It is said that everyone is a teacher, and at the same time, every single individual is also a student too. Learning has no age bar, and similarly, teaching also has no age limit. If you have ever wanted to get into any kind of online tutoring jobs, then the time is ripe. 

The 21st Century has made it super easy to help people connect with each other, and this enhanced has connectivity has made work from home convenient. 

If you are a student, professional teacher, housewife, college pass out, or even a professional from a different field, teaching is always viable. All you need is expertise in your area. Becoming an online tutor involves following a few simple steps, and you will be successful at online teaching. 

But for an amateur, it can be a bit complex. You will have to make a number of online accounts, make your own advert, learn to navigate through Social Media and a few other things. But, worry not, with this guide, you will be able to understand all these steps and make the most out of your tutoring business. 

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First things first, how to become a Private Tutor

Let us put you on the right path to a successful teaching career
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Becoming a private tutor is akin to running a home business. And in business, your clients are the most important aspects. Hence, whilst online tutoring, you need to build a good relationship with your students, as they are your clients. 

Once you have built a good trust and relationship for them, your success rates will increase, and so will your tutoring business. Moreover, if you have a good relationship with the student, it will be easier for you to develop a program tailored to suit their needs. 

In the end, it all depends on your qualification level and your authority as a teacher. The thing is that if you are teaching English without much experience and certification to show for it, you may not get that level of remuneration. This is as compared to someone who has both professional and academic portfolio. 

For a school teacher, you need to acquire a Bachelor of Education degree. But online tutoring jobs in India, do not have any such mandate. All you need to have is the required knowledge level of your subject, a passion for teaching, patience, understanding of the subject and the right kind setup. 

You can find online tutoring jobs with platforms such as Superprof, or you can also set up your own structure. And tutoring is one of the best work from home jobs that you can get. You will get the satisfaction of training a younger mind than yours and also start making money online. 

Out of all the work at home opportunities, online tutoring jobs are the best. But where can you get an adequate number of students? Well, there are a lot of students out there who are looking for a good teacher. The key is to let them find you, rather than you finding them yourself. 

This can be done either by associating with online job provider in the tutoring business. Further, you can also advertise yourself as a tutor and then get a higher number of clients. 

Tutoring doesn’t a dedicated certificate or any degree that much is clear. Still, your qualifications can play an important role in getting you a higher number of students. Learning physics from a physicist is much better than learning from a postgraduate student. The level of experience and knowledge held by either of them makes all the difference. 

Since the tutoring business is considered self-employment, you do not need to register yourself with any kind of government authority. Online tutoring jobs are hassle-free and legitimate work at home businesses that anyone can set up within a few days.

How To Find Students for your online tutoring business

Work flexibly and reach your clients wherever you may be
Online Classes are better equipped for your daily schedule and work routine. Source: Freepik

An online job as a teacher won’t be fruitful if you do not know where to find the right students. So, to do that you may need to get out there and advertise right only to gain the right connections.

Make and utilise your connections

The most illustrative way to get your name out there is social media. But the most authentic and result-oriented method is to get your connections to endorse you. These connections are the people who will talk about within their circle and get your references. For Social networks, you will need a much wider audience and promotional reviews. 

Flyers and Pamphlets for online teaching jobs in India

These methods may be old school, but they do work, especially in India. You can circle out flyers in local newspapers or even hire a couple of guys to distribute them house to house, in your region. 

School Advertising 

If you are targetting students from primary to the secondary school level, you need to advertise there too. Not all the schools will allow you to put up posters outside, but asking them can help you a lot.

Go Online 

Superprof is one such platform that will get you all the right connections without going anywhere. All you need is a laptop, high-speed internet, and a webcam. More importantly, when you are working online, you will be protected from scams, get paid well, and get the best online tutoring jobs. 

Finding the right Online tutoring jobs in India:

This isn’t s big task. All you need is a good desktop or a laptop and your own skype account to hold online classes. This will help you connect and let you work at home without even going out to find some good online jobs

It is always advisable to invest in the right equipment and tools. For internet connectivity, the tier I and tier II cities in India do have good landline connections. But when it comes to tier III cities, there exists the problem of all-round connectivity. If you are residing in a tier III city, make sure to get the best possible internet connection at your home or the place where you wish to take tutoring classes. 

That’s not all, today you have a lot of other platforms to advertise your freelancer tutoring business and get leads from there. Whatsapp is one of the biggest such platforms to do so. 

Where Can you hold these Private tutor lessons?

The best learning happens outside the classroom
Not all learning happens in the classroom! Source: Pixabay Credit: Wokandapix

Your first guess must be your own room? Well, that is correct. But do not stick to just one option when there are a lot more out there. 

For instance, an online tutor can take a seat at any library, go to museums, sit in a park, or even sit inside a cafe. And this is not enough. You can also take space in a coworking space, this is a new trend that has gained much importance in India. 

And this is not it. Your imagination is the only limit here. So, go out there, explore your city and find some good spots to teach and earn money. 

Tailor-Made lessons for your students:

As a teacher, you must know that there is no one size fits all when it comes to teaching. Even if you are teaching English online, you will still need to create lessons that are compatible with students from different classes and age groups. 

Hence, it is essential to curate lessons for students of varied age groups, educational proficiency, and understanding of the subject. One of the best ways to develop a sound understanding of your student’s requirements is to conduct a pre-class meeting with the student. This will help you know how to frame your classes and way forward. 

Moreover, if you were to ask the parents for their insights towards their expectations from their child. And what they think about his/her calibre, it will be helpful too. Work from home jobs are easier to get by, but the key is giving them justice with the right approach and tools. 

You need to have a clear understanding of what it is that the client requires and how best you can provide it. Becoming an online tutor is no less than teaching as a regular teacher. Yes, you will get the freedom of a flexible work schedule, but the responsibilities and associated conditions are the same. 

Advertisements are important too

Leverage the wide networking opportunities of online media for your tutoring business. Source: Pexels

A good advert is really important for your home business. You need the right kind of exposure for your online jobs. There are a few variables to creating a good advert. At the end of it, you need to make yourself stand out and be unique. 

Your advert has to be decorated with the right words and should provide some solution to the reader. It should be like you are here to solve their problem. Apart from this, it should have a pricing structure. You can either take an hourly fee or even get paid in monthly terms. That depends on you. 

Most of all, it should also have your contact information, and this has to be accurate. Working from home means that you cannot let your leads or potential clients dabble with several options before choosing you. Whenever they communicate or initiate contact, grab that opportunity and get working. 

Remember that your advert has to be short and attractive. Don’t write big paragraphs about how good you are. Just talk about what you can give, how you can provide it and at what expense. Be creative and think out of the box. 

What makes a Good Teacher?

“A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others” 

Mustafa Kamal Ataturk

Out of all the jobs, some people may say that teaching is the hardest. And indeed it is. You need to train another person, change his/her mindset and teach them to be a better version of themselves. 

This is something that takes a lot of patience, determination, and inner strength. The only thing that you need to be a good teacher is love. And love conquers all. Along with this, you should be a good communicator, an amazing listener and need to have a clear mind. 

That is the humane aspect of a good teacher. The professional aspects include:

  • Organization and Management skills
  • Attentive and should learn to read between the lines
  • Trustworthy
  • Empathy

So, are you ready to become a Tutor?

Of course, you are. Home based jobs such as tutoring are not hard to come by. You just need the right tools and accurate knowledge. You can either take it as a part time job or even become a teacher full time. 

At Superprof, the choice is yours, and you will get everything that you need in one place that will help you become a good teacher. We will get you sorted right away and get you the right connections.

There aren’t too many such portals that will get you hires from all across the country. And after following the above-said procedure, you can surely develop a big home business for tutoring. 

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