Thanks to the nationwide lockdown and need for social distancing, the demand for online teaching jobs has skyrocketed. With increased access to smartphones and computers, young India has taken to the world of online education like a fish to water.

Almost every urban Indian household now owns at least one computer (desktop or laptop).

Online teaching jobs in India are available aplenty. However, there are certain qualifying criteria that an aspiring online teacher must fulfill to make the cut. We explore these here.

Convenience at Fingertips

Students and parents love the convenience of online tuition. The search for online tutors for computer science, maths, English, and science continues unabated, daily. Online teachers are also adapting to the rigors of this new world order.

For teachers looking to work in online tuition, you must be prepared to devote ample time to your job. There are a number of factors to consider:

  1. Amount of time (number of hours) you can devote every day to working and imparting online lessons.
  2. Pay per working hour.
  3. Learning needs of students and adjusting the lesson hours accordingly.
  4. Level of computer literacy of students.
  5. Video tutorials on niche topics, like coding and computer programming.
  6. Setting aside at least an hour for yourself, every day, to pick up new skills or improve existing ones

The most pertinent question for teachers who view online learning as a financially rewarding and emotionally satisfying job is this: Do I need a degree in IT to become a computer/ IT teacher in India? 

 IT Tutors on Superprof: A Case in Point

A quick view of tutor profiles on the Internet throws up a gamut of different backgrounds for those who teach the subject.  While some registered tutors may already be teaching in a school or a profile that says "online lessons from home." Moreover, there are plenty of different types of IT tuition on offer.

Find preparatory computer classes here.

How much do graphic design tutorials cost?
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IT tutors may be offering online lessons in any of the following areas of learning:

  • Programming or coding
  • Typing
  • Computer basics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Network administration
  • Internet basics
  • App development
  • Web development
  • Office IT skills and common tasks
  • Computer training for businesses
  • Microsoft Office
  • Using social networks
  • Managing databases with Microsoft Access
  • Digital literacy for senior citizens or those new to computer technology
  • Website design and development

On Superprof, if you look at some of the profiles of the private tutors, you’ll see that the lowest rates are usually offered by new tutors who are not academically qualified, in the traditional sense of the term.

IT tutors registered on Superprof, serving a wide variety of online courses, hail from diverse academic backgrounds, including:

  • Programming students looking to teach on the side
  • Self-taught experts who are passionate about new technologies and digital solutions
  • IT technicians
  • Digital project managers
  • Programming analyst
  • Network admins

It is also advisable to have a certain degree of teaching experience before you start teaching online. This will add to the credibility of your tutor profile.

 Is an IT Degree Necessary for Teaching it?

A formal IT qualification is not a necessary prerequisite for giving private IT tutorials, although you must be good at what you are offering. Many avenues have opened up for people looking for IT tutoring jobs in India, wherein no prior IT education is needed. Online teaching is one such lucrative avenue.

Do some research to learn how to make engaging lesson plans for IT classes online.

What teaching skills does an IT tutor need?
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Qualifications and Teacher Salary are Directly Proportional

This is a disclaimer. Although an IT tutor doesn't necessarily require to furnish educational certificates in IT and computers, it is undeniable that your remuneration may get affected by it. You’ll probably have to accept that you’ll get paid less than those who have an IT or a computer science degree. This can, however, be compensated and made up as you gain more experience.

Find out the easiest ways to become a private online tutor for IT and computer science.

IT Trainer in an Online Education Platform

These days, education centers are going online. Students looking for help beyond what their school and college offer, are increasingly signing up on online education platforms that offer a variety of learning courses, including computers. 

It is easy to apply to these online portals. The biggest advantage of such a type of learning platform is that both the student and the teacher get to choose their class hours. So, you, as an online teacher can set aside one hour or three from your entire day for this job. You can even sign up on multiple platforms.

Ideally, your subject knowledge should be at least a level higher than the students you seek to teach.

As schools go online, computer teachers are also needed to help students tackle online learning. With a good amount of experience, you can apply to such schools.

In your bid to earn more, don't forget that teaching is an evolving profession. You must prove yourself as a teacher and an expert in the subject you teach, and be willing to improve and innovate over time. Only this way can you command better rates from students.

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Keep Your Skills Up-to-Date

This is essential as well as challenging. However, you must remember that it can only help add more credibility to your teaching profile and help you earn more. These cannot be taught in a school or university. You can teach yourself these skills with dedication and a lot of hard work.

Technical Skills

Practical computer skills are a necessity that CS professionals cannot do without. It holds true for an IT tutor as well. The most relevant and sought-after skills in this category are:

  1. Programming including algorithms and data structures, and coding skills in languages like Java, C, Python, and JavaScript.
  2. Mathematics including mathematical theory,  statistics, calculus, linear algebra, and other advanced mathematical techniques.
  3. Data analysis is crucial for computer scientists to keep themselves updated on CS practices, including artificial intelligence and predictive analysis.
  4. Data visualization including translation of raw data into graphs, charts, and other visual tools to help communicate findings.
  5. Ethics in the age of data science, AI, and machine learning have a deep impact on CS professionals.

Soft Skills in Computers

Soft skills are a primary need for CS professionals these days. They include emotional intelligence, innovation, leadership, and so on, that help drive businesses and people. Soft skills are considered to be as important as technical skills.

The major soft skills that are desirable in computer science experts are:

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Creative problem solving
  4. Communication
  5. Active listening
  6. Collaboration

Interview Skills

The first impression makes a huge difference. When prospective students, along with their parents, get in touch with you, be prepared with what you would like to say about yourself. Here are some skills you can hone in order to become a pro at tutor job interviews.

  1. Presentation skills: Practice your conversational skills. Engage the interviewer with what you are talking about.
  2. Portfolio building: For online teachers, this is more about building an impressive tutor profile. Make sure you include all the necessary details so that they are visible on every single view. However, guard against overwhelming the reader with too much information.
  3. Networking: While you are still a student and contemplating a career as an online IT tutor, work your way through known networks. Devote ample time to collaborating with industry professionals to improve and learn new skills.
How do you become an IT tutor?
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Desirable Qualities of a Good IT Teacher

Online tuition is not for everyone. And, being academically qualified isn't everything. For a potentially good teacher to become a quality tutoring mentor, dedicate your time to developing certain other desirable attributes that students look for when they view a tutor profile online.

These desirable qualities include dynamism, patience, ability to listen to student queries, adaptability, ability to communicate in a language that is mutually convenient, and so on. Many professional spends days on end in mastering one skill.

As we have seen, it is not difficult to apply and find online tutoring jobs in India, considering the high demand for private tuitions. What makes a difference for IT tutors working online is when their passion gets reflected in their teaching.

For someone less qualified, academically, consider offering a free trial of your first online lesson. Let students understand that education, experience, passion, and commitment are the key ingredients to making a quality teacher.

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