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The price of drawing lessons in Bengaluru is around ₹561.


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  • the qualifications and years of teaching experience of your drawing teacher
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There are currently 741 drawing teachers available to teach drawing lessons in Bengaluru and nearby.


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Students rated their drawing tutors on average 5.0 out of 5 from a sample of 90 recommendations.


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Looking For A Drawing Teacher In Bangalore? Learn How To Find One For Yourself

Bangalore is considered the IT hub of the country. Naturally, students excelling in science and maths flock over here in large numbers. But the garden city has much more to offer than this. Drawing, for instance, as an art form can be cultivated in this city.

This is not to say that drawing is to be used only as a hobby with a prime focus on major subjects like physics or maths. On the contrary, you can use drawing as your vocation and pursue it to the end as your career goal.

This proposition would seem baffling to many as drawing is not considered a major subject by most people. Most Indian parents do not consider this art form to be highly productive. Even schools show equal prejudice towards it. But believe it or not, drawing remains an exceptional craft on its own which can bestow on you many lucrative career opportunities.

Figures like Leonardo Da Vinci have proved that drawing does not have to be limited to just imitating what the eyes can perceive objectively. Rather, it can be used to visually present outputs which can be categorised in both mathematical and artistic forms. Examples of Da Vinci and Salvadore Dali are enough to show that their creative works reflect mathematical precision and artistic surrealism respectively.

Although you can develop elementary knowledge about drawing and practice it on your own, help from the outside is a must if you want to become an expert in the subject. A drawing teacher, in this regard, can be really helpful to you. You can even enroll in a drawing school if you wish. But a private tutor would be more suitable to understand your creative faculty and work on them.

Hence, if you are interested in learning the art of drawing then you should not worry about its practical uses. Drawing will help you just as well to build a career as it will benefit you on its own.

Career Opportunities From Drawing In India

If you think that drawing is limited to private pleasure, think again! Drawing can get you a firm footing in your life. Since it encompasses the entire world as its subject, it is important to figure out the area of drawing in which you want to excel. Once you have come to terms with what you want to express through your drawing skills, you will automatically know which career option to go for.

Some of the career opportunities with drawing are as follows:

1.   Animator

You must be familiar with animated works like Tom and Jerry and Toy Story. Essentially, the blueprint for both is drawing. The creators of these shows and movies, hire drawing artists who produce requisite sketches. These sketches are then developed by computer software as animations. You can even learn the requisite skills to help yourself further. Bangalore is replete with such software animation courses.

So if you want to go into this line of work then drawing will be indispensable for you.

2.   Graphic Novelist

You can become a storyteller on your own without any media house. A graphic novelist is an artist whose medium of expression is largely visual rather than literary. You can compose your graphic novels like comic books are composed. It is a great career option to establish yourself as a writer contending in the league of Alan Moore.  

3.   Fashion Designer

The new trends and styles of clothing in the market come from the genius of fashion designers. What they basically do is create a design for a company or a client which is then emulated in the brand’s clothing. The design of clothes someone might wear a few years from now could very well be yours.

4.   Architectural Drafter

Architectural drafters are those skilled people who draw structural features of a building whether it is for public or commercial purposes. Knowledge of architecture is also required if you want to be an architectural drafter.

5.   Drawing Teacher

Nothing is better than to share what you have learned. By becoming a drawing teacher, you can help many pupils follow your path effectively. The new innovations you have brought to your skills can help you establish yourself as a successful drawing teacher.

Personal Benefits Of Drawing | Learn from A Private teacher

Apart from career opportunities, there are several benefits you can pluck out from the activity of drawing itself. Drawing has been scientifically proven to improve a person’s health, both physiologically and psychologically. Here are some of the benefits of drawing:

  • Drawing helps in improving your motor skills. Your hand and eye coordination will improve significantly if you practice drawing on a regular basis.
  • Drawing is one of the languages of expression. It gives you a new way of expressing yourself.
  • The cognitive benefit of drawing is that it increases your problem solving skills and improves concentration power.
  • Drawing releases your imaginative power to its fullest heights.

These are just some of the apparent benefits drawing can have on you and your personality. It offers way more than one can imagine.

Finding Drawing Tutors At Superprof India

Now the legitimacy of drawing as quite an important subject, both from the personal and professional point of view, has been established. The last point that remains is to figure out how to find a drawing teacher for yourself in Bangalore.

If you are presently looking for a drawing tutor in Bangalore, then look no more! You can immediately take the help of Superprof where you will find teachers for all subjects, with drawing not being an exception. By just entering the name of the subject and the city you belong to, Superprof will automatically filter the list of teachers available in your city.

This way, you will get the option to choose a drawing teacher amongst many. To help you further in the decision-making, Superprof ensures that the teachers mention relevant information pertaining to their profile such as their qualification, fee, teaching duration, etc. Based on these factors, you will be able to know which teacher would be most suitable for you.

Once you have got the drawing teacher of your choice, just delve deep into your subject and make the most of it.

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