At Superprof India you will find the best resources and plenty of students to start your own private tutoring business. It is evident that private tutoring is indeed one of the best work from home opportunities that you can get. 

Need to kickstart your career as a home tutor? Need to know how to become a teacher? The scope of online teaching jobs is increasing every day.

The key to scaling your home jobs is the right advertising. Surely, you are not the only entrant into the niche of work from home jobs. Everyone today is aiming for a flexible work schedule and make money from home. To do that, students, stay at home moms, and professionals alike are diving into the world of online jobs.

But you are only as good as you show it to the world. Showing your skills to the world means you need to get out there and tell them who are are and what can you do for them. And this starts with making a good advert for your work from home jobs. 

Is the Home tutor Job perfect for me?

The Indian teachers are actively taking to the online mode of teaching. Source: Freepik

Yes, it is. At Superprof we always advise students, stay at home moms, and struggling artists to teach private classes and earn money online. This is one of the best methods to excel as an online tutor, earn some extra money without putting in much effort. Working at Superprof India makes online jobs seem easy due to its flexibility and policy of not charging commissions!

And the satisfaction levels of teaching a younger mind is unmatched to any other. You will be able to raise your social and financial status and will be shielded from other sorts of online jobs that are nothing more than work at home scams. 

If you are one of those people who just hate going to a 9-5 job, 5 days a week and then enjoying the weekend only to be burdened with what’s waiting for you the next Monday? Then, becoming an online tutor is the right profession for you. All you need to do is set your schedule as per the student’s requirement, gain a common understanding and you are good to go. 

The benefits of getting online tutor jobs in India are multifaceted. Financial and social stability is one thing. Other than this, you will be able to gain more experience with your subject, become passionate about teaching and also add another feather to your resume. 

So, it seems that online tutoring jobs are one of the safest, legitimate ways to make money at home. 

Creating an Awesome Advert for your Home Tutor Job:

You must have heard of the Khan Academy or even Byju’s. What are these guys doing? Sal Khan of the Khan Academy provides academic videos and Byju’s has developed an online application for studies. 

Aren’t both of these an advanced version of one to one tutoring. Where Sal Khan prepares videos and then shares them with the world, Byju helps students learn about their subject through a mobile application. 

All over the country, you will find a number of such online teachers who are keen to make money from home. And it was not like they woke up one day and saw the world watching their videos making them popular overnight. No, it all takes time and effort.

To make this possible, you need to make an amazing online advert and then market it so that it reaches the maximum audience. 

You need to develop your own presence on social media and other such channels that will get you promoted and gain a maximum audience. 

The basics of a good ad for your work from home jobs: 

A good Adverts plays an important role in getting you good clients. Source: Freepik


Good Write-up: The Web world is huge, so you need to make sure that your advertising write up is downright perfect. Most of all, you need to attract students in a manner that will help them realize the importance of hiring you as their online tutor. 

There are a number of people looking for work online, but you have got the chance to go out and look for leads yourself. If you are approaching students of lower standards like classes 1 to 5, then you need to start with the basic training and convince the parents that you will be able to help their kids learn better. 

If you are approaching students of the higher standards, then you need to write an advertisement about the problems they may be facing. In the end, you need to show that you are the solution to all of their problems. One good way of presenting this is through a smartly customised course plan

However, if you need some help advertising for your home tutor job, make sure to get Superprof’s help. We will guide you on how to build an amazing advert for any subject. Be it maths, philosophy, science, among others. 

Here’s what you shall include in your advert:

You know that even the best work from home position or any other proficient online jobs out there needs an advert that resonates with the reader. But, if words are going to do all the magic, what shall be those words:

Attributes to include in an Advert: 

Always start with your Qualification. Tutor online jobs are not that hard to come by, provided you are the right person to do it. A student looking for help in Economics will certainly search for someone who has either a Master’s level degree or a PhD in Economics. Teaching is like any online data entry job where all you need is a good typing speed and that’s it. Teaching is a profession with a higher form of responsibility. Hence, you need to make sure that you are telling the truth and not risking the future of your student. 

And a falsified portfolio is also bad for business. 

Experience comes next. Your teaching experience will assure the potential student that you know what you are doing. It is always said that experience counts, indeed it does. Even if it is a remote job or you have been employed as a teacher in the school, college or university, your client will want to know this. Experience also gives you an upper hand and will allow you to ask for a better price. A stay at home mom, who has good knowledge about a subject will get teaching online jobs on the basis of her qualifications and experience only. If you have the qualities of an ideal teacher, your experience will speak for it.

Your Location is the next thing that you need to share in your advert. Yes, the very concept of online jobs is to make money from home. But, as a teacher, you may need to sometimes pay a visit to your student or call them to your location if the need arises. Here are the best location options for online tutoring jobs.

At Superprof, we give you the option to either conduct one to one private classes or even give on-site coaching to the students. 

Other details include Price per month, Subjects that you will teach, and Contact Details. Once you have filled in all the details, you will get an amazing advertisement in your hands. And this ad will apply everywhere, be it on social media or local marketing. 

Written the Advert, now where Shall you publish it?

You need to utilise every aspect of the Internet to promote your tutoring business. Source: Freepik

Let’s move on to the next aspect of getting the most out of your online jobs as a tutor. You see, a tutoring work at home job will only be fruitful if you have enough students to teach. 

After the write-up, it is time to now time to advertise it. But where shall you do it?

Web: First and foremost, you need to find Superprof and register yourself on it. Superprof is an excellent and smart way to start your freelancing business and being to earn money at home.

You can give online lessons on Superprof and gradually gain a good status in the market. Other than Superprof, the Indian online tutor is also leveraging the power of other popular destinations like Indeed, Linkedin, and 

And once you post your adverts online with the right keywords, students looking for a teacher with those specific keywords will reach you. 

Build your own Website: Building a website today is a piece of cake. You don’t require any coding skills or have to be a designer. All you need is access to the right tools and a few good tips for building a website. 

The benefit of building a website is you can share everything that you want to with your potential student the website. Be it a freelance writer job or even a home-based business, a website is a must if you want to get the right connections and leads. 

If not a website, you can also start your own blog. Just start writing about your teaching experiences, about the subject that you are teaching, and some tips and suggestions. All of this will get you a number of leads and students. 

Social Media: Well, there is nothing better than social media channels to make new connections and advertise your stay at home jobs. Create your pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and a few other such channels to gain more ground. 

Post regularly on these channels and give attractive titles to all of them. This will get you likes', increase your outreach and let everybody about your business. 

Another aspect of social media posting sharing within the community. No everybody would like to appreciate a stay at home mom who is working as a private tutor, but those who do will surely forward your post. And that is the beauty of social media. No matter what, people love to share and create that hype. This is what you need to do, create your hype and that hype will get you leads, and more the leads higher are the chances of conversion. 

Local Advertising and Word of Mouth: Fliers and pamphlets in Indian shops are a common sight. Why are you not using it? Go to them and ask them to stick your pamphlets outside their shop. Tell them to conduct word of mouth advertising and that is how you can get even better leads. 

Word of mouth advertising is good, it will get you authentic leads and you won’t have to do much convincing. Because the word of mouth comes with an authority in itself. 

That’s it, now you have covered each and every aspect of marketing your home tutor job. If you are good at one subject, there is no need to look out for online jobs only to make money online. Become a tutor, which is by far the best type of working from home jobs that you can go for. 

What Price should you charge?

The prices you charge depend on your experience and academic expertise. Source: Freepik

The price you charge shall not be too overwhelming or too downgraded. Asking the right price depends on the subjects that you are teaching and how much experience do you have. 

Online jobs are too competitive, there are hundreds of people working in the same niche as you. Working in tutoring jobs from home does involve some level of difficulty especially in terms of accepting payments.

Students who are just looking for their home work help should not be charged that much. On the other hand, if they want training for a specific exam where you also need to work as hard as the student, there you can ask for a higher price. 

All this means that the pricing varies as per the student’s requirements and needs, so decide accordingly. 


Online tutor jobs in India have become a lot more popular than what you may think. On Superprof itself we have a huge strength of Indian tutors. Superprof is a platform every tutor who wants to earn some extra money while teaching. This is the best portal for moms, for college graduates, and even for seasoned teachers than finding online tutor jobs on the internet. 

One quick tip before we wrap it up. Do not make your CV too mundane and traditional. Add some interesting elements to it. Videos are one. At Superprof while creating your account you will first have to set it up. Fill in the important details, and when it comes to making your adverts, you can also add a video in there to attract people more and get better leads. 

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