Time is pacing at a remarkable rate currently and will always do. This is the reason why no one has much time for any additional task apart from their regular ones. One of the job fields that has experienced a paradigm shift due to this is online tutoring jobs. It has reached to another level apart from just being on the blackboard. Lack of time has led students to totally rely on offline or online tutoring rather than parental help.

Currently, there are a lot of options for online tutors, but it becomes a bit tough to find a certified tutor. But while finding online tutoring jobs, one important aspect of one-on-one tutoring is the place where you teach someone. It doesn’t seem important but plays a great role in the overall teaching and learning experience. The individualized attention is equally important as the surroundings.

Many questions like why, how, where might be hitting in your mind right now regarding the concept of tutoring places. Hold them off as we are going to discuss all of them here in this article. Let’s Begin!!!

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Why choose some other place than at home to conduct classes in a Home Tutor Job?

Where should I tutor?
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This is the most expected question that needs attention and elaboration. To be blunt, home is not the worst place to study, all depends on the tutee. Some of the students are more comfortable at home while studying as they have access to all the requirements. In addition to this, the comfort of their own home is liked by everybody, including me. 

In some cases, home tutoring a student can be a bit tough. You might have to travel a lot to get there. Sometimes, the teaching technique used by you may not be liked by the parents of the students. In India, the tutee’s place for a home tutor job could be a bit noisy, which leads to a lack of concentration. Tutor training is not an easy field to master. Sometimes you may have to compromise a lot to become a tutor.

All the above-described factors can become a possibility of choosing a better outdoor location than the student’s home to conduct classes. Also, the outside environment adds a bit of excitement which intrigues the student to learn more. This will consequently help in enhancing academic performance and academic skills. Besides, it will help in promoting your online tutoring job.

Merits of conducting an out of the house learning session in a Tutor Job?

Coming on to the most important and stimulating aspect of the article. Most of the tutors prefer to go and teach at home or at their tutoring centres while looking for online work. Let’s dig into the various benefits of choosing an outdoor location for tutoring online or offline. 

Fresh Environment

Whether you are conducting an online tutorial or an offline tutorial, it will be advantageous to conduct it outdoors in both cases. You see, being outside your home while studying adds a bit of excitement and freshness, which triggers the mind to learn more. This will not happen in the learning centre of your own. On the other hand, the outdoor environment may also cause distraction, but you need to be cautious while choosing a location. In the case of online tutor job, assist students in choosing the location.

A novelty in tutor job

Choosing an outdoor place to study also adds novelty to the teaching regime of yours. It affects the learning capability of the student as it acts as an element of surprise in their usual boring routine. 

Improved Concentration

Online tutor job can become a bit boring as it requires constant staring at the screen of your phone or laptop. Hence, it is better to take your device outdoors and study. In this scenario, there is less probability that the student will get bored. If you choose to go to a park for studying or tutoring, it is also good as you will have various things to divert your mind for some time.

How do I organise games for one on one classes?
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The tutorial can also be fun along with informative. You just need to do is choose a good location according to the type of thing you are teaching. For example, in the case of teaching projectiles in physics, the basketball court is the best location to teach. For teaching simple numbers to a primary class kid, take him to a staircase marked with numbers. These simple methods will link the learning topic with the location and enhance the remembering capability. Having fun while doing an online or offline tutor job will always keep you engaged qualitatively.

Stress-Free mind

In some cases, the expectations of the parents from their child makes the student stressful. This not only distracts them from their learning track but also leads to some serious problems in the future. Hence, by making the student study while being away from them will boost their learning capability and also improve their study skills. 

Places to conduct tutorials in an online tutor job.

In a populous country like India, choosing an ideal place outside your house for conducting classes is a tough job. Although there are always some places in every locality where you can find a good environment. In this section, we will take a look at some of the places where you can easily and effectively conduct private tutoring with your students. Let’s begin!!


The most ideal place to study is the library. Keeping in mind the type of silence that needs to be maintained inside the library, it is an ideal place for test preparation, study for an exam or just to pen down your thoughts calmly. You can also make use of the library for test taking, homework assignments, note taking, checking assignments, test prep, online tutoring, the writing process and more.

On the other hand, for an online tutor job, the library might not be a good choice. The reason behind this is that you need to have a constant discussion about the topic. But on the positive hand, some of the libraries also have special rooms and sections that allow discussions and debates. 

The only thing that you have to know is the location of the library

Subject tutors like history, geography, and civics can get big help from the library as they have a huge inventory of books. In a nutshell, the library is a great place to study and tutor an adult as it has a calm and nurturing environment for your thoughts.

Outdoor locations

This is a bit broad topic as it includes various places to take your books, pens and other required stuffs with you. Now, apart from the library, you can choose to go to various other places. or perhaps, change locations as per your course customisation.

Online tutor job that includes tutoring of subjects like art and design can be done by tutors while being seated in the park. This will provide an awesome and better understanding of the outdoor elements of the environment as compared to just imagining it while sitting inside. Structuring and designing elements like building, shrubs, and other important aspects will be extremely easy.

Are you into the math online tutor job? Go and choose a location that is ideal for your math tutoring. The most accurate place to choose as a math tutor will be the one with shapes and angles. Take a trip into the city with your students to see the building with different shapes and angles embedded in them. This will help your students understand things well by relating them to the trip.

Anything is easier to remember and retain in mind if it is linked to a real-life event.

History and Social studies among all subjects are not liked by most of the students because of their boring timeline and the frequency of events. Schooling seems to bore secondary grade students due to these subjects. What if you link all historical events to a real-life event. Organise a trip to the museum according to the type of topic in the subject and be the best teacher of your students. While correlating the events of the past with the displayed paintings and statues of the present, your students will definitely excel in history. For this, obviously, you have to manage your own schedule.

There are many other subjects like Psychology, Anatomy and physiology which will be well understood with the help of an outdoor practical environment. Plus, the pay rate of these group or individual tutoring is more and can be received via Paypal or direct deposit.

Breathe in the fresh air for a relaxed studying session


tutoring job online
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Hosting a learning session in a cafe is also a great idea. Having a cup of coffee, along with a healthy face to face conversation with your students, will always generate the best results for academic success. It is not necessary for you to opt for the library if you want to hold a conference or discussion with your client. You can also choose a cafe for that or if you are an English teacher and conduct online English teaching. 

You can always go to a cafe and use the resources there like desktops, stationery, photocopier and internet by paying a minimal amount of money. All these resources, along with your knowledge and teaching technique, will enhance your preference among students in an online tutor job.

In a nutshell, there can be many places apart from the mentioned ones above. The quality of tutoring must only elevate with the location you choose. All you need to think about is how to bring out the confidence of your student by the art of your teaching.


In a nutshell, the idea of choosing an outdoor location for providing private tutor lessons or classes is a great one. Along with endless benefits, it will always keep the private tutors as well as the students intrigued and excited for the tutoring hour. On the other hand, it will increase the interaction of students with the outer environment as most of the students are engaged with smartphones these days. This idea will enhance student learning and tutor’s teaching experience. The idea of outdoor tutoring is expected to take both offline and online tutor jobs to another level among the other online jobs.

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