If you are thinking that a school teacher and a private teacher can train the students with a similar strategy, then you are entirely wrong. There is a big difference between classroom teaching and one to one private coaching or an online tutor job. 

And it is not about hard work, persistence, and intelligence. Rather, in a school curriculum teacher can work with a one-for-all solution. However, with private coaching, the teaching experience has to be different in that, the teacher has to adapt themselves as per the student’s requirements. 

And this applies to all whether you are math tutor, or teach chemistry, physics, algebra, psychology, or whatnot. The key is to make sure that you are good at what you do and have that motivation level to strike the right chord with the student. A home tutor job is very easy to come by, but you need to learn to maintain its integrity. 

For that, you will need a tailor-made strategy or courses and this guide is the perfect solution for you. So stay tuned and read ahead if you want to excel at home based private tutoring. 

Here is where to find online tutoring jobs.

Course Customization: Is it necessary for all Tutor jobs

How to deal with one-on-one private tutoring and online lessons ?
The best advice to teach effectively. Source: VisualHunt

The school teaching jobs are way easier and straightforward. The teachers only have to follow the set curriculum and they are given targets to complete the course within specified time limits. 

Following the teacher may be easy for gifted students, but for others, this speed becomes an issue. They are either reluctant or consider it embarrassing to ask questions. The lesson plans of the teacher may not necessarily change because of such students. 

That is why you will need to prepare for online teaching and make sure that you understand the student’s requirements. This calls for a custom plan and is the best method to excel at online tutoring jobs all over India. 

If you are teaching a school student or someone who wants to complete their Bachelor's degree, tailor-made courses are essential to ensure that: 

  • You are on your way to becoming the best online tutor. 
  • The tutee remains your student for long term
  • You have one of the best online teaching jobs in India. This will certainly increase your referral clientele. A number of tutoring companies can also contact for your teaching methods and give you an online teaching job with them. 
  • Achieve the paramountcy of having fun while indulging in a work at home online tutor job

But before that, you need to market yourself as a master an English tutoring. And this means that you also need to create an advertisement that can be posted on all kinds of social media channels. Marketing yourself means that you will have to showcase your best qualities within the advert and ensure that the readers find some value in it. 

Interviewing the Student before beginning your Home Tutor Job:

How can I improve a student's progress with one on one tutoring?
Going over marked exams can be useful for improving and monitoring the child’s progress in school. Source: Pexels

Yes, you need to do that. The only motive is to better understand your student’s requirements and make sure that you can confirm with them.  Work at home or online tutoring jobs require you to be efficient and proactive. 

This will help you create a good teaching plan which is right for the student and specific to his or her demands. And it does not matter which subject you are teaching. Some students want to learn native English because they want to pass TEFL and others want to score good marks in college level maths. The onus is on you to develop a good plan for them. 

Here’s how you can design the pre-course interview for your student:

Subject Discussion that you will take up for your home tutor job:

Whether the students want to learn any branch of sciences or any mathematical subject, you first need to ascertain what does the student thinks about the subject. Understand their expectations and know what they can expect from you. All of this will certainly help you identify the core issues that you need to work on from day one. 

Check their scores and homework:

What a student is doing right now, or how are they scoring in their school tests is also very essential for you. If they have scored low, ask them why do they think their score is low, ask them which are the questions in that test that they did not like or didn’t know the answer to. Also, do not forget that you also need to appreciate a student’s effort if he/she has scored well in some tests. Ask them why they scored so well in them and not in others. This will help you analyse the student’s perspective which will further help you find the right areas to focus. 

A Practice test would also be nice: 

No, this is not a test to restrict your students from joining your private tutoring. That is something the high-end tutoring companies do. A practice test of this type is a small attempt to help you understand which are the areas where the student lacks the most. 

Developing the course strategy is the first step in excelling at an online tutor job. In the next step of tutoring online, you need to identify which place is best to run your private tutoring. 

Take the parents’ help to excel at your home tutor job:

Should I work with my student's parents for peer to peer tutoring?
Working hand in hand with the student’s parents can make them advance more quickly! Source: VisualHunt

A home is said to be the first school of a kid and that is why it is essential for you to take the parent’s help in identifying the core strengths and weaknesses of a student. In a school, it is not possible for a teacher to understand every single student’s calibre and teach every one of them accordingly. 

Work from home jobs in teaching is a bit different. Here, as a tutor, you can easily know where the kid is lacking and where you need to work the most. So that in the end, your private tutoring business is always on the highest platform. 

Once you are done with the student, make sure that you conduct an interview with the parents too. The motive of doing this is: 

  • Discussion: If the student is still in school, then you can discuss the pay rate with the parents. You can also decide upon a payment method. It can be via Paypal or a direct deposit in your account. Secondly, you can also discuss what have you understood about the student from the interview. The parents will surely have some insights for you regarding their child. 
  • Explain how you will teach: This is also the moment when you can explain to the parents how you are going to teach their child. Assure them that you will help the kid catch up with other students at school and also score good marks. You need to make them believe that you are giving the best online coaching. 
  • Ask for their opinion: Well, you may be the best English teacher out there, but the parents know their child better than you. So, you should always ask the parents for their opinion and how you should go about teaching.

Create a mix and match approach for your home tutor job

How do I customise one on one classes for my students?
Just like a tailor measures their customers to make a suit, you should measure your student’s abilities in order to provide classes adapted to their learning! Source: Pixabay

The point to remember is that as a private tutor, you should always motivate your students. The kind of environment that they may want is not always feasible in schools. Nobody will motivate them or appreciate them. There are regular tests that may further pose some difficulties. 

All this is a bit burdensome for the students. That is why what you need to do is make sure that you approach the student with a mix and match approach. Give them tests for the areas in which they are good. This will motivate them. Further, when the tests are hard or of the areas in which the students are not very interested, you need to be careful not to demotivate them when the score is bad. 

For instance, if you have a bachelor as your tutee who is not very good in English. Ask him/her to start watching some TV series on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Ask them to read English dailies on a regular basis. or perhaps choose different locations for online tutoring to explain the concepts with live examples.

If you want to excel at online teaching jobs in India, you need to be smart. Make sure that you utilise all the tools at your disposal for teaching and managing your own schedule.


Work from home jobs is all the hype today in India. Students, housewives, and even salaried professionals are taking up different sorts of online jobs. Tutoring online is one of the most profitable and widespread professions today.

With some experience, subject knowledge and passion to teach already in your kitty, you need to create a custom plan for teaching. A good tailor-made plan has everything targetted towards the better growth of the student. This will work towards your online tutor advertisements.

Always keep in mind that you need to take care of the student’s basic attributes and then create a plan well suited to his or her level. As a personal tutor, the journey won’t be all that easy. But with Superprof resources and help you can easily excel at your online tutor job.

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