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In Mumbai, the average cost of private AutoCAD courses is INR 681.

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In Mumbai and surrounds, 52 teachers are available to give private lessons.

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From engineers to doctors, everyone nowadays uses AutoCAD in one way or the other. Ever since this software was released, multiple variants and versions have been introduced. John Walker, along with multiple programmers, first released it in the year 1982. 

Interestingly, a previous version of AutoCAD was already created by Michael Riddle. Since then, Autodesk has been efficiently handling and modifying the pre-existing versions to provide the best features of all time. Many toolsets that include highly industry-specific features are also available along with CAD. These enable easy designing and creation of products and layouts. 

However, one might need an optimal computer system to derive the full potential of this software. If you plan to get AutoCAD training in Mumbai, you are at the right place. But before you begin your search for the right tutor, let's get some insights into this software.

What Are the Basic Steps to Learning AutoCAD?

It might seem that creating a design on AutoCAD would be difficult, but in reality, it is almost similar to drawing over the paper, only better and more accurate.

Downloading and Signing Up

Developed under Autodesk, this software is one of a kind and offers students free access for a year. Those wanting to try out a new design software can try the trial version, which is also free for about 30 days. 

In order to download this software, one has to sign up and create an Autodesk account. This software is accessible to both Mac and Windows users. The user interface in both of these may seem different but the features provided are the same. Moreover, the installation process is simple and easy.

Getting Familiar With the UI

Once you have installed the software, you will be able to access a project which can be created by clicking on the "new" option. This option will be available over the panel, which also allows you to create 2D and 3D designs and consists of:

  • Quick Access Toolbar- Used to create, open and save a project.
  • Ribbon- Contains tools and commands.
  • Command Bar- Used for entering manual commands.
  • Orientation tools- Contains View Cube and NavBar. 

Getting familiar With the Drawing Area

Once you know the UI, drawing your ideas will be easier than ever. The View Cube is the default view option in your drawing space. The orientation of the ‘draw space’ can be changed by hovering the mouse over it and clicking on the house icon, which will change the orientation to an isometric view.

The 3D Cartesian coordinate system appears in the middle of the screen to go to the desired view. 

The NavBar contains other orientation tools. There are some mouse shortcuts that can also be used to access these. Example shift key and mouse guide will help you orbit around the drawing space. Make sure you get AutoCAD training in Mumbai from an expert and learn these tricks!

2D and 3D sketching 

From Quick Access Toolbar's menu, choose "Workspace". Following this, a new option called "Drafting & Annotation" will appear and can be changed to "3D Modelling". 

Now, access to all the tools will be available. One can change the units by clicking "Drawing Utilities-> Units".

Moving and Aligning Objects 

One can easily turn a design into 3D and rotate it along the x and y axis using "3D rotate". In order to align, one can use the command "align" and select the centre of the drawing, then select the centre of a face.

Exporting Files 

To export a file from AutoCAD, all one has to do is click on "AutoCAD logo > Export > Other File Formats" and select "Lithography (*.stl)" as the file type in the file browser.

Get AutoCAD Training in Mumbai With Superprof

There are multiple other steps that are necessary for one to know before creating a design. A tutor can help you retrieve the best from AutoCAD. These tutors at Superprof can teach you in person or over the web. 

Most of these classes cost an average of 695₹/hr and reply within 1 hour of the query. If you wish to connect with these trainers, you must sign up and describe your needs. Once connected, you can easily begin with your classes. Moreover, most of these teachers also provide a free demo class, which lets you choose your best tutor.

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