The fascination for foreign languages has been growing rapidly for over a decade in India. With the onset of the country’s external affairs and establishment on the foreign lands, people have started adapting their culture and most importantly, their languages.

The craze for language learning observes more hype when we speak of French. Most of the multilingual speakers believe that out of all the foreign languages, French is the most desired one. Also, it is easier to learn in comparison to other dominant linguistics. Being a language lover, you must have considered availing French classes for the greater good.

So, if you are pondering how to start with the process, there are a few facts and aspects that you must know.

A lot of people bear the misconception that French is only spoken in France given it originates from that country. However, you must know that people fondly speak French in around 84 countries of the world.

You can be a part of 274 million speakers if you complete your French class successfully. There is a lot you must know and understand about this melodic verbal speech to become a proficient speaker. After all, the more you learn, the better you grow!

Learning a new language
The first part of becoming a good speaker is setting up all the learning tasks! Source:

How To Find French Classes Near Me?

In a country as vast as India, it can be difficult to find the best language institute, especially if you want to learn native French. Several renowned institutes promise to offer the most efficient courses to the learners that will enable them to speak in French fluently. But you have to keep searching until you discover a place that best serves your requirements. All you have to do is follow the steps given below to get started.

Use The Internet

The internet is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of all times. Everything you need to know is just a few clicks away from you and so is finding the best French lessons. Go to your browser (most likely Google) and type “French classes near me” in the search box. Based on your current location, it will display all the available coaching centres and institutes that are offering French classes. Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Before visiting the page of any learning centre, check the Pincode and exact address of each one of the available options.
  • Go through the official website of your preferred institutes to get more details. Never settle for any ill-informed site which is not displaying updated information.
  • Always check the reviews and rating section before making up your mind for one particular institute. Read all the comments thoroughly to know what other people think of the services offered.
  • Take your time and do all the research intently.

Visit Selected Institutes

Once you come up with all the available options, you must shortlist the language schools that complement your learning needs, location and budget. For better transparency, you should pay a short visit to every centre and institute that you have selected to examine the atmosphere there.

Having a look at the infrastructure, teaching pattern, class strength, etc. will allow you to get the clear picture. Always remember, learning a language has a lot to do with the process and the people who will accompany you in the classes.

Note Down The Course Details

Almost every learning centre in India offers a free counselling session to the students and aspirants who visit there. You can take advantage of the same to understand the course details of all the french level programmes available. Note down the number of chapters, hours, and levels included in the course. Ask as many questions as you can, and clarify all your doubts. The counsellors will help you with everything and anything you need to know.

Schedule Regular Classes

Every institute will provide you with their available class timings and weekly schedule. Managing time can be a factor, and you may not find any feasible timing that will match your availability. Therefore, you might have to reschedule your classes and work commitments.

The process of finding the best French classes near you is simple. All you have to do is consider a few factors beforehand and make a decision that will not affect your future choices. 

French language
French is the third most studied language in the world, after English. Source:

Tips For Learning French For Beginners

In school, the storybooks and textbooks keep getting difficult as we get promoted to higher standards. The same applies to any language learning process. You will start from the nursery level, that is, you will learn to identify French letters and words. And one after the other, the difficulty levels will keep on increasing.

As a beginner, you may get demotivated several times and feel like “French is not my cup of tea”. This tendency is quite natural as learning French for beginners is not as easy as it sounds. You must keep a few basic instructions in mind to get through that rough patch during the initial period.

  • Always Be Curious To Learn

Curiosity is one of the greatest virtues that you can adopt as a learner. You must always be curious to learn and discover new things and facts about the language. If you do not take any interest in the learning process, you will find it difficult to cope up with the complexity of intermediate French. Keep questioning your teacher to understand everything in detail.

  • Do Not Panic Upon Failures

A lot of language learners give up on their fascination just because they could not get it right at the initial stage. However, you must understand that the process demands time and patience. We did not learn to speak our mother tongue within a few days. It takes time to understand something and then get into a habit of it. So, you might fail several times while trying to speak the language. But you have to be prepared for it!

  • Never Cringe Away From Difficult Levels

The complexity level of a subject matter depends on how you take it! In India, French tops the list of most desired foreign languages with a majority of students studying it. So, if they can pursue their dreams and desire for learning this language, then so can you! Develop a positive attitude and do not run away from putting in an effort.

Learn French
Keep your notebook handy to revise all the lessons and words regularly. Source:
  • Keep In Touch With The Language

To become a fluent and influential speaker, you have to be consistent and dedicated. Keep practising your lessons and chapters every day. The more you will listen, read and write French, the higher will be your chances of learning it faster. Follow the instructions of your teacher carefully. Clarify all your doubts and do not mug up everything that is on the table! Ask frequent questions until a concept is clear to you.

  • Have Faith In Yourself And The Process

Do not judge the depth of the ocean before diving in it! You might feel that understanding spoken French from a native French tutor is strenuous. However, French language skills are easy to acquire if you indulge in the learning process. Have faith in your learnability and dedication.

Importance of French Basics For Non-Native Speakers

One of the common mistakes that students make while pursuing a language course is to think of themselves as a native French speaker. Yes, you will find a lot of students taking up any

intermediate french language course delivered online. Do not fall into that trap! You must not underestimate the importance and value of French basics. No matter how much you know about the common terms and letters of the dialect. When it comes to speaking it, you will need to use fundamental knowledge. Therefore, your focus must be on strengthening your core of the subject rather than focusing on direct speeches.

How To Learn French?

If you are somehow stuck on the general misery of “how to learn French?”, you need to do a lot of homework here! Yes, you need to know that there are plenty of ways and options to learn French. You can either join a language school or switch to online French courses. While the former is a known possibility, the latter is in trend these days. The increasing popularity of French lessons online is proof!

Sticking notes
Making sticky notes of useful French words can be a helpful exercise. Source:

You may turn to Superprof for finding the best online tutor for learning the language. Unlike other e-platforms, Superprof helps in connecting the two parties rather hosting courses or classes. Thus, it will be easier and convenient for you to continue your French lessons with your studies and work.

A few hobbies and desires result in long term benefits in professional and personal lives, and language learning is one of them. As a proficient French speaker, you can open up to new possibilities in the international job market. The demand for professionals with considerable linguistic proficiency is always high in the market. Starting French classes and courses is not a hectic task if you know how to do it. Choose the platform that suits you the best!

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