Computer science is an ideal subject to teach as an online private tutor. Private tutor jobs, especially those online, require the teacher to adapt to the learning styles of a variety of students. 

There may be students who are taking computer courses online to improve their computer literacy for a prospective job they wish to apply for. Some students may be looking for help in coping with the varied nature of computer basics.

The trick to mastering computer tutoring is to get to know the needs of the students and their levels of computer education, and personalize the lesson plans accordingly

Others may look for a computer teacher whose job it is to teach the student at university certain niche courses in computer programming, coding, graphic designing, and so on.

There are also those students who understand nothing of computers but would like to pick up the basics because the company they are working for demands it.

Tools for Success

For online tutoring jobs from home, whether it is for English, Mathematics, or computer science and IT, the tutor is required to bring in their experience and subject matter expertise while working to improve their students' understanding of the topics being taught.

There may be different types of IT tutorials that you can offer as an online teacher working from home. However, planning your computer classes carefully is fundamental to being a good tutor. For this, the right tools, resources, and teaching methodology are required that can help both the cause of your students and yours.

Find out the easiest ways to become a private online tutor for IT and computer science.

Assess What is Required

For a teacher, choosing to apply for an online teaching job and work from home, the first step to optimum preparation for the online lesson is a thorough understanding of your students’ needs.

How do you evaluate a student's level in IT?
Your first tutorial is a great opportunity to work out your long-term goals. (Source:

Now that you have decided to devote time to teaching students, school level, or university, who may require your help, have a one-on-one session outline the specific learning goals for that student. It will be easier to create a framework for your online class, based on this information.

First Things First

As you start teaching, set aside some time to assess whether your student is able to work according to the set goals. Ask your student what they find difficult and the degree of difficulty. Then, decide the number of hours you need to attend and address each challenge.

Focus on the materials used and how your student adapts to them.

Remember, just because you are working from a remote location (from your home, usually) should not mean that your working hours should go awry. Determine beforehand the number of days of the week you will devote to each student and the hours per day they need for each tutorial for optimum results.

Confused about where to start looking for prospective students? Follow this guide for answers.

Resources Needed for Online Education

Online tutoring may not require a physical classroom. However, the degree of innovation and improvisation required of online teachers might be more than that of school and university teachers. For starters, online teachers need a computer, along with the accessories and software to make their online lessons more engaging and successful.

The same applies to students of online education. They will need a computer and install suitable applications to avail of your online classes. Help your students by guiding them on how to apply the necessary computer updates to run the software. You might ask students to install specific computer programs, depending on the online tutorials you are offering. For example:

  • An MS Office Suite
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Coding programs such as Java, Python, C+, Visual Basic, HTML, etc.

There are several online learning resources available free of cost. Suggest some of them to your students. You can save an hour or two on searching for new applications. The extra hours can be devoted to further learning.

Preparing an Online IT Lesson Plan

To prepare your online tutorials,  also prepare the materials used in your tutorials. These resources will not only help you give your students clear explanations but will also help them to study between tutorials and learn on their own once you have delivered your lesson within the stipulated hour.

What equipment do you need to provide private IT tutorials?
When you first start out, you need to make sure you have the necessary equipment. (Source:

Make sure your resources are tailored to the needs of your students. The Internet is also full of resources and guides on how to make great lesson plans on a variety of different topics:

  • C++ Fundamentals
  • Arrays (1D Arrays, 2D Arrays)
  • Pointers
  • Trees
  • Recursion
  • Searching
  • Sorting
  • Oracle Advanced
  • Problem Solving for Coding
  • Best Practices for Access Certification
  • Basics on Computer Hardware

Adapt your resources and teaching style as per the level of education of your students. Consider providing a link to your presentation so that students can access your lessons later on.

Decide on your tutoring rates, keeping all necessary criteria in mind.

Practical Supplements for Online IT Lessons

Practice makes one perfect! The saying holds equally true for online computer learning. Students need to familiarize themselves with theoretical learning and the best way to do this is to practice what they are learning. For example, students will never learn how to send an email unless and until they actually send one.

No matter how good you might be at your job, and how comprehensive your online lessons may be, learning how a computer works is a hands-on experience.

Each tutorial should allow students to retain the concepts learned. A good online teacher will know that the key to learning is repetition. Encourage your students to put the new concepts they learned into practice. You’ll help them learn far more quickly.

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Going About Your Online IT Class

The best tutors are rated by their students not by the pay they command, but by the hours they put in with the student to help them become better than what they were when they started out with the online classes. There are many ways you can make your online teaching a successful venture.  

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How much do private computer tutorials cost?
Don't forget that you can also get private tutorials over webcam. (Source:

Using a Webcam

Conduct your tutorial lessons over a webcam. To give private tutorials over webcam, you’ll need to change the way you organize your tutorials.

If you have all the necessary equipment, you’ll have to make sure that your student also has:

  • A high-speed internet connection
  • A webcam
  • A microphone
  • A Skype/ Zoom/ Google Meet account

All these video applications have a number of useful features, with varying degrees of ease:

  • Video calls
  • Instant messaging
  • Document sharing
  • Screen sharing, that is especially useful in online lessons

Why Teach Online

There are several advantages for both the tutor and the student to having tutorials online:

  • No travel. This makes online tutoring classes very easy to schedule.
  • Adapting your rates. When it comes to webcam tutorials, you can reduce your rates (as there are fewer costs) and make your rates more competitive.
  • No geographical constraints. It doesn’t matter where the students or the tutors are. If you are willing to put in the hours, you can reach more students for your online tutorials.

Private IT or CS teachers have more flexibility, in pay, hours of work every day, when they choose to offer online tuitions. Moreover, teachers have greater control over both the content and teaching methods used.

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Online teaching jobs in India are on the rise owing to the demands of students for quality teaching. Moreover, with the nationwide lockdown, home tutor jobs have become the best option for many teachers.

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