The respect of a teacher has not originated out of the void. It can be said that the credit of continuation of knowledge, i.e, passing it from generation to generation is duly reserved for the teachers. With time and the market engulfing everything in it, teaching has also become a profession, and undoubtedly a much respectful one.

Teaching is being sought as one of the most desired jobs, particularly in India, which is the home of almost 250 million teenagers attending either schools or colleges. Securing a tutoring job comes with some prerequisite, which the individual should possess. These jobs are readily available through various channels and thanks to the internet, one can also look for online tutor jobs.

Previously, tutoring was merely seen as a substitute for being unemployed. When your qualifications and knowledge are not enough to get shortlisted for a job, becoming a private tutor has always been an option. However, things have been overturned in quite a heavy pace.

The last few decades have witnessed a rampant demand for private tutors, subsequently making tutoring more of a full-fledged profession instead of a part-time job. Moreover, with the advent of companies such as Superprof, procuring online teaching jobs is much easier than thought. Before jumping into the ways, it is extremely important to ensure that you are equipped with all bits that are required for being a good tutor. Let us now learn about the things required to build a healthy tutor reputation.

Skillset Necessary for Being a Tutor in India

Whoever has said that money cannot buy everything is actually true. Skills are one such thing that can be developed only through hard work, and so is teaching experience. Just because you are well acquainted with a particular subject does not mean you are ready for home tutor jobs. So, what are the qualities of a good teacher? We have a detailed list for you. 

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What You Need to Become a Tutor
What do you need to become good tutor? Get through the guide below for all answers. Source: Visualhunt

Qualification Standards

Although there is no such parameter to evaluate one’s tutoring abilities on the basis of degrees and certificates possessed by him/her, academic qualification still, does serve the purpose of ensuring that the tutor has that particular educational background and hence can teach well. The practice of looking for an ‘academically qualified’ private tutor for a child is much more prevalent with Indian parents.

Hence, it is necessary that you should have the least qualification in order to prove your familiarity with the subject you are going to teach. This in no way means that you need to pursue a special course so as to become eligible for tutoring.

Say for example that you will be teaching physics to a CBSE board student studying in Class 10. What qualifications do you need to have in this case? Masters in Physics? Certainly not! Even if you have passed only higher secondary for the time being, you are fit to teach. This is primarily because having surplus knowledge is of no use if you cannot pass the same to your tutee. Teaching is not about how much have you learnt but how well and efficiently you can share the knowledge with the tutee.

Understanding the Tutee

The key to becoming a good tutor is developing the dexterity of understanding the requirements of the student.

You need to clearly sort out his/her strong and weak points. Unlike most of the professions, a tutor should be less formal and less strict with routines and guidelines.

Instead, he/she must be flexible for teaching methods and should know how to make the student comfortable. For instance, consider you are a maths tutor and it can be that a student is strong in other subjects but not in the one you are teaching. In this case, it would be wrong to conclude that he/she is not attentive or serious in the tuition sessions. It can also be the case that a student having exceptional mathematical problem solving ability can be weak in languages but as math tutor, you should not judge his/her overall ability.

Acquaintance With Educational Boards

You must not be selective according to educational boards, which means you should not maintain any exceptions like you will teach students of CBSE boards but not other boards. Although this can be done in some cases, particularly when you are teaching in batches, in general, this is deliberately a wrong practice.

This affects your teaching proficiency and most importantly, shrinks the market for you. Moreover, there is no reason to keep some boards out of the tutoring purview. If you can teach maths to a class 12 Bihar board student then you can also do the same for students of CBSE and ICSE. What this gets you in return? Undoubtedly, apprehension with the structure of the syllabus, exam pattern, etc. of each of the boards. This expertise is duly reflected in your resume and subsequently helps you to get more students from every segment.

Complete Dedication

Without any doubt, you should be dedicated to tutoring. This comes naturally but needs to be expressed vehemently. If you are a private tutor, teaching your student with ardent enthusiasm and dedication will show your efforts and make the latter feel to give the same energy and attention while studying.
Furthermore, it also polishes your reputation of being a dedicated tutor. When you register yourself in any
online tutoring jobs India platform, your hard work will be reflected in the form of positive reviews and ratings. 

All these being the thing of adroitness, which varies from tutor to tutor but what after ensuring every aforementioned set of qualities? Where you would have to go to get an online job of a tutor? Are there any legal requirements involved in the same? The next section precisely deals with all such queries.

What makes a great private tutor?
Understanding the strong and weak points of the tutee will make you an excellent teacher! Source: Visualhunt

Platforms For Tutoring Job

First of all, we should make it clear that there are no legal formalities involved in becoming a tutor. Some institutions such as government school may demand police verification report from the local police station but that too is asked only when you will have to teach in a school or college. However, restricting our discussion to private tutoring, rest assured, you do not need to get any verification report or legal clearance. 

As far as qualification is concerned, we have already learned that there is no specific level. However, you can pursue a bachelor of education course just in case you want to be an all-rounder and teach all subjects.

The last and probably the most important question is how you can get a tutoring job in India? Before looking at any other platform, first, start from your locality. Most of the tutors, even the ones who have become eminent, had started their career from teaching students of locality. This is primarily done to gain experience and for the nourishment of own's teaching skills. Furthermore, in less developed or remote Indian cities and mainly in rural areas, getting tutees from locality to kick-start the career, is the only way forward. The key reason behind the easy availability of tutoring job in the locality is because of the fact that classroom teaching is not enough to meet the needs of students. Data released by government authorities explicitly reveals the abyss between the number of educational institutions present in the country and the number of teachers serving in them.

Getting a teaching job is not much arduous but getting the most out of it requires a proper platform. Tutoring students is readily becoming a part of online jobs. The best way to represent yourself is through Superprof’s online platform. Whether you are in a metropolitan city like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai or any other locale where the least you can have is an internet connection, you can make yourself available for a tutoring online job to the students seeking a subject teacher on Superprof.

The best part is that the registration process is entirely hassle-free since there is no laborious documentation. You can even continue with your Facebook profile. The website allows you to add your qualifications as well as a brief description of self. On top of this, you can also mention the desired hourly rate and contact details so that students can reach you directly. Superprof does not charge any commission for anything. From registration to securing a job, everything is completely free. Superprof also allows tutors who want to teach through video chats to get themselves registered on it.

More and more tutors are teaching online
Online tutoring is gaining pace like never before. Source: Pixabay Credit: Cuncon

Future is bright for online jobs in India

Building sterling tutoring skills demand time and effort but converting the same into your profession should not be a fret, at least when you have a buttressing base like Superprof. Teaching is one such job that will continue with the continuation of human life, which reflects the level of job security one gets while choosing this as his/her profession. In addition to that, tutoring also enhance your existing knowledge base. The more you teach, the more you are revising the subject and making yourself a qualified tutor in the proper sense.

In India, many aspirants of government jobs offer tutoring services as a medium to expand their subject-specific knowledge. Irrespective of the purpose, tutoring is always fruitful. Having a representation base like Superprof to teach online, group tutoring as well as one-on-one, your skills and abilities will not go vain. So, what is the wait for? Register yourself with Superprof and give your tutoring career the much needed boost.

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