A new language is a new life.- Persian Proverb

Learning a new language is like learning a life skill. Exposure to multiple languages beyond your own native language is a very useful skill to get by in life apart from being a source of immense knowledge. How about learning a language that is one of the most widely spoken in the world and comes with immense cultural heritage? Yes. Signing up for French classes could be the next best thing you do this year!

Take Effective French Lessons to Enhance Your Language Skills

Build up your French vocabulary with the help of dictionaries and thesaurus. | Source: Tim Green on Flickr

French is the fifth most popular language in the world that is widely spoken. There are many ways to learn the language:

French Lessons Using Flashcards

The benefit of using flashcards to study is that the process of copying over the information helps you consolidate the learning mentally.

French Lessons with Sticky Notes

You can literally associate French words with daily objects by just tagging them with sticky notes. This is really fun because you get to stick the word post-its onto the actual object in the house.

Find out other fun ways to learn French.

Does A French Class Offer French Films As Part of Its Module?

Study French with French movies
Entertainment sources like movies and web series are a great way to learn a new language like French.

Curiosity to learn new things like a new language can be a great thing indeed. The French language has innumerable courses available online and you are sure to find a French class at every other language website you visit online. Online platforms and world cinema are a great source of learning. You can pick up a language by watching a film that helps you understand the contextual application of specific words which alleviates the learning process for beginners. Thanks to Netflix or any other OTT platform, you can simply choose the French language as the streaming option and start learning the words.

No matter what the level of understanding, be it for students or others looking to improve their French language skills, you can easily enroll in a French language course. Read on to find out about the best French films that are both a source of entertainment and learning.

Comedy Films in the French Language

My Night at Maud's

This one is a classic that dates back to the 1960s. Yet it remains one of the most popular movies in the French language. This is definitely a great start to your online French lessons as it is a comedy movie that is sure to leave you in splits at the end of it and make your learning process so much more exciting!

Action Films in the French Language

Léon the Professional

Sci-fi director Luc Besson created this genius masterpiece starring a young Natalie Portman that explores the intricate and beautiful relationship between a professional killer, a plant, and his young daughter. You can easily find this on YouTube and can download subtitles in multiple languages to help you learn better.

Here are some great recommendations for French films to help in your French language course.

Find French Classes That Teach With The Help of Books and Newspapers

Old French classics are a treasure trove of French vocabulary.

Did you know that you can learn French without actually enrolling in a French language course? It is absolutely possible. If you are a fan of movies and TV, in general, you will love this one. One excellent way to improve your command of the French language is to watch French films and French TV - including the French news. And if you don't have access to that, get hold of some excellent French books and French newspapers online and get started!

There are some great French classics that can easily be incorporated into your French course. And if you don't enjoy non-fiction, you can just pick up any French fiction. simply enjoy diversity when learning French, why not read a book? Literature can prepare you for analyzing more complex narratives including learning about words that are ordinarily not used.

Learn French Online With Newspapers and Journals

Newspapers are a great way to learn a foreign language. They can help improve your language skills across all levels, intermediate or beginner. You can find free online resources- newspaper excerpts, journals, old magazines, etc. that can teach you French grammar and vocabulary beyond what you learn in your regular French class. Students all over the world are encouraged to include newspaper reading as part of their regular classes on any subject.

If you are not comfortable reading and still a beginner, you may opt for the audiobooks on the journals available online. Most online media are available for free and are available on the same date worldwide as of its release locally.

Reading blogs is another easy way to pick up a new language. It is relaxing too and unleashes your imagination. This is particularly useful for beginners who are still figuring out how to learn French.

You can also find some exciting apps to learn French language. 

Basic French Language Games to Make Learning Fun

What games can you use to learn French?
Games are interactive and entice responses from players that help build new words.

Voulez-vous apprendre le francais de maniere ludique? If you finding it difficult and challenging to invest weeks and hours into learning French, then don't worry. There are also easy and fun ways to learn the language that can help you speak the language much better. Games are a great way to learn a new language. And they come in so many different forms.

There are games for beginners, intermediate students, and advanced learning of French. Find some time to try out one or more of these games with your study group:

  1. Hangman.
  2. Word Games.
  3. Pictionary.
  4. Hot Potato Verbs.
  5. Sentence Puzzle.
  6. Spin a Tale.

You can also find interesting apps to learn French language like,

  1. French-games.net
  2. Fluentu.com
  3. Digitaldialects.com

If you wish to have some guidance then try searching for "French teachers near me" to find someone who can give you private lessons and instructions to learn the French language.

There are still other games, both free and paid, that can make basic French learning fun. Today, most video games come with multiple language options that help you learn new words and their application. Basically, you can purchase or subscribe to a game in French by ensuring you click on French when you choose your language preference.

Are there more fun games to learn about the French language?

The native language French has its demand in many countries. Source: Piggy Ride

If you can immerse yourself in a foreign culture, then that is the ideal way to pick up a new language. But not many have the luxury to travel to France, spend a lot of time in the country striking up conversations with native French people, and then mastering the French language.

French slang is often quite different from what you learned in your French course and even the simple vernacular idiom can be confusing. But there are some common French expressions, words, and phrases to get you around. If you can pick these up beyond your French language course, that should help you immensely on your journey of linguistic discovery. One good place to start is an online course that offers basic French language understanding and skills. You can also lookup "French classes near me" and get one-to-one classes for a stipulated number of hours.

Any good French teacher would be able to teach you basic French greetings and phrases. You can even check out audiobooks, podcasts, and other online resources to pick up some commonly spoken French phrases. French idioms are hard to master, no matter what level of French skills you are at. It takes a lot of practice and expertise. You may know every word of a French phrase, but still, fail to understand the full meaning of a French phase. Learning the French language can put the best language student's skills to test.

Find out more quirky and amusing French words in everyday use. 

Learning is the eye of the mind.- French Proverb

And why not? The French have put it beautifully in this proverb. This is especially true of learning foreign languages. The French language is as beautiful as the culture and its people. And learning the language is worth all the hard work and time you would eventually invest in learning the French language. So, go right ahead and sign up for a free French class today on Superprof!

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