Helping and honing young minds to tap their true potential is generally taken to be a highly rewarding profession that instils a great deal of pride and creativity in the hearts and ways of a tutor. Although the common notion considers the act of imparting education a low-risk one, sometimes, things go downhill for a private tutor and one is in dire need of insurance claims to pick and put back the pieces.

An interesting fact is that home based tuition is not just a school phenomenon, rather 20% of Indians pursuing degree courses and 13% in postgraduate courses avail such tuitions.

Over the past couple of years, the online teaching medium has seeped its way into day-to-day life activities and come up with novel initiatives for acting as a nexus between needy students and interested tutors too. Moreover, who does not wants to be his/her own boss? And that too to teach online and gain extra money?

In a country like India, where the home tutor job has dominated households, online platforms like Superprof has bridged the gap between the learned and the learner by allowing students to browse and select tutors with a displayed skillset and avail their service through the online or offline mode. Superprof is a community of thousands of driven individuals eager to spread out knowledge in the most passionate ways.

All you will need to do is upload your skillset and wait for the oh-so-amazing online medium to connect you to interested students online or offline. The 27 countries wide-network has amassed a popular response in the Indian market where according to a survey carried out by NSSO (National Sample Survey Office), one out of four students in most states take private tuition, and the ratio often goes up to 75% in some states.

Why do private tutors need insurance?

Since private tutor jobs involve a close association between a learner and a tutor, the risks entailing an insurance become wide-ranging. Is it too difficult to imagine a scenario when a disgruntled parent makes a claim against your teaching efficiency on the occasion when their child performed miserably in exams? Or when a student accidentally injures himself within the tuition premises.

In the event of such unwelcome situations, an insurance policy saves you big time in the long run, especially when it comes to incumbent financial damage. Also, some agencies might as well regard insurance to be synonymous with credibility and place people with insurance policies in their good books.

In a country like India, where the prices are always on the soar, tutors, like any other working citizen face the economic turmoil, often closely since they are directly related to their clients. In such pressing scenarios, it is best to keep one’s insurance policies in check as they are something to fall back upon.

So, let us delve deeper into the types of insurance covers and the essential role played by each one of them in safeguarding the fragility of such a prestigious self-employed occupation.

What insurance do private tutors need?
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Types of insurance for private tutors

Private tutoring, home tutoring aspirants in India needs a variety of insurance types. One’s requirements are dictated by individual circumstances. In the context of our country, there are a few types of insurance covers that should be considered and availed by tutors like public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and employers’ liability insurance.

The legal obligations for a private tutor to buy an insurance policy is nil, but it’s worth thinking about if you are to stay in this business in the long run. Some insurance companies ease this cumbersome process to offer tailor-made covers and plans for the people in the home tutor jobs as well as online tutoring jobs circuit.

Public liability insurance

When a tutor teaches students i.e. members of the public at his own home or at a place where pupils attend, it becomes imperative to protect oneself against rampant claims of damage and injury.

Public liability insurance then comes to the rescue and shields you against claims of injury to a student (resulting from a fall) or damage to public property (spilt tea on a student laptop) owing to one’s negligence. During such a situation, where one is subject to blame and claims of compensation through legal or normal actions, public liability insurance easily bears all the costs involved in fending off these claims. Also, it relieves one of the legal fees and implications, if any incurred in the event of an unsuccessful defence. Moreover, having public liability insurance enables a tutor to go about one’s work with confidence.

Professional indemnity insurance

In today’s competitive world, the pressure on students to fare well in exams is always high. And if parents believe the tutor to be solely responsible for their children not achieving excellent results, a claim against the tutor’s teaching methods can be quite a plausible scenario.

Professional indemnity insurance then covers one against such allegations of professional incompetence or negligence - like making mistakes in tutoring services or providing unfruitful service to learners. Such claims often entail legal implications as well as compensation if your defence was unsuccessful. These costs are far from meagre and every person recognized to be in the ‘online work from home jobs’, working remotely umbrella or offline tutoring must consider availing the professional indemnity insurance plan.

Employer’s liability insurance

Most private tutors work solo, hence the need for the employer’s liability insurance rarely surfaces. On the other hand, some tutors may have extensive reach and success in imparting knowledge and can employ staff or business partners.

However, as soon as one employs anyone during the course of one’s teaching tenure, he/she is legally obliged to take out this insurance. It covers incidents when an employee is injured or falls ill as an aftermath of being employed to you. The penalties for failing to take out this employer-friendly insurance leads to severe repercussions for the tutor concerned, so it is always better to be on the safer side.

Personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance helps one to sail across an unpleasant and unrecoverable injury due to an accident. You never know when things go wrong, and you end up amidst a critical health condition. If an insurance plan is good enough, it has the potential to protect you from loss of income and also helps to tide you over your medical expenses.

Business equipment insurance

Tutoring or tutoring online is associated with a hell lot of pieces of equipment like textbooks, computers, electronic gadgets and other items useful during the whole teaching and learning process. Regardless of the mode and location of carrying out the online teaching activity, your business equipment and belongings may be at risk of damage. This type of insurance looks after these possessions and protects them against damage and theft for legitimate claims.

Things to look out for in a home based teaching jobs and online tutoring jobs insurance policy

Each type of insurance policy has something special and unique to offer, which often depends on the teaching practice and methods adopted by a private tutor. For tutors who are engaged in home tutor jobs, public liability insurance is of utmost importance since it involves close contact and interaction with the lives of students.

Indian students between the 10th and 12th standard flock to such tutors with high density. In such cases, knowing the level of cover becomes imperative. Apart from that, one must also assess the ease of access as a cheap insurance policy may be lucrative on the surface, but meets out unnecessary expenditure on each claim. One must also make sure that the insurance policy in question finds due applicability in the field of teaching.

Conforming to professional indemnity insurance’s terms and conditions is more innate, as one must ensure that he is covered against damages resulting from errors, incompetence and inability to meet deadlines and targets. The insurance must clearly chart out the procedure lest a scenario arises.

Many insurance companies and providers customize insurance policies to appear tailor-made for your requirements. Such policies comprise of a little bit of everything you need. This saves one from having to deal with multiple policies with multiple payment dates.

It is also important to be aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses and be realistic about the amount of cover one wants to be insured with. If you are in doubt or have any qualms regarding such policies, it is always a good option to go for higher insurance coverage than you need.

protection for private tutors
Keeping yourself and the business safe is always helpful in the long run.
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Online forums have made choosing easier by launching a price comparison service that can help you channelize through similar cover plans and arrive at the most suitable one. It may also be useful to get a background check as an online tutor.

Insurance policies for a student tutor come in the most variable of forms, suitable for use in real-life scenarios. Once the policy is decided, the next crucial yet underrated step is to shop around for ideas and feedback from several insurance companies and go for the most appealing one.

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