From major cities to tiny hamlets, there are a number of coaching centres in India. And even more, are the students who flock to these institutes of varied sizes, to level up their academic scores. However, the main reason behind this craze is that the students aspire to ace their exams in a single attempt. Besides, these scores play a big role in their admittance to the next level of education. 

In such a scenario, the tutors have a huge role to play. 

From making the student understand the basics to build revision strategies, there’s a lot that a tutor has to shoulder. 

In addition, some students may require extra attention than the others, and that’s where online teaching jobs come in. These could be in the form of one to one private tutors or for a specific bunch of kids. Either way, there are plenty of online jobs for those with requisite tutoring skills. 

What is a private tutor?

Well, that’s what this article is all about. Besides, you’ll also come to know about its importance and the skills you need to be an online tutor. Additionally, we’ll also discuss many other aspects regarding this domain of online jobs. If you are finding work, or jobs online, you’ll learn why online tutoring is one of the best work from home jobs. 

The role of adaptability in online tutor jobs

Being able to adapt to the requirements of individual kids is an art all tutors must know. Why? Because each kid has his own capabilities and needs, and a teacher must know how to get his point across. 

You must not be afraid to ask yourself whether you are following the right approach. Or if your students are able to share or seek answers to their dilemmas.

This is a great practice since in academics, there’s no right way for all the students. You must know how to alter your teaching style or the concepts so as to match the calibre of the student. Besides, those who have already mastered the art are known for their adeptness. To simplify, being flexible will help you deliver, what mainstream education can not.

Each kid has his own ways and habits of learning. And so will be their strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, online tutor jobs require to have an eye for detail. Most of the time, you will have to identify and understand their characteristics, and then strategize your teaching process accordingly.

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In case they are still not able to learn as per your expectations, it is again your prerogative to alter or enhance your teaching method.

However, once you master this trait, you’ll be known for it. Naturally, you will be in demand among parents striving to find excellent online tutors for their kids.

Why is Online Tutor Jobs In India gaining prominence?

The Indian Student and Teacher is actively leveraging the benefits of online studying. Source: Freepik

Online teaching is increasingly being counted among the top online jobs in the country. The main reason for credit is the increasing realization that quality must not be limited by physical distance. 

Besides, the more tailored the curriculum, the better rewards can be reaped by both tutors and students alike. At the same time, you must remember that this is a service, and building a strong relationship with your students is also a part of it. 

Mutual trust is another facet of online tutor jobs, which is worth your attention. It will not only help you get honest feedback for your service but also improve the tutee realize that their progress is in their own hands. 

To this avail, you just need to know more about your students in a manner that will help you tailor their classes. You may also ask them about their experiences of the day. Although without being a friend, or else they might take you for granted. In fact, face to face instructions have a whole bunch of additional perks, that will help you understand your students in an easy way.

Try and discover what they find lacking in their school education, and address what brings them to you?

This way, you can get all the guidance regarding your teaching style from the student himself. Tutor jobs are, after all, not just about hard work, but smart work. 

Tutor Jobs and the ability to alter perceptions

Anyone can become a tutor- it's all about your level of experience in a subject
Good news! You don't need any formal teaching qualifications to become a tutor ¦ source: Pixabay

The capability to alter preconceived notions is an integral part of online teaching jobs. Making someone unlearn their perceptions of themselves and start anew can equip them with limitless potential. 

Though there is no right or wrong way of teaching, this approach will only strengthen the existing skills of a student. Perhaps, it may also help them explore their unknown talents.

Cognitive coaching comes in handy, especially when you come across students who aren’t faring well in their studies. You may find that most of these students will have accepted it as the fact that they are incapable of achieving a better score. They are reluctant to put in the extra effort to realize their true potential.  

For instance, a baby elephant accepts that he cannot set himself free from chains. Even when he grows and becomes stronger, that perception doesn’t change, despite his potential to break walls and whatnot. These self-imposed limits are nothing more than that elephant chained in a zoo.

Some studies have already proved that such practices have shown great results among students. Better awareness and understanding of self can help in delivering better results. And reducing stress and peer pressure at the same time. 

Since finding the root of the problem is the first step towards the solution, cognitive coaching will help you raise the true potential of your students. 

Here are a few steps to reconstruct one’s mindset and erase negative perceptions. 

Firstly, try and put yourself in the situation of the student. Figure out how they fare in school, do they have friends, what makes them uninterested in the classroom, etc. Or what bothers them the most?

Possibly, it might be that they struggle with only some topics, while they have a good grip on others. It could be trigonometry, algebra, geometry or simply probability. However, if one student finds one topic to be easy, another may find the same to be difficult. 

Gradually, you must guide them starting with basic directions, like to be more attentive, focus on their problem areas, make notes in a different manner, etc. 

As a next step, you must build or revise a specific learning strategy for them. Introduce them to pictorial data, live examples, mnemonics, and the like. These will help them understand better and faster. 

Lastly, praising them for their efforts is key to keep them on a constant growth trajectory. Meanwhile, make sure to give genuine feedback if they need improvements. 

What qualifications do you need for Online Tutor Jobs In India?

Online teaching may not need a formal education, although subject knowledge is necessary. Source: Freepik

None really! 

Online teaching jobs need little to no specific qualifications or paid training. You could be a stay at home mom, an undergraduate, ex-servicemen, or even work part time. You might not even need to go for a formal job interview. 

However, those who are still in the graduation stage, or just passed out recently, may get preference over others. This is because they have fresh knowledge of the subjects and the examination system in India. 

Also, if you are a student, you are probably blessed with a flexible schedule, to earn extra income and be your own boss, both at the same time. Besides, you will be able to teach more than one subject. Which is surely an additional plus for being an online tutor

Things to consider while opting for Online Teaching Jobs

The most important thing to note is that you must first choose one or more subjects that you can teach. As mentioned above, you need not have a degree in that particular subject. You may pick what you are both passionate and skillful of.

For example, if you are a physics graduate, and are passionate about teaching maths. You can help many ICSE, CBSE and other state board students ace their exams. And the level of the class that you can teach depends on the level of your own subject knowledge.

Besides, if you are not into any technical subject, feel free to shell out your knowledge about other subjects, be it English or other regional languages. 

Also, being an online teacher means that you will have the comfort of teaching students from a place of your liking. it can be anything from your living room to the nearby park or even a cafe. The choice is yours.

What does a private tutor job entail? 

Private tutoring isn’t all about passing on subject knowledge. You’ll also have some additional responsibilities, with some of them listed below.

  • Supplementary support: One major reason that acts as a pull factor for private tutor jobs is the need to supplement regular school education. Many students face this need especially with respect to one or two subjects that require much attention.
  • Home Work Support: With most of the parents working, kids are left with little options when they need assistance with their homework. So a tutor can assist them with their homework and help them in being regular at school. 
  • Extra-Curricular Support: Not all students seek help for their school grades. Some might be keen on polishing their speaking skills, while others may be looking for gearing up for a competitive exam. It may surprise you, but these classes are also in high demand. 

How to fix your earnings as an online tutor?

Rates vary depending on subject, location, level of study and experience
What should you take into account when setting your price? ¦ source: Pixabay

Making money is not a headache with private tutoring in India. Most private tutors charge on an hourly basis. And to get the most out of your efforts put into teaching, make sure that you advertise yourself outside of online tutoring platforms to get more attention and exposure. However, here are a few things to weigh in before you fix your charges.

  • Subject: subjects like maths and science are usually charged higher than language courses.
  • Expertise: Your own adeptness with the subject is a major contributory factor towards your earnings. 
  • Experience: also contributes towards your coaching rates.
  • Duration of the lesson: If you are going to teach just a bunch of topics, then the rates may vary depending on the length of the lessons.
  • Students level of understanding: Some students may require extra effort to put the right information in their memory. Therefore, charging higher for additional efforts seem fair enough.

Let’s Wrap it!

To be a good tutor, you need to be adaptable and understanding of the student’s situation and mindset. By knowing his mindset, you must be able to coach him in the right direction and eliminate negativity from his thought process. 

While you don’t need any specific qualification for being a tutor, your skills and passion towards the subject and teaching is a must. Your earnings may vary depending on different factors, from the subject to the length of tutoring, and even your own ability to teach. And the best part, you get paid for gearing young minds in the right direction!

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