Tutoring, which at once was seen as an option is now becoming an elementary need for the students. We all have arrived at a minimum understanding that schooling and the classroom-based study are not enough to quench the needs of a student.

This necessity of getting something complimentary for the standard schooling has resulted in the booming of tutoring business as well as has incremented online tutor jobs in India. The expanding market for tutoring has also brought intense competition. Establishing yourself as an eminent teacher means that you have to motivate students out there for taking tutoring sessions. Most importantly, you need to convince them that you can offer excellent teaching classes in specific subjects.

The segment of online tuition jobs in India has massive scope for building a career. If you are one such aspirant and need to secure students for your tutoring classes, motivating students for the same is of utmost importance. Also, building your existing tutees' confidence in your teaching methods is vital for maintaining a healthy retention rate at the end of every year. 

We will dedicate this article to explain the ways that you can deploy to motivate students. Whether you are offering services in English teaching, maths teaching, or whatsoever, it is your indispensable responsibility to persuade students for educating themselves in general, and taking your teaching sessions for the same in particular.

Why not make yourself aware of the needs of motivating students?

Why Motivating Students is Necessary And How Can It Be Done?

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There are three cardinal reasons to motivate students. The first and obviously the most important one is to build their confidence in education specially the course, which they are pursuing. Sad but worth mentioning is the fact that most of the students start losing interest in studies and if not this worse, then atleast in a few subjects. Eventually, all these neglections are translated into low scores.

This problem is more prevalent and pronounced among girls. Just because of undesirable family obligations and bodily sanitation issues, many girls tend to lose their study in between. There are myriad reasons specific to girls school and college drop out, dwelling which, is not our concerns here. What concerns us are the ways to persuade children to continue their education. 

If you are taking tuition jobs or rendering any home based tutoring services, then you must consider this as your primary responsibility. Motivating students by telling them the benefits that education can bring will surely help them to push some limits and continue their studies even in difficulties.

The second thing that follows is motivating the students for taking up tutoring classes along with schooling. In India, this task is not laborious. Almost all the parents are convinced that the classroom is not enough to bring the most of their child.

Pick any random student, and there will be a 100 per cent chance that he/she is also taking additional teaching sessions, be it one-on-one private tutoring classes or attending sessions of online teaching. The latter is garnering more and more attention over the course of years. Online teaching jobs are gaining more share in the overall teaching jobs market in India. 

Home based tutoring is also being seen as one of the best home opportunities to make money online. You can set your pay rate as hourly charges on the platform, which you are using to market your tutoring classes. A high speed internet connection and a bit acquaintance with the working of the web is all you need for teaching online.

Moreover, with community platforms such as Superprof, promoting this home-based business is much easier than though. We will talk more about this but let us first know the third key reason for motivating students.

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Make your sessions stimulating and fun!
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How To Motivate Students For Your Teaching Classes?

Convincing students for taking education as the medium of success and then opting for private tutoring classes are all the generous services you can do for the teaching community as a whole. But to grow ‘your’ tutoring business is the thing that will be your motivating factor behind the other two generosity. 

First of all, you need to be extremely dedicated to your profession. Since you are your own boss, it is also your job to ensure that the tutees are liking your classes. If you have no experience in this field and want to start your career as a tutor, make sure that your qualifications and skills are not overlooked anyhow. Also, show how much are you eager to teach the students and your likeness for this job. 

These suggestions are also valid when you are working remotely or providing online education. Be prompt in your replies, ask for the feedback, maintain an informal environment where students can reach out to you in case of any query.

If you are an English tutor, tell your tutees the perks of this language. If you are a maths tutor, show them the magic that maths can do. The more students will find themselves connected to the specific subjects, the more they will feel attached to your teaching methods. Tutoring is one the easy ways to make money but does not create an environment which gives a vibe to the tutees that you are teaching just for money.

Motivating your students is necessary but must not come at the expense of other things. Besides motivating them to take your classes, you should also improve upon your teaching skills, style and offer your tutees the best. Looks like an interesting thing to learn? The next part is dedicated to the same.

What Teaching Skills Do You Need To Acquire?

A teacher is not a person who only looks after homework of a student but rather a person who looks after his well-being too. After parents, it is a teacher who becomes one of the most reliable mentors for a child. Hence, a teacher should be worth the title of a guide for the tutee and he/she needs to be trustworthy and responsible. Needless to mention, if you want to become a tutor, there are some basic requirements or skills that you should possess. These skills will not only define you as a perfect teacher but also go a long way in shaping your career in this field.

Patience is the key

A teacher should never run out of patience while educating a child who is a slow learner. Many a time, it happens that a teacher may become agitated teaching a tutee same thing over and over again. He or she may even end up hitting the student. Sadly, students in India were punished in the form of corporal punishment, for which, the Supreme Court of the country has introduced a law to ban such practices back in 2000. So, instead of harming the child, a teacher should first learn the art of patience while teaching his or her pupil.

Good communication

The second requirement for teaching is having good communication and collaboration skills. As an educator, you should possess extremely good communication and collaboration skills to teach your students. It is only through communication that a teacher can pass knowledge to the candidate by discussing important information, theories and facts about a given topic.

Other than that, a teacher should also have creativity in various fields so that he/she can create tricks while educating a child. For instance, primary class students may not understand the language properly or may find difficulty to calculate numbers. In this case, a teacher should have enough creative ideas to deal with the learning capacity of the child.


“What you sow, you reap,” a proverb that will exactly define the importance of creating a positive environment for a pupil and self-discipline is literally one important skill to make a student learn the same. If you want your student to be disciplined and behave properly, you first need to follow the same rules.


Every child learns things in different ways, consume variable time and may even have a varied routine to take classes. In this scenario, a teacher’s most important responsibility is to manage his schedules and ways of teaching a student. This requires the utmost adaptability and the capacity to plan the lessons and schedule classes accordingly.

Empathise with the tutee

Understanding your student is vital to know if the pupil is exhausted with a complicated topic. In this case, you will be required to create a feeling and you and your student are both dealing with the same issue, hence creating teamwork to achieve the same goal. This will not only encourage the student to learn but also develop confidence.

Now, if you are confident that you have all the skills to become a teacher, it is a vital time for you to enhance your opportunities for tutoring. To make extra money, online teaching jobs in India stands as the most ideal option and Superprof can help you achieve exactly that. All you will need is to register yourself online and start your home business of teaching without lengthy and annoying documentation.

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