The science of information combines the best of multiple disciples such as library science, computer science and engineering, linguistics, and even psychology, along with more specialized technologies to aid in the collection, organization, storing, and sharing of information.

We live in the age of information - information that is driven by technology. Information technology is a powerful tool that combines the best of mathematics, scientific theories and innovative technology.

A teacher of information technology has many names - a computer teacher in school, IT professor in college and universities, multimedia expert, graphics designer, and so on. Such a teacher may conduct lessons in a laboratory, specific to the skill he/she is teaching, or in a classroom. it also depends on the level of learning a student is at.

IT tutoring jobs are in high demand. Especially in the post-COVID-19 world, online education and home tutors are what students are most interested in. Almost every job, nowadays, require some degree of knowledge in information science.

Becoming a tutor ensures you can choose the day you want to work. Supplement your work salary with your tuition fees.

There is a lot of promise in becoming a home-based tutor online. And, there are a plethora of skills to teach - programming languages, computer hardware, cybersecurity, digital technologies, web programming, or IT networks, etc.

Who Do You Want to Teach?

How do you find students for private tutorials?
A compass won't help you find students but the internet probably will. (Source:

Before you jump into the rewarding world of online tutoring services, remember your audience. Put out adverts that speak directly to the target groups who are looking for a tutor online.

Kids today are literally born with a laptop or a smart device in their hands. So, it is a good idea to become an IT teacher to cash in on the demand.

Here are some things you can consider before you go looking for students to offer tutoring lessons yourself or apply to work as a home tutor.

The Learning Level of Prospective Students

Before choosing any online tutor jobs, check what students are asking for - whether they want a basic course for beginners, intermediate or advanced training. Like most online tutoring jobs, be it an English, Maths, or computer science, your own level of knowledge and expertise should at least be a level higher than the requirement of job posted.

Do some research to learn how to make engaging lesson plans for IT classes online.

Mutually Convenient Schedule

Check your own calendar. How many working hours can you devote to this job? Negotiate with the student - evening classes, during the school holidays, weekends only, and so on.

Your Remuneration

Conduct a thorough job salary search before entering into any negotiations. This is of the utmost importance. Remember, you earned your skills and they are not available for free!

What Do You Want to Teach?

For a younger student base, your job will mostly include training them in the use of keyboards and basic word processing applications, as well as the basics of the Internet.

Set up your own computer workstation that will make teaching and demonstration easier during classes.

As you move higher up the level of education, you might consider offering more niche courses, such as software programming, web design and programming, data processing, graphics designing and animation, multimedia applications, robotics, and even digital photography.

Online Video Tutorials

Many online teachers also explore and maintain social media handles that offer curated courses and video tutorial series for their students to access anytime. Albeit, make sure you put up a reasonable price tag on your content (some may be free). Such tutorials can include topics like:

  1. Microsoft Office suite
  2. Introductory course to computers
  3. Web browsing
  4. Understanding the workings of a computer
  5. Computer programming 
  6. Website designing
  7. Database management systems
  8. Digital project management

Find out the easiest ways to become a private online tutor for IT and computer science.

Spread the Word

When you decide to take the plunge into online teaching, tell everyone in your circle. This includes your family, friends, professional colleagues, your former teachers and classmates, and so on.

Even with a full-time job, you can set aside an hour or two from your days of work to focus on online tuition. 

Spreading information through word of mouth is a time-honored way of reaching your desired audience. Moreover, when family and friends put in a good word, it still works wonders in the profession of teaching which continues to thrive on personalization.

Where can you find students for private tutorials?
Your students may be closer than you think. (Source:

Once you start building your student network, your current students can further spread the word, based on how good you are. Create a Facebook page to showcase your skills and services or make an announcement on Linkedin.

Advertising for Online Tutor Jobs in India

Newspapers, putting up posters and distributing flyers still work! Use your community skills to post adverts.

Create a visually attarctive advertisement that is immediately eye-catching. Put in your contact details. And, don't forget to mention the skills you are offering to teach.

Example: "Learn to code like a pro!" Your advert should include the following details:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Webpage address, if any
  • Courses you are offering (highlight any special levels, such as beginners, college level, etc.)
  • How much you are likely to charge
  • Your relevant qualifications
  • If space suffices, mention in 4-5 words, your style of teaching.

Pro tip: Prepare an advert that is easy to read and can be retained without effort. Decide on your tutoring rates, keeping all necessary criteria in mind.

 Online Tutor Jobs are in Demand

Schools are a great place to advertise your teaching skills. You can even apply for a job in a school. This will help you get more visibility. Students prefer online tutors who are also experienced teachers in their own rights.

Get in touch with local schools and colleges. Seek permission to put up your advertisement posters. Reach out specifically to the computer and IT faculties. You may find students who can do with the extra help outside classes.

Schools also offer you the opportunity to talk to parents. For example, some parents might want their kids to obtain computer skills that are not taught in their school.

Which are the best academic support organisations?
If you want to give computer tutorials to kids, it might be worth investing in a tablet. (Source:

 Find Online Teaching Jobs...Online

We cannot overlook the importance of the Internet itself when we are talking about online jobs! There are many ways in which you can go searching for students on the world wide web. You can choose to apply for online tutoring jobs. If the salary or working hours are not to your liking, consider the following options.

Create Your Own Website

This is probably the best way to showcase what you have got to offer. A website lets you display specific areas that you want your audience to focus on and be attracted to. For example, you can upload your video tutorials on your website which can help students understand how good a teacher you are!

On your website, draw the reader's attention to the benefits you offer as an online IT teacher.

With a background in computers and IT, it should not be a challenge to create your own website. However, there are other available options too that facilitate this process. For example, you can use WordPress to create a basic web page about yourself.

There are several advantages to having your own website, too. In particular:

  • You can add content to a web page as often as you like

  • You can provide specific details on the types of courses you are offering

  • You could add free computer courses on basic skills to help those new to the world of computers

  • You can maintain a web blog where you share tips and tricks. Editing a blog is also very easy.

Online tuition and the maintenance of a website can be a time-consuming affair. So, if you do opt to create one of your own, make sure you have the time and energy to keep it updated.

How much should I charge for graphic design tutorials?
If you're a skilled graphic designer, you could focus on this in your private tutorials. (Source:

Sign Up with an Online Tuitions Platform

Finally, there are many web-based education platforms that act as a meeting ground for students looking for quality teachers. One such helpful and easy-to-use platform is Superprof.

Assess your qualifications and preparedness for an IT tutor job with this easy guide from Superprof.

To create a new tutor profile, simply fill in the necessary details about the online learning are offering, number of days or working hours, and put it up on the website. The platform will guide you on how to create a profile for maximum visibility. Follow the guidelines to ensure that students looking for private tuitions are able to find and view your profile.

Superprof is free to sign up. The site allows visitors to view options based on the subject and location of choice, learning level of students, how long ago a tuition requirement was posted, and so on.

Students can also view tutor profiles to match their requirements. This way, both students and tutors can easily reach potential customers (students, parents, coaching institutes).

An online tutor with Superprof is evaluated by their students who leave comments about them and potential students can work out if they are the right tutor for them. Make sure that you reply quickly to inquiries, have a complete profile, and offer your first hour of tutoring as a free trial session. You can also offer tutorials using a webcam.

Last, but not least, be patient. Years of hard work and dedication have got you this far. With a bit more perseverance, you will be able to find more jobs in a matter of days. The students will also start queuing up for your online video lessons in IT and computer science!

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