Tutoring has been in extant since primordial. The journey of this profession had gone through the timeline that included preachers of early clans, private advisors of kings and then finally tutoring jobs in the contemporary world. With time, tutoring has taken motley forms. In India, during the early times, it was done purely for the purpose of passing education to newer generations. In simpler words, there was no such thing as 'teaching jobs'.

However, things have changed quite a lot. Tutoring is now subjected to the market and adhered to its rules. The Indian saying, 'the one which is flaunted is sold most' is much more relevant than ever. For becoming a tutor of any type, be it getting home tutor jobs, online tutor jobs, etc. promoting your tutoring business is extremely important. You need to compete in the tutoring segment in order to promote your business. Moreover, the market has expanded over the course of years. You cannot get online tutoring jobs in India easily by registering yourself on a suitable platform.

There are multiple types of teaching jobs such as private tutoring, teaching online, teaching in batch, etc. Hence, the promotional method that you would be deploying to advertise your teaching business should be designed accordingly. Also, the business promulgation too depends on whether you are a Maths tutor, English tutor or any other subject tutor.

Curious to know which advertising method you can adopt to take your teaching career to a new height? Well, we will go through this, but what about starting with why you need to advertise your service of tutoring services?

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Why Do You need to Promote Your Tutoring Business?

Taking your tutoring business to the target section is of utmost importance.

Social networks are a great place to advertise!
Use multiple platforms to advertise your business. Source: Visualhunt

First and foremost, it widens your market presence and increases the reach. You will be available to more students who are seeking a subject tutor, which would not have been possible without advertising. Furthermore, if you are looking for online tuition jobs in India, using the internet to reach out to the students and affirm your presence in the tutoring community would probably be the best option.

The next best merit of advertising your teaching business is that it reduces your laborious work of finding students online. With your information available in the market, you don't need to invest much time in seeking tutees, instead, they will contact you directly. Thereafter, using the online platform for the promotion of your business will be a much more cost-effective option. You can get more students and secure much better jobs just by putting your profile on the web and ensuring that the same is reaching the students properly.

Advertising helps in converting your unique abilities into money. It is easier to get general subject tutors such as Maths, English, Science, etc. but what if you want to teach music, or dance or shorthand? Do not worry as all these will not go in vain if you use the advertising mediums efficiently.

Last but not least, you can play with the market forces. For example, you can compromise with the hourly fee for getting more tutees. This is simple economics. A low tuition fee always looks attractive to the students and there are higher chances of them reaching out to you over others. Once you have started securing students and your business has taken a good jump, you can adjust the tutoring fee for future students.

It looks like you are convinced enough to advertise your teaching business. But the next questions popping in mind is HOW?! Well, worry not! There are many ways out there. All you need to do is to choose the right platforms that can go in tandem with your tutoring requirements.

Platforms That Can Help Your Tutoring Career to Take Greater Leaps

Where can I advertise my private tutoring business?
Go local at first and search out the hotspots of gathering. Source: Visualhunt

Offline Advertising Platforms

For tutoring, conventional offline advertising methods have been in usage since long. Moreover, these ways are still convenient and cost-effective ones. In India, we have seen small as well as massive hoardings of advertisements for teaching classes. “X teaching classes in Patna”, “CBSE English coaching in Kolkata”, “Class 12 Science by Y Sir”, banners and posters like these can be found in all cities and towns of the country. But promoting your teaching business like this comes under an expedient budget, so you should start with more cost-reducing options.

Contact a shop owner whom you know closely and request him/her to allow you to paste small posters in/around the shop. Choose a shop where students and their parents visit frequently. Locales such as stationery shops, photocopy shops, etc. would serve to be productive hotspots. Make sure that you do not use any public place without any prior permission from the local authority because this may bring trouble.

The next thing you can do is by distributing pamphlets, which comes for the cheapest cost and can save you that extra money you may be spending on posters. Design a paper pamphlet that contains all the necessary details about you and your tutoring business. Highlight the things that may attract students such as your qualifications, teaching experience, flexible schedule, etc. Distribute them outside schools, around other coaching centres and in your locality. You can also start with telling your relatives and friends about your teaching classes. Make them aware that you can give private tutoring classes in specific subjects. For this, you can use phrases like “I can teach Maths”, “Please let me know if you want English tutoring classes”, etc.

Online Advertising Platforms

Besides home tutoring, online tutor jobs India is also taking giant strides. Teaching aspirants, as well as students, are readily choosing internet for coaching sessions. Online teaching jobs can be advertised on the internet using various means. You can use your Facebook profile, Twitter and other social media platforms to promote your business among the friend list and the people who follow you.

The best thing is that Facebook can also be used to create custom ads and reach the target audience. You can precisely select the age group, country, etc. to lower down the cost and enhance promotion at the same time.

Online tuition jobs are being mostly desired by the millennials. Being tech-savvy by default, they are using numerous ways to make their presence more prominent. Online teaching is also the best work for those who want to continue their education and at the same time make money online.

There are many exclusive merits when you promote your tutoring business on the internet. Besides being extremely cost-effective, online advertising platforms offer great customisation options for ads. You can design your own e-posters, banners and campaigns right from your computer and make the same available to the students. The best thing is that these ad campaigns are also interactive, which means a student encountering your ad can click on the buttons to interact with the module. He/she can contact you directly through email or message.

Thanks to the presence of several online tutoring platforms such as Udemy, etc. you can make teaching a home-based business. However, they are not advertising platforms and most importantly you will not be your own boss. So what is the way out? How can you promulgate your online teaching classes or one-on-one private tutoring on the internet? Well, you can do all these on one of the largest teachers’ communities, Superprof.

What is Superprof And How Can You Escalate Your Tutoring Business On It?

Superprof is an entirely online teacher platform where tutors and students can connect. It allows all the teachers in India to register themselves so that students can get to know about them just by visiting Superprof India's website.

According to a report published by Bian & Company, India is the fastest-growing eCommerce market among the top economies. This citation is important here because it shows how much potential the internet carries. Hence, even if you are a home based tutor, you must not skip the opportunity to represent yourself on the web.

Superprof is for the same! It is completely free of cost platform where you can make your profile easily by providing a few details. Once done, you will become part of the entire teaching community. It is a notable fact that online mediums like Superprof have a much wider reach than what you can churn out from offline advertising methods. It is an all-in-one solution where your qualifications, bio as well as the pay rates your desire, will be displayed on the same page.

Unlike conventional advertising methods, which have limited utility and high cost if you are scaling up, Superprof's offers unlimited usage without any charge. No matter if you want to run a home-based business or proffer online tutoring services, students can always reach you out, thanks to the advanced filtering modules equipped with Superprof's robust search engine.

Make your business more established and professional
Assert your presence on the internet. Source: Visualhunt

It is important to take your tutoring talent in the market so that the thing you love to do can also get you the deserving. Considering the burgeoning nature of the education industry and the fact that a tutoring job has become a mainstream profession, advertising is no longer merely an option but has become an elementary need. Register yourself on Superprof and initiate your teaching career to scale new heights.

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