons is ₹536.

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Learning to draw is a favourite pastime for many people and offers a number of benefits. Did you know that learning to draw aids brain development and improves hand-eye coordination?

On Superprof you can learn to draw in whatever style interests you most. Whether you are interested in learning to draw manga characters or cartoons, illustration, life drawing, and more.

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In Coimbatore, there are 68 private drawing teachers available to teach private classes

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Students rated their drawing tutors on average 5.0 out of 5 from a sample of 8 recommendations.

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Bring out the Artist in You with Drawing lessons across Coimbatore

Planning to learn a new skill this season? If you haven't decided which one would be good, we suggest you go for drawing. While most of us think that drawing is something only the artists pursue, little do we know its benefits. It will indeed enhance your artistic skills, but apart from that, drawing can also improve your lives in various ways.


Furthermore, learning drawing has never been as easy as it is now. All you need is an adequate amount of guidance, determination, and passion for drawing. So, if you live in Coimbatore or anywhere close to the city, you have a grand opportunity to learn some artistic skills. This is because we are going to uncover the names of some institutes that give drawing lessons across Coimbatore. 


But before that, let us convince you a little more by telling you how learning drawing can benefit you in regular life. So, let's begin!

Benefits of drawing

Art is a therapy. Once you begin learning how to draw, you will be able to reap all the amazing benefits associated with this hobby.

  • Helps Improve Memory

Drawing engages the visual and motor parts of the brain leading to greater absorption of information and retaining it. So, if you find trouble dealing with remembering things, drawing may be a good idea to improve your memory. Besides, some psychologists even believe that it a better way to improve than writing is. It has been tested that children who draw words rather than simply writing them have a better memory.


Moreover, random doodling, too, helps build focus!

  • Relieves Stress

While a person gets immersed in drawing, he is likely to get de-stressed. In fact, a study also proved that almost 75% of people engaged in making arts remain way more relaxed and peaceful than other people. 


Besides, it helps people create a stronger connection with themselves and have a stronger sense of self. It certainly is a distraction from stress, anxiety, and all other negative emotions. Moreover, it sends people to a meditative, calming, and peaceful state of mind that is in itself a stress-buster.


  • Drawing Helps Improve Writing

It is said that drawing is a way of communication. While we stress kids a lot for writing, they are likely to show slow up-gradation. As a matter of fact, it is analysed that children who draw have enriched handwriting than those who don't. 


Once a person learns how to make artistic strokes, he will involuntarily improve his writing skills. 

  • A Better Way to Communicate 

Drawing is a great way to convey your emotions. A person who has and who doesn't have a better understanding of art will understand what you want to depict through the sketch. Moreover, sometimes, when a person is stressed and fails to express his emotions, drawing remains the best possible way to do so.


Attending drawing lessons across Coimbatore will also give you a better understanding of what expressions are used to deliver a certain emotion.

While You are Learning..

When you have finally decided to learn something, you need the right attitude and confidence to start with. And most importantly, don't give up if you do not show any signs of progress in the starting weeks. Learning art can be difficult and cannot be achieved in a matter of days. Always remember, patience is the key. Learn slowly and steadily.


Also, let us tell you, the concept of perfection is a myth. Besides, whatever you do, do it for yourself. If you are doing this just to receive some sweet praises, you might regret that later since not everyone will admire your art. One negative review, and you might get demotivated for the rest of your life.


Remind yourself why you started and what was your aim. All you have to do is master a few skills and practice regularly.

Drawing Lessons Across Coimbatore

Out of numerous drawing classes across Coimbatore, we have rounded up a few best-rated ones. So, enroll yourself in any of these, close to you, and enjoy building up an exciting new hobby.


  • Aart Home Painting & Drawing Class in Coimbatore
  • Art of Pencil Drawing & Matte Painting Classes
  • Excel Academy Handwriting-Drawing Class In Coimbatore 
  • Jhaya Vhelu Art Gallery & Drawing Classes
  • Kala Mandir Art School & Art Gallery for Painting's Sales 


Drawing is something that a person needs to do with the utmost silence and patience. As a result, not everyone prefers to join an institute. Moreover, if you are a bit time-conscious, you might consider travelling all the way to learn drawing a waste of time. 


Therefore, you can go with the online mode of learning. And when it comes to online learning, there is no better and reliable platform than Superprof.

How To Learn To Draw With Superprof

Superprof is a face-to-face interactive platform that offers classes for all subjects, languages, and hobbies. Anyone can easily find a drawing tutor at Superprof that fits his budget and the type of art he wishes to learn. Among thousands of qualified teachers, you can browse through all of their profiles to find out which one would be perfect for you. In their profiles, you will know the fee they charge, the particular field of expertise, and their qualifications. 


Once you find the ideal teacher, just connect and negotiate with him/her. Request for a demo class (which is free of cost) and if you liked the class, pay the fee and schedule the timing. 


Learning anything has never been this easy. At Superprof, you can also request the tutor to come to your home to teach you. What else would a student want, after all?

What do you want to learn?