When it comes to home tutoring jobs for students, there is a lot of variety as well as flexibility. Students require assistance to do their homework, additional guidance on specific topics that may hard to grasp in school, and so on.

With the global lockdown and social isolation in full force, the demand for online tutoring jobs has soared.

An online teacher may spend anything between 30 minutes to2 hours teaching an online lesson, either to an individual (one-on-one video lesson) student or an online class. Online education also encompasses the answering of student questions from an online tutor.

An online teaching job can be extremely satisfying as you help students who are looking to improve their knowledge of a variety of subjects, such as computer science, IT, English, mathematics, and so on. Moreover, you get to choose the timings of your class, in discussion with the student, making online tutoring an extremely flexible job.

Find out the easiest ways to become a private online tutor for IT and computer science.

Equally important is the fact that online tutoring jobs are very flexible ways to earn money. However, one must know how to set their teaching rates for online classes that justify their capabilities and experience.

Here are some insightful tips to help you decide and set tutoring rates for your private IT tutorials.

Start with Some Online Research of Your Own

Before you go searching for open jobs as an online tutor, it might be useful to do quick market research of what the going rates are like for online teachers who work from home.

Look for rates of tutors in your area, with your level of expertise, and your experience. 

Generally speaking, whether a student is looking to learn computer basics like using the mouse or programming, they’ll look at the profiles of several different tutors before making a decision. Given that the rates are one of the things they’ll consider, you’ll need to offer value for money.

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How far do tutors have to travel?
Since you're probably going to have to travel, you should consider the cost of traveling. (Source: David Bowman)

Compare and Contrast

Rate of pay is probably the first thing students and parents look at while searching for online tutors. You can find plenty of examples of other private IT tutors on Superprof whose rates can vary from INR 500/- per hour up to INR 1000/- per hour depending on what services you are offering.

For example, students can find a plethora of online education options pertaining to computer science on Superprof. These include basic computers, computer programming, coding, graphic designing, coding, and so on.

Factors Influencing Rate of Pay

Look to compare your level of expertise and experience with an online teacher of the same caliber. How do you fare in such a comparison? Another way of gauging how much to charge for online learning services is by checking the area to which a student belongs.

What you charge students in the big metro cities might not work in smaller cities and towns. 

Equally important to is set your rates according to the level of literacy of your prospective students. The remuneration for online classes would obviously be much different for beginner's course, and more niche learning for a subject like coding. Also, remember that, for certain types of online learning, not many tutors are available. If you are a specialized tutor, you can charge more per hour than a general-purpose tutorial.

Do some research to learn how to make engaging lesson plans for IT classes online.

Plan and Rate Your Online Tutorials

Your rates don’t just depend on what you do with your students. You just also determine how much you are investing in setting up your business and services. Make sure you leave a substantial margin of profit for your hard work. Consider these factors:

  1. Cost of planning tutorials (resources, correcting exercises, etc.)
  2. Materials for the lessons (making and formatting a handout, providing ebooks, etc.)
  3. Internet expenses
  4. Own taxes

All of these factors contribute to the setting of costs for an online class. Consider also the availability of your students. Maximize your earnings by giving tutorials in the evenings and on weekends, or during school holidays.

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Online tutoring earn money
Experienced online tutors can earn money on par with full-time jobs.

Rates in Terms of Geographical Location

Irrespective of whether you offer your services from a remote location, the location of your students is a key factor. You will notice that the availability of online teachers, offering their services every day of the week, is higher in the big cities. Given that supply is high, the rates might be affected inversely.

The theory of supply and demand is as applicable online English and math teaching as it is for online IT tutorials.

In other words, the cost of living in the cities will also dictate how much students are willing to pay for online classes. For example, Delhi sees a higher tutor cost than does Bhopal.

Confused about where to start looking for prospective students? Follow this guide for answers.

Your Experience Will also Determine Your Rates

Once you have worked out how many days of the week you will devote to your online teaching job, make sure your students see your experience and skills on display.

You must be able to justify your rates with the skills and exeprience in your profile.

There are tutors who excel in different subjects and who hail from different academic backgrounds, such as:

  • Self-taught tutors who love working with computers
  • IT students wanting to earn a little extra each month
  • A professional boosting their monthly income
  • Freelancers working in web design or graphics and teaching during their free hours
  • IT experts
  • Qualified and experienced private tutors

Work out which subject you can excel in as a teacher. Make sure you use your learned skills and experience for optimum results.

How much do beginners' IT tutorials cost?
The level often dictates the price. (Source: pixabay.com)

The rates of teaching may be increased once you have gained further experience in the world of online tuitions.

Curated Tutorials, Curated Costs

Generally speaking, the more advanced the student, the higher their tutorials will cost. The more knowledge a tutor requires, the more experience they’ll have and the more they’ll expect to be paid.

Students pay a premium for having a dedicated tutor who plans their lessons according to their needs. This also means that the tutor needs to be a quality mentor for online education. Whether you're teaching math, English, or computers, all your years of knowledge will be in vain, if you are found wanting in basic teaching skills.

You’ll have to adjust your rates based on the types of skills being taught, as well as subjects being covered:

  • Tutoring for ICSE computer science or computer application
  • Tuitions for college-level IT courses
  • Computer technology and computer hardware
  • Computer training for adults or an introduction to computers for senior citizens
  • Cybersecurity tutorials
  • Database management in Microsoft Access
  • Network administration
  • Basic computer skills and office training, such as MS Word MS PPT
  • App development lessons
Internet access
Online Education is the new trend, with the help of which both the student and the teacher can benefit. Source: Technavio

Top Things to Consider for Online Tutoring Jobs

Students need help and are looking for online tutors to boost their learning from home. Once you know how much you want to charge for your online services, these additional points will help you leverage the maximum advantage out of your time as an online teacher.

Assess your qualifications and preparedness for an IT tutor job with this easy guide from Superprof.

Offer a Free Trial Class

Get into the good books of your prospective students. Allow them to get to know your teaching style. acquaint yourself with their learning style.

Dish Out a Loyalty Program

For regular or returning students, consider offering discounts. This helps you retain your student-base in the long run.

Special Video Tutorials

Every now and then, you can put out an extra lesson for students to make use of, outside of your teaching hours per day.

Finally, tailor your services to the learning needs of every student. No two students are alike. Once you’ve worked out your rates and can start teaching your private IT tutorials, adjust your lessons, and guide your students. It is, after all, for this special, individualized attention, that students spend money on an online tutor.

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