Even though you have set up a good business of teaching kids at your home, it may happen that you have to relocate. In that scenario, it is not a good move to either dismiss all your students or transfer them to another teacher in your area. This only means bad for your business and setting up a new class wherever you relocate to won’t be easy. 

And not only this, there can be many other reasons as to why you cannot hold home tuitions. When searching for a solution, have you considered taking online classes? No?

Then you should think about doing online jobs, like teaching from the comfort of your home and earning the same revenue as you used to do before. 

Even if you managed to find the right place, will your existing students be ready to come there? Sometimes it is simply not feasible for these students to travel to some distant location. But you won’t have anything to worry about in e-tutoring. This is a great way out that will ensure you retain your existing private class and provide similar academic excellence as before. 

Now, the question arises how you can do so?

Well, don’t worry about it, because that is precisely what we are going to discuss in this article. Let’s begin:

Conduct your own research and look for Online work:

College pass-outs and educated housewives are growing up to the idea of Home Tutor Jobs. Source: Freepik

There are a lot of online teaching jobs in India, but none of them has the benefits of online tutoring. This is because in online tutoring jobs you will call the shots and you can set the time at your convenience. Also, you can decide which subjects to teach and which not. 

Make sure you have these tools before starting with Online teaching jobs in India:

Before you begin your home tutor job, ensure that you have these tools. These are the equipment and services that are essential for anyone who wishes to become an online tutor.

  • Desktop or a Laptop: Surely, we all have a laptop in our homes. Now instead of spending time on Netflix or listening to songs, you can easily turn that laptop into your main source of income. Also, make sure that the laptop has good speed, and it can handle multiple tasks. 
  • Mic and Webcam: Your laptop will have an in-built webcam and a mic. However, if you are using a desktop, then you need to buy a good webcam. Online tutoring means that you may also have to use the whiteboard sometimes. So, make sure that your webcam and mic are of good quality. A consistent and uninterrupted connection between the student and teacher lays down a good foundation for future association. 
  • Internet: Thanks to Reliance Jio, we all have unlimited internet connectivity in every corner of the country. Apart from this, doing online work from home means that you need good internet speed to ensure constant connectivity with your students. So, invest in a good internet carrier, go for a broadband connection, instead of working with a dongle or using your mobile as hotspot. 
  • Skype: These are the final two inclusions to get you all set for a home tutor job. To connect with students, make video and voice calls anywhere on the globe. Skype is free to download, and all you need to do is make an account. Coming to Paypal, this is an online platform that will help you receive earnings from anywhere. 
  • Paypal: Paypal has recently been launched in India, and it is after that, we have seen a great upsurge in online jobs in the country. And the credit for this hyper increase in the gig economy goes to the expansion of the digital marketplace all over the globe. 

Get help from the existing Online Tutoring platforms:

If you are not yet ready to start a home tutor job by yourself, you can always join an existing platform that lets you connect with the students. These platforms have pre-existing popularity among the students, which will further help you gain access to them via their services. You only need to make your account, enter some academic and personal information. 

Taking your tutoring profession online will help you gain a lot of exposure and develop your network. These days the majority of the Indian schools are turning into smart schools. 

The students are aware, they are tech-savvy, and all of them have either laptops or smartphones with them. So, it is better for you and for the students to connect, which will only let you expand the home tutor job portfolio. 

Online work from Superprof:

Portals like Superprof are offering profitable opportunities to teachers. Source: Superprof

Superprof is an effective platform to start your online teaching jobs in India. It is here that you can begin with face to face online classes with many students. You do not need to pass any exam or deposit any fee. All you need to do is create an account, fill in your details, and start teaching. 

Teaching in an Indian school is impossible without getting a Bachelor’s in Education degree. And when it comes to teaching in an Indian university or college, you need to pass the National Eligibility Test exam. 

But with Superprof, you only need to have a passion for teaching, qualities of a good teacher and you should be an expert in your subject. Because we want our students to get the best training and tutoring that they need to score well in academics or otherwise. 

Moreover, it is not necessary that you should teach only academic subject. No, you can teach anything on this platform, provided there are students who are looking to get some training in that niche. 

We won’t charge any commission, let alone Superprof is not included in any kind of payment. You will need to set up your own arrangements for getting paid by the students. And within India, you can easily get paid via G-Pay, Paytm, or even share your account details. When it comes to payments, the ball is in your pocket. 

Won’t I lose money with Online Teaching?

Not necessarily, no. There may be a perception that the teachers who provide tuitions in their homes or individual coaching centres are earning more than those who take online classes. 

For instance, for teaching the school level maths, UrbanPro will help you earn around Rs. 500 per hour. And at Superprof, the average hourly rate for maths coaching is Rs. 782 per hour. 

So, this is an amazing rate which comes with many added benefits:

  • Save Time and Money: If you were teaching from your home or going to the student’s house for tutoring, think about the cost that you would have to pay. On the other hand, with your home tutor job, all these costs are saved, and all you need is a good laptop with high-speed internet connectivity at your home. 
  • Teach from anywhere: Not in the mood to teach from your room? No problem, you can move to the local park, or even sit in a cafe. There are a lot of options to take private tutoring lessons outside. So, find your comfort zone and start teaching. 
  • Convenient Schedule: You can teach at any hour of the day. Your students can also be from any part of the world. All you need to do is find a common schedule and get cracking. That is one of the major reasons why online work from home is gaining so much traction in India. 

How to land good Online teaching jobs in India?

Using Social Media for your Advertising is effective and profitable. Source: Freepik

Until the last part, we came to know about the ways and methods through which you can get a tutoring job. Now comes the part that will help you market yourself to ensure the maximum conversions in terms of students. 

There are a whole lot of ways to do that. The most basic one is giving out an advert on various websites. There are a lot of websites that you can follow, like UrbanPro, Urbanclap and many more. Apart from this, you can also leverage the wide marketization potential of Facebook and Twitter to help you gain more followers. 

Make sure to highlight your teaching expertise, your USP and contact information in all the adverts that you will be posting. With online adverts, you need to be precise and post appealing adverts. 

And that is how you can get online work

Getting work from the web isn’t some rocket science. However, there are a few prerequisites. At the very outset, you will need high-speed internet. You also need to learn to navigate through the massive web of the online world to get the right appeal. 

Invest some money in good peripherals like the audio-video equipment. Buy a good desktop or laptop, and other such devices. Also, find out all the online tools that will help you manage your work. For instance, have Skype for communication, Asana for managing your classes or tasks, Paypal or GPay for payments.

For an intrinsic quality, you need to be passionate about your profession. It is said that teachers help structure the future of any country. And that is a big enough responsibility in itself. So, what are you waiting for now, giddy up and join Superprof.co.in today and get cracking? 

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