A tutor provides the necessary supplement to a student. The knowledge which a student misses to comprehend in the school is congruously provided by the tutor. Home tutoring is not only to fill the voids that are hauled from the classroom but also to nourish every quality of the tutee. In simple words, it can be said that the tutor plays an indispensable role in making a student 'qualified', which is also the reason why a tutor gets much respect in Indian society.

But have you ever wondered what qualifications do you need teaching jobs in India? Or is there any additional requirement to get online tuition jobs in India?

Private tutoring is still largely a part of the informal sector in India. Expect for the general laws, there are no major rules and regulations guiding and formalising this field. Nonetheless, online tutoring jobs are somehow more in a proper framework.

If you want a proper salary, job security, provident fund, and all other benefits which an employee working in a company gets, you should choose an online platform in any organization. Let us now proceed to learn whether you need any educational qualification, teaching certification or professional degree in India to become a tutor online or offline.

Emergence Of New age Online Jobs in India

With the rise in the number of online teaching platforms, the teaching profession has seen its first change. The education sector is changing its landscape from offline to online, faster internet, location flexibility has made online teaching an amazing concept to look into for teachers across India. A country where home tutors are considered for almost all steps of a kids education ladder. Online teaching platforms have added a new dimension to teaching as a profession.

Many teachers are now shifting their passion for teaching from offline to online and adding the comfort of online teaching in their professional CVs.

This article deals with everything one must know about Online teaching and offline tutoring.

How To Become an Offline Tutor?

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Offline tutoring requires patience and nourishment of teaching skills. Source: Pixabay Credit: Kaboompics

Let us not restrict the definition of qualification merely to an academic degree. In a broader sense, qualification means how proficient you are and what teaching skills you do possess. In general, there are no stringent qualification rule-set that you need to follow to become eligible for any tutor jobs. Having said this, it would not be generous to skip over other qualifications like college degrees that you should need.

Subject Proficiency

It is the most obvious thing that you need to have for becoming a subject teacher. You must be possessing a comprehensive understanding of basic tenets as well as have the advanced knowledge of the subjects which you are going to teach. For instance, if you are an English teacher, you must have a good command in English, which would only be possible if you have studied the subject.

Furthermore, if you are going to be a math tutor and teach a CBSE class 11 student, then you should at least have passed class 12 and knows the subject well. In other words, your educational qualification must be equal to or greater than the same of the tutee. Although there is rarely any special degree course for a tutor, you can still pursue advanced programmes of the subjects in which you intend to teach.

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Work Experience

In case you have no experience in teaching, then you would be gaining it in the course of your tutoring job and subsequently, the thing demands patience for firm establishment into the teaching platform.

On the other hand, if you have been in teaching jobs for quite a few years, tutees would likely prefer you over others. Just like in all other types of professions, experience holders are preferred in tutoring as well. Moreover, only in a few years of teaching, you will get versed with subjects, it's structure of syllabus, time allocation for each of the segments and acquaintance with students' general strong and weak points.

Board-Specific Knowledge

What makes a tutor different from a standard school teacher? The fact he/she knows and can adjust with the disparities of different boards. Although the overall content is the same, differences are noticeable in the syllabus, level of difficulty across the educational boards. Indian parents prefer tutors who have experience in teaching students of a particular board. Thereby, you should teach students from all boards i.e; CBSE, ICSE and the state board. This practice will also allow you to get more tutees and earn money thereby.

Qualifications Required to Become an Online Tutor

Online tutor jobs can be categorised into two types. At first, comes those who give tutoring sessions right through the internet using video classes, e-books, etc. Then we have online tutors whom students can contact via the website channel or directly.

Online tutoring: A research conducted by Kantar IMRB forecasts that internet users in India will reach the mark of 627 million in 2019. The report also reveals that the rural areas of the country have witnessed an exponential increase in the number of internet users. This expansion is also assisting tutors to teach online even for remote areas where a good primary school and quality education is still a desire. There are a plethora of tutoring companies which provide online education and classes to students of all divisions.

However, unlike the informal or offline tutoring sector, there will be a requirement of certain qualifications before these companies hiring, some including necessary background checks. On the greener side, most of these companies pay a fixed salary and overtime allowance as well.

The next thing you need to have is fair familiarity with working from home online. Although the institution will likely train you for the same, a certain level of understanding is always good to have. Except for the aforementioned particularities, everything remains the same as that of offline tutoring jobs.

Thereafter, the online platforms that provide private tutors may or may not demand specific educational qualifications from you. This entirely depends upon the organization itself. Apart from the above mentioned two online tuition jobs, there is yet another way of getting online tutoring services, which are offered by Superprof. It is a platform where students can find online tutors in their locality itself. But how is it different from other tutoring platforms? And most importantly, what qualifications do you need to for tutoring via Superprof?

Online Tutoring With Superprof

The benefits offered by Superprof are sourced from its working solutions and structure. It is the locale where you can register yourself as a subject tutor. From the moment of completion of registration, you will be made available to the students online. This works best when you are looking for tuition in the locality because Superprof's search engine is based on local search.

When a student from your locality visit the website and enters a subject that you teach, Superprof will show yours along with all other local teachers' profile to him/her. We will learn more about the merits of using Superprof later in the article, let us first know whether you need to produce any qualification certificates or not.

Superprof is not a tutor outsourcing agency but a medium to connect tutors with students. Hence, there are no standard qualification requirements you need to possess in order to register yourself on Superprof. You can register yourself as a subject tutor even if you do not have any professional degree in that particular subject. You need to provide only your basic information such as name, email address, physical address, contact number, etc. so that tutees can contact you directly.

Tutors should be creative and encouraging!
Creativity is the only qualification needed. Source: Pixabay

Benefits of Registering Yourself on Superprof

Superprof only requires a simple registration process instead of going through laborious documents, which makes it the best online medium of connecting teachers with students. A tutor also gets many utilities in return free of cost.

It is a simple and fast search module that can be used to get the list of teachers of a particular locality. For example, if you are in Rajiv Chowk, Delhi, post entering your area Pincode and the subject, Superprof will display all the tutors available in the area. Students can sort the results on several parameters such as distance, tuition fees, etc. Needless to say, it can be one of the best work from home jobs for tutors.

The only compulsory thing is that the first teaching class should be offered for free to the tutee. Furthermore, it is not that one can search only those tutors nearby you. A student can find tutors from all over the country. With all these perks, Superprof can be considered as the finest platform for online teaching jobs.

Having understood all the technicalities involved in securing tutor job opportunities, it would be unjust to miss the milestones that you can cover to become a good teacher.

Degree Courses Recommend for Teachers

Bachelor Degree Courses: There are many bachelors degree or courses under the University Grant Commission (UGC) offered by a plethora of universities. These courses can be pursued if you want a grip over certain subjects to kickstart your online teaching career. For instance, if you are planning to teach PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Maths) then opting for B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) would be highly suitable.

Teacher Training Courses:

For gaining technical teaching skills and not just the academic knowledge, you can go for teacher training courses of a suitable duration. There many institutions across the country offering these types of training to aspirants. The certificate obtained after the completion, of course, plays a handy role in enhancing your tutoring career.

So, if you have perfect teaching skills and want to enhance your tutoring business, Superprof can be the best path for you. It is also ideal for people who are looking for work online and earn extra income effortlessly. All you will need apart from knowledge is high speed internet connection.

It is better to plan before making any decision. You should take suggestions from experienced private tutors, particularly the home-based tutors from your area. Moreover, these things get easier with the integration of technology and platforms like Superprof, you can always work in a flexible schedule and remain available for your students, particularly the ones who are from your locality.

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