With computers becoming a ubiquitous presence in our daily lives, resulting from the nationwide lockdown and social distancing, the demand for online education and online tutoring jobs from home has steadily increased.

Many school teachers, graduate students, and IT professionals working for IT companies are looking to add to their monthly pay by devoting time to online tuition jobs. Moreover, students looking for help in improving their computer learning and literacy are welcoming the increase in online tutor profile.

IT professionals in India offer a unique set of services on a global platform.

There is a sustained interest in learning computers as information technology-enabled services in India continue their phenomenal expansion on a global scale.

For teachers with the necessary expertise and knowledge, online tutoring jobs in India are offering a slew of opportunities. At the expense of a few working hours, every day, an online tutor can easily balance multiple jobs. Online teachers get to choose the number of days they want to work every week. Consider these useful insights while deciding on your next online job.

Use Your IT Expertise in Home Tutor Jobs

IT tutoring jobs are in high demand. Especially in the post-COVID-19 world, online education and home tutors are what students are most interested in. Almost every job, nowadays, require some degree of knowledge in information science.

There is a lot of promise in becoming a home-based tutor online. And, there are a plethora of skills to teach - programming languages, computer hardware, cybersecurity, digital technologies, web programming, or IT networks, etc.

Who Do You Want to Teach?

Here are some things you can consider before you go looking for students to offer tutoring lessons yourself or apply to work as a home tutor.

  • The learning level of prospective students: Like any tutoring jobs, be it an English, Maths, or computer science, your own level of knowledge and expertise should at least be a level higher than the requirement of job posted.
  • Mutually convenient hours of online classes: How many working hours can you devote to this job? Negotiate with the student.
  • Your tuition fee: Conduct a thorough job salary search before entering into any negotiations.
How do you find students for tutorials?
Where should you start when looking for students? (pixabay.com)

What Do You Want to Teach?

For a younger student base, your job will mostly include training them in the use of keyboards and basic word processing applications, as well as the basics of the Internet.

As you move higher up the level of education, you might consider offering more niche courses, such as software programming, web design and programming, data processing, graphics designing and animation, multimedia applications, robotics, and even digital photography.

Spread the Word

When you decide to take the plunge into online teaching, tell everyone in your circle. This includes your family, friends, professional colleagues, your former teachers and classmates, and so on. When family and friends put in a good word, it still works wonders in the profession of teaching which continues to thrive on personalization.

Advertising for Online Tutor Jobs in India

Newspapers, putting up posters and distributing flyers still work! Use your community skills to post adverts. Prepare an advert that is easy to read and can be retained without effort.

Find Online Teaching Jobs...Online

We cannot overlook the importance of the Internet itself when we are talking about online jobs! There are many ways in which you can go searching for students on the world wide web. You can choose to apply for online tutoring jobs. If the salary or working hours are not to your liking, consider the following options.

  1. Create your own website
  2. Sign up with an online education platform

Here are top tips for finding IT students.

How to Decide Your Prices for IT Tutor Jobs?

An online teaching job can be extremely satisfying as you help students who are looking to improve their knowledge of a variety of subjects, such as computer science, IT, English, mathematics, and so on. Moreover, you get to choose the timings of your class, in discussion with the student, making online tutoring an extremely flexible job. However, one must know how to set their teaching rates for online classes that justify their capabilities and experience.

Start with Some Online Research of Your Own

Before you go searching for open jobs as an online tutor, it might be useful to do quick market research of what the going rates are like for online teachers who work from home. Given that the rates are one of the things students consider when they view tutor profiles online, you’ll need to offer value for money.

Make sure you leave a substantial margin of profit for your hard work.

You can find plenty of examples of other private IT tutors on Superprof whose rates can vary from INR 500/- per hour up to INR 1000/- per hour depending on what services you are offering.

Plan and Rate Your Online Tutorials

Your rates don’t just depend on what you do with your students. You just also determine how much you are investing in setting up your business and services.  Consider these factors:

  1. Cost of planning tutorials (resources, correcting exercises, etc.)
  2. Materials for the lessons (making and formatting a handout, providing ebooks, etc.)
  3. Internet expenses
  4. Own taxes

If you're thinking about leaving school teaching, become a tutor with Superprof. Online tutoring offers opportunities and jobs for ex-teachers.

How much should you charge for IT tutorials?
Everyone nowadays needs to know how to use computers. (pixabay.com)

Your Experience Will Determine Your Rates

Once you have worked out how many days of the week you will devote to your online teaching job, make sure your students see your experience and skills on display.

There are tutors who excel in different subjects and who hail from different academic backgrounds, such as:

  • Self-taught tutors who love working with computers
  • IT students wanting to earn a little extra each month
  • A professional boosting their monthly income
  • Freelancers working in web design or graphics and teaching during their free hours
  • IT experts
  • Qualified and experienced private tutors

Work out which subject you can excel in as a teacher. Make sure you use your learned skills and experience for optimum results.

How to Find Online Tutoring Jobs for IT Without an IT Education

Once you decide to make yourself available for the new venture of online teaching, there may certain qualifying criteria you must meet in order to become a successful online IT teacher.

Is an IT Degree Necessary for Teaching it?

A formal IT qualification is not a necessary prerequisite for giving private IT tutorials, although you must be good at what you are offering. Many avenues have opened up for people looking for IT tutoring jobs in India, wherein no prior IT education is needed. Online teaching is one such lucrative avenue.

Desirable Qualities of a Good IT Teacher

Online tuition is not for everyone. And, being academically qualified isn't everything. For a potentially good teacher to become a quality tutoring mentor, dedicate your time to developing certain other desirable attributes that students look for when they view a tutor profile online.

For someone less qualified, academically, consider offering a free trial of your first online lesson. 

These desirable qualities include dynamism, patience, ability to listen to student queries, adaptability, ability to communicate in a language that is mutually convenient, and so on. Many professional spends days on end in mastering one skill.

As we have seen, it is not difficult to apply and find online tutoring jobs in India, considering the high demand for private tuitions. What makes a difference for IT tutors working online is when their passion gets reflected in their teaching.

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What equipment do you need for IT tutorials?
Before giving IT tutorials, it's important to check your students have the essential equipment. (Source: negativespace.co)

Preparing for IT Tutor Jobs

There may be students who are taking computer courses online to improve their computer literacy for a prospective job they wish to apply for. Some students may be looking for help in coping with the varied nature of computer basics.

The trick to mastering computer tutoring is to get to know the needs of the students and their levels of computer education, and personalize the lesson plans accordingly

Others may look for a computer teacher whose job it is to teach the student at university certain niche courses in computer programming, coding, graphic designing, and so on.

Assess What is Required

For a teacher, choosing to apply for an online teaching job and work from home, the first step to optimum preparation for the online lesson is a thorough understanding of your students’ needs.

Resources Needed for Online Education

Online tutoring may not require a physical classroom. However, the degree of innovation and improvisation required of online teachers might be more than that of school and university teachers. For starters, online teachers need a computer, along with the accessories and software to make their online lessons more engaging and successful.

Adapt your resources and teaching style as per the level of education of your students.

The same applies to students of online education. They will need a computer and install suitable applications to avail of your online classes. Help your students by guiding them on how to apply the necessary computer updates to run the software. You might ask students to install specific computer programs, depending on the online tutorials you are offering. For example:

  • An MS Office Suite
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Coding programs such as Java, Python, C+, Visual Basic, HTML, etc.

Practical Supplements for Online IT Lessons

Practice makes one perfect! The saying holds equally true for online computer learning. Students need to familiarize themselves with theoretical learning and the best way to do this is to practice what they are learning.

The best tutors are rated by their students not by the pay they command, but by the hours they put in with the student to help them become better than what they were when they started out with the online classes. There are many ways you can make your online teaching a successful venture.  

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