Teaching is an art that is not easy to master. You have to be creative along with just being smart to be a great tutor. Every student is unique and so is the way of their studying. If you need to teach someone, you need to adapt according to the student’s way after analyzation.

In a populous country like India, it is not easy to become a tutor. Though there are many teaching and coaching centres throughout the country for various subjects. But, for being in the top choices of the tutee, you have to think out of the box.

You have to understand the skill set of the student along with his or her lagging area. If you are successful in doing so, the rest of the tutoring experience will be easy. Here we will discuss the various qualities and aspects that an offline or online private tutor should have for the mutual benefit.

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Qualities to possess in the field of online tuition jobs in India?

If you want to be the best private tutor, you need to have a unique and powerful approach than the others. The only thing that you should concern yourself with is coordination with your student. You can achieve that by meeting the student in person and discussing the requirements of the student. A personal discussion will give a clear idea about the way you need to teach a student.

Behavioral Attributes you should possess to get online tuition jobs in India

Be Respectful

One of the best quality that you can possess for a private tutoring job is being respectful with the tutee. In the case of both offline and online tutoring, you need to communicate with your tutees in a respectful and friendly manner. This quality will help you build a positive environment and have proper collaboration with the students. Having a high trust factor in the mind of students about yourself will always land you in good books.

Be Patient

This is a psychological aspect that is mastered by very few tutors in the online tutor jobs market. Apart from having good communication skills, a tutor also needs to be extremely patient with students. In India, the behaviour of students can be a bit weird while studying, this leads them to ask multiple questions repeatedly. It can be related to their homework help or related to their examination. 

A good private tutor always controls his temper and is patient while listening to the students. Unlike adults, children have the tendency to ask every little thing while being tutored. Dealing with children is a bit tough but if understand their way, you will definitely deliver your best in your tutoring job.

Be Passionate

How do I work with my student's strengths and weaknesses?
Juggle with the strengths and weaknesses of your students to prepare tutorials adapted to their needs. Source: Freepik

Whether you work from home or you are involved in teaching at the coaching centre, if you are not passionate about your job, you can never be a good tutor. Not just online tutor jobs, any task you do, do it with passion. Like there is nothing better than that for you, you will definitely excel in that. It is not always about making extra money, it about the fact of how you enjoy doing your job. Teaching while enjoying it will always keep you happy and your students on a track of excellence.


There is nothing better than inspiring somebody to do what they doubt they can’t. A good tutor always has this quality. Not only among the tutoring jobs, if you are in any job and you can inspire people to be more. You will become an unforgettable memory of their life. Being a tutor, you should share your life experience for motivating your tutees. Share some other inspirational stories related to the subject masters. To discover more about the role of inspiration in teaching, refer to the hyperlink: Researchgate.

Professional attributes of a teacher

Have the best Intellect

How do I measure my student's progress?
Get to the point and measure the fruits of your labour and your student’s work! Source: Pixabay

The most crucial quality of being a good tutor is the level of intellect you have. The more deep knowledge you will have about the subject, the easier it will be for you to conduct private lessons. Whether you are a math tutor or an English tutor, you do freelancing or provide home based tutoring services. You need to be the best in your subject zone. 

Being the best in your subject area helps you in designing knowledgable lesson plans. Along with this, you can also find multiple techniques to deal with problems and ways to make it easily understandable.

Maintain a healthy Environment

Irrespective of the level of intellect you have, it will be a bit tough to tutor a student if you don’t have a healthy environment. And the word environment includes various things. Choosing a nurturing environment plays an essential role in the overall learning and academic success of your students. 

For maintaining a healthy environment, make sure that the student enjoys studying with you. While tutoring maths, try and make a game out of it. Like providing fun questions related to the real-life objects. Be a little funny in conversation, this keeps the student active while studying. For teaching English, whether it is offline or online English teaching, try and talk to them in English. You will be able to teach English to your students in a better way when you engage them in a similar activity like watching an English movie or show with them. This is what creating an environment means in an online tutor job. Taking a practical approach to teaching a subject will make it the best. Besides, you may also make use of different locations for online tutoring, to help the students understand the concepts in a better manner.

Be Punctual

Whether you teach online or at your tutoring centre, you have to always be on time. India is a populated country, hence, it becomes difficult to possess this quality. But the one who is dedicated to his or her tutoring job whether it is home tutoring or online tutoring will have this quality. On the other hand, being on time helps in building a good reputation for you in front of the tutee’s parents. Indian parents are most concerned about this thing. The quality of being on time is appreciated by everybody and it also gives you more time for teaching in your tutoring job.

Be a Pro

Being a professional and passionate about your student is the best quality of a teacher. Source: Freepik

One of the most essential qualities in the online tutor jobs market is professionalism. Having a professional way of talking, dressing up, dealing with matters is what puts you ahead in this competitive world. In the filed field of online teaching, being professional will earn you respect and reputation.

Be a good Communicator

The most important key to success in all kinds of tutor jobs is communication. You need to have maximum communication with the students whether you are teaching them on an hourly basis or periodic basis. Communication helps you in understanding where your tutee is lagging. Based on the subject, make changes to your communication, for example, in an English speaking class. Encourage the students to speak in English, this will boost their confidence and will help you understand them better. Communication is the crux of Online tutor jobs.

Consistency and Organization

qualities-of-a good-teacher
Your organizational skills are an important indicator of your ability to teach and grow. Source: Freepik

Online tuition jobs in India are very prevalent due to competitive exams. Hence, it has become extremely important for tutors to be consistent in their teaching regime. Some of the best online jobs of tutoring require regular interaction with the students. They also need teachers who are well organized in their daily schedule. A good tutor should possess these qualities to succeed in his or her career. Being consistent is tough, the one who masters it will always reach new heights in their career.


A good online tutor should be detail-oriented. Being able to focus on every small detail related to the expectations and requirements of the student is what makes a good tutor. Online tutor jobs are more critical in these cases as you have limited time online and need to cover every important aspect of the subject. When you teach students on per hour basis, your lectures should be precise and to the point. Being a detail-oriented tutor will help both you and your student in excelling whatever you do.


Online tutor jobs are a great way of online teaching. A person with the right skillset can do it as a part-time job and can earn money online. This is only possible if you have all the above-mentioned qualities and have a flexible schedule. Being the best in the home tutor jobs field earns you respect and reputation among students. If you possess what it takes to be an excellent tutor, the days of being on the top of the world are not far in the teaching line.

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