Tutoring sessions generally involve the teacher and student interacting inside a secluded environment, void of any distraction and more importantly, unwanted people. This can take place inside a student’s study room in his or her house or a private room rented by the teacher, devoted solely to tutoring purposes or the tutor might even teach students online.

But all this can sometimes give birth to one unavoidable factor, which is the parents’ lack of confidence towards the idea of leaving their child alone with a stranger, particularly in the initial phase.

These days you’ll find many ways to make money. Online jobs, remote jobs, home jobs, a home business, or whatever you like. These jobs provide sufficient extra income and henceforth help in supporting your overall home income. You get to be your own boss, have a flexible schedule and decide your own pay rate per hour.

Private tutoring is also such a type of job with most of the aforementioned characteristics if not all. But in a country like India where there are over a million people taking teaching jobs to make extra money nowadays, even in the online tutoring jobs, there always lies a faint possibility that the next tutor you meet might not be a suitable candidate for the job or any job that involves communicating with children or other vulnerable individuals, no matter how qualified he or she might be. In such cases producing a document of trust proving your credibility as a tutor will help you get more jobs or interested clients and employers.

Criminal background checks have not yet been made compulsory in India for most online work or work at home jobs. Hence, if you do not have one, you can still carry on with your private tutoring business. But professional tutoring agencies, even the ones providing tutoring jobs online, might demand a clearance certificate at the time of employment. Hence it is always good to have one if you are in a field of work involving underage individuals as it offers mental comfort to their guardians.

In this article, we will talk about the basics of a criminal background check, whether you will require it as a private tutor and how to apply for a criminal background check in India.

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Which checks are available for private tutors?
Some agencies may ask to produce a police clearance certificate. Source: Visualhunt

What is a Criminal Background Check?

The checking of criminal records before employing a certain individual to avail his or her service is becoming a common practice nowadays in most workplaces, even in freelancing. It has its own benefits as it makes sure that the people around that person like co-workers, staff or clients are safe and will not be harmed in any way by him or her.

A criminal background check discloses the past criminal activities of the individual and contains relevant sensitive personal information along with an assurance of its confidentiality. The certificate also mentions the practices or exercises the individual is barred from getting involved in.

The criminal background check thus offers a certificate to the applicant that he or she can use while applying for a job that requires it, like tutoring online. For this process, the applicant will need to submit necessary documents, id proofs and other personal information on the basis of which government agencies appointed for this check will make their final decision.

How is a criminal background check conducted?

A criminal check is all about searching for past records of offences by an individual. In India, this is done by going through court records. The information available is then used to determine the candidate’s crime status. These information sources include the Criminal Suit (Magistrate Court), Criminal Suit (District Court), Criminal Suit (State Court), District Civil Courts & Tribunals, District Court, High Courts, Magistrate Court, State Court and the Supreme Court.

Assigned government agencies go through the databases of these court’s public records. They can also approach investigation departments like the National Crime Research Bureau or the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to check their list of past lawbreakers. Other sources include records of Central Vigilance Committee’s list, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

But accessing of such records can only be done under a written consent of the individual whose check is being conducted. Hence government agencies will need the candidate’s approval before starting the entire search process.

Laws Associated With The Conduction of Criminal Background Checks

Background screening agencies need to abide by several codes while conducting criminal record searches of an individual.

The checking agency needs to adhere to the Information Technology Acts of 2000 and 2005, the Indian Contract Act and the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Also, you can file a case against an organisation or a company if it fails to assure the confidentiality of your personal data as per the rules of the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005.

Do Private Tutors Need a Criminal Background Check?

If you are working around children, elderly people or other vulnerable individuals, it is obviously a good practice to get a criminal check done to prove your dependability. And when it comes to providing tutoring services to young students, you are actually supposed to have a criminal background check certificate.

But background checks for tutoring are not mandatory in India yet. Parents are willing to employ a tutor if he or she has a Bachelors degree or at least is a college student. In fact, nowadays if you want to earn money as a Math tutor or English tutor, all you need is a college degree in that field. Making money from home tutoring or as an online tutor has never been easier.

Having said this, parents can always ask for a background check before hiring you. In fact, some private tutoring companies have made the possession of a crime check certificate compulsory for employees.

So it entirely depends on what kind of a tutor you are. Are you a private tutor looking for work in tutoring companies? Then you might want to apply for a background check. But if you’re a home tutor then you won’t have to worry about it as a home tutor job doesn’t carry such compulsions.

How to Apply For a Criminal Background Check in India?

So after understanding the basic details of the criminal check system would you like to get one done for yourself? If yes, then let us first get familiar with a few details about the entire process.

The Union Home Minister launched the Digital Police Portal under the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) in the August of 2017. This portal offers restricted access to government agencies for the tracking of a person’s legal background.

India still lacks a proper system for the verification of an individual’s criminal records. The system is dependent on the information availed by state, district and local police stations and courts.

For a criminal background check, you can take the help of a lawyer who has expertise in this field. There is no particular procedure for background checks that you can refer to. It varies from place to place. However, courts and police stations are the only reliable sources. You can also hire a background screening professional who has legal access to criminal and litigation databases. Sometimes private investigation departments might also have to step in but such cases are rare.

But mostly, the responsibility of issuing such checks is taken by a company or organisation for its employees. Hence you might not need to do it yourself if the company hiring you has a procedure for the same pre-planned.

All checks may not always be necasary but they offer credibility and security to parents and students.
Background check serves as an assurance for the parents of the tutee. Source: StockSnap

Deciding The Type of Check

The criminal background check comprises of details like verification of employment history, past crime or lawbreaking records, credit checks e.t.c. But the background check needed will depend on the position that the person holds or the person whose check is being done.

The criminal check of a candidate applying for a managerial post will be different from the one applying for a lower post. For example, an administrative job will require job applicant credit checks, verification of past employment or crime checks in the field of corporate finance, which is altogether different from those required in recruitment in other fields.


A criminal background check is not the first thing you require while taking tutor jobs. In fact in India, you can even continue your services without it. But nowadays private tutoring companies and online tutoring service providers have started preferring background checked candidates over others while recruiting.

The entire purpose of getting yourself a criminal background check certificate is mostly to cater to one important problem, which is making yourself stand out in a huge crowd of freelancers willing to offer the same service as you do. As discussed above, background checks are not compulsory in India yet. But you can still highlight your tutoring skills by creating a profile of yourself on online tutor databases.

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Hence we can conclude by saying that even though background checks are not mandatory for home based tutor jobs, getting yourself a criminal check certificate can help you in the long run in your tutoring or teaching career.

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